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  1. The beams and walls are made, choosing the attachments may prove difficult. A, combination ,of the bricks and adobe mortar that are laid across the beams creates an even
  2. The only major airline offering in-state travel by jet service (sometimes in, combination ,cargo and passenger Boeing 737-400s) from Anchorage and Fairbanks to regional
  3. Could be used for parallel computation of statistical moments with subsequent, combination ,of those moments, or for combination of statistical moments computed at
  4. To a person's communication or a temporary aid. Which can be used alone or in, combination ,to communicate. Aided AAC makes great use of symbols, particularly for
  5. Decreasing role of religion in public life tempering religious antisemitism,a, combination ,of growing nationalism, the rise of eugenics, and resentment at the
  6. Imperfective, respectively,indicating the fact that they actually represent a, combination ,of tense and aspect. The moods other than the indicative occur only in the
  7. Of Algeria by the French was long and resulted in considerable bloodshed. A, combination ,of violence and disease epidemics caused the indigenous Algerian population to
  8. High poverty rates and blatant social inequality are chiefly the outcome of a, combination ,of a persistent political authoritarianism, of " neo-patrimonial" practices at
  9. Example. He is also the first to describe a mechanism which is essentially a, combination ,of all of these simple machines (except for the wedge). Poetry Almost half of
  10. Antibody that interferes with the HER2/new receptor. The latter delivery, combination ,was tested on mice and proved to be effective against leukemia, lymphoma
  11. The longest road tunnel in North America until 2007. The tunnel is the longest, combination ,road and rail tunnel in North America. Rail Built around 1915,the Alaska
  12. Educational methods of the Royal Institution for the Deaf with sign language,a, combination ,of Old French Sign Language and the signs developed by Abbé de l’Épée.
  13. Cybernetic organism" or" bionic man" ) would be a creature that is a, combination ,of organic and mechanical parts. The word" android" is a combination of
  14. All but the smaller accordions are equipped with switches that control which, combination ,of reed ranks will be brought into operation, organized from high to low
  15. Of native speakers which most likely developed OFS into a full language. The, combination ,of OFS, methodical signs, and possibly other influences came together and
  16. Is not clear whether Zealand intended his characters to have such a power; the, combination ,of Brand's" living trump" powers and his high Psyche (as presented in the
  17. Can occupy the same quantum state: every electron in an atom must have a unique, combination ,of quantum numbers. The shapes of orbitals Any discussion of the shapes of
  18. Usually is translated as, bright-eyed or with gleaming eyes. The word is a, combination ,of glass (γλαύκος, meaning gleaming, silvery,and later, bluish-green or
  19. A person's principal weakness. Etymology Achilles' name can be analyzed as a, combination ,of (ashes) " grief" and (Laos) " a people, tribe,nation, etc." In other
  20. Such as Lotus 19s fitted with large engines through to the AC Cobra. The, combination ,of mostly-British chassis and American V8 engines gave rise to the Can-Am
  21. Of statistical moments with subsequent combination of those moments, or for, combination ,of statistical moments computed at sequential times. If Q sets of statistical
  22. Where there is a distinct symbol for each syllable or consonant-vowel, combination , and where these have no systematic similarity to each other, and typically
  23. A grapheme denotes a complete syllable, that is, either a lone vowel sound or a, combination ,of a vowel sound with one or more consonant sounds. Origins All known beads
  24. His Metaphysics (Book VII),and he concludes that a particular substance is a, combination ,of both matter and form. As he proceeds to the book VIII, he concludes that the
  25. Mixtures" ( linear combination s) of multiple orbitals. See Linear, combination ,of atomic orbitals molecular orbital method. The quantum number n first
  26. A band member was virtually non-existent, though as time has passed a following, combination ,of people is most often associated with the name Afro Celt Sound System: (
  27. Involves the transmutation of natural substances, using pharmacological or a, combination ,of pharmacological and spiritual techniques. In Ayurveda the samsara are used
  28. Research showed that schizophrenia and autism are significantly more common in, combination ,with 1q21.1 deletion syndrome. Research on autism/schizophrenia relations for
  29. Of local coordinate charts in mathematics Space ** Mercury-Atlas,the, combination ,Atlas and Mercury spacecraft * Advanced Technology Large-Aperture Space
  30. Calvin, Zwingli or Wesley. For others, their self-identity represents some, combination ,of the two. The communion encompasses a wide spectrum of belief and practice
  31. Punishment could also be extended to the criminal's family. Agriculture A, combination ,of favorable geographical features contributed to the success of ancient
  32. Such as humans. Whether a spore is to grow into an organism depends on the, combination ,of the species and the environmental conditions of where the spore lands. The
  33. Is a combination of organic and mechanical parts. The word" android" is a, combination ,of Ancient Greek Andres and the suffix -did, which literally means" in the
  34. Buttonboard and keyboard systems have been developed, as well as voicing (the, combination ,of multiple tones at different octaves),with mechanisms to switch between
  35. Built in to create the intuitive Macintosh GUI. It has been suggested that the, combination ,of these three products was responsible for the creation of the desktop
  36. Phosphatidylcholine, acetazolamide,4-aminopyridine,buspirone, and a, combination ,of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. Gait, coordination,and balance training are
  37. Amateur astronomers use a range of instruments to study the sky, depending on a, combination ,of their interests and resources. Methods include simply looking at the night
  38. Other products like hydrogen peroxide have been tried out as stand-alone and in, combination ,with chlorhexidine, due to some inconsistent results regarding its usefulness.
  39. Asparagus in the unique structure of the inflorescence (a iridium),the, combination ,of an inferior ovary and three stamens, and the common occurrence of unifacial
  40. And gender are fused into a single suffix morpheme, while in the non-past,a, combination ,of prefixes (primarily encoding person) and suffixes (primarily encoding
  41. Valence electrons are said to be in four equivalent orbitals derived from the, combination ,of the 2s orbital and the three 2p orbitals. These orbitals, which have
  42. In any of several ways: * A language may represent a given phoneme with a, combination ,of letters rather than just a single letter. Two-letter combination s are called
  43. An effect. There is some evidence to suggest that patients may respond to a, combination ,of methylprednisolone and immunoglobulins if they fail to respond to either
  44. To his or her value system. Opinions of abortion may be described as being a, combination ,of beliefs on its morality; beliefs on the responsibility, ethical scope, and
  45. And Byzantine scholars can also provide useful clues. We know however from a, combination ,of these sources, and especially from comments in The Knights and The Clouds
  46. Solves crimes. The character of Jessica Fletcher is thought to be based on a, combination ,of Miss Marple, Agatha Christie herself, and another Christie character
  47. By stops) to access distinct voices in fugue or counterpoint capable of, combination ,without loss of distinctness: different voices singing together in the same
  48. Ambiguities,e.g. whether to interpret sh as a single sound, as in gash, or a, combination ,of two sounds, as in gas house. During the last few decades and especially since
  49. Interest in anime. Much of the fandom of anime grew through the Internet. The, combination ,of internet communities and increasing amounts of anime material, from video to
  50. To represent the following vowel. (In a true syllabify, each consonant-vowel, combination ,would be represented by a separate glyph. ) All three types may be augmented

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