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  1. 5) toning; 6) level of detail retained, where a coin with full details, obviously ,is valued higher than one with worn details. If the coin is judged favorably in
  2. To define" strategic ". It was understood that both ICBMs and Slums are, obviously ," strategic ". Both countries did not intend to stop the development of
  3. It is therefore fitting with the Greek root of the word, as these texts were, obviously ,hidden away to protect the ruling Emperor from challenges to his status as
  4. And it was inadvertently published in the magazine. " Blind Orange Adams" is, obviously ,a parody on the name" Blind Lemon Jefferson. " References to the non-existent
  5. Pixels chosen for correction is eliminated by the correction algorithm. This, obviously ,also includes a reduction of the measured intensity due to radiation scattering
  6. To Universal's non-horror B-film unit, at times in small roles where he was, obviously ,used for" name value" only. Throughout the 1930s,Lugosi, experiencing a
  7. Is, one must have for all x and y in the algebra. Every associative algebra is, obviously ,alternative, but so too are some strictly nonassociative algebras such as the
  8. Apparently a young promotion worker, Russ Regan, made the change to more, obviously ,tie the group in with other surf bands of the time. The limited budget meant
  9. Zeus' infidelity. When he was grown up, Arcas met with the she-bear and, since, obviously , he didn't recognize her as his mother, he began to chase Callisto. Callisto
  10. Biographers to be similar to that of film star Clark Gable, although that was, obviously ,not evident in the silent film era. He had an appropriate role as himself in
  11. Different from his previous appearances, having become thin with age and with, obviously ,dyed hair. Death Poirot dies from complications of a heart condition at the end
  12. Is vast in ambition, sweeping in scope, vivid in imagery, rich in symbols, and, obviously , heroic—the Iliad of painting, as literary critic Friedrich Schlemiel suggested
  13. Fastest speed that" information" can travel in the flow. This difference most, obviously ,manifests itself in the case of a fluid striking an object. In front of that
  14. And Ghana, many for seasonal agricultural work. These flows of workers are, obviously ,affected by external events; the September 2002 coup attempt in Côte d'Ivoire
  15. Intergalactic space loses energy due to the redshift effect. This energy is not, obviously ,transferred to any other system, so seems to be permanently lost. Nevertheless
  16. To the poison from a young child," the deceit of an eight-year-old girl ", obviously ,referring to what she considers her own spiritual poisoning by her young
  17. Such as Tony Bennett's Put on a Happy Face. If this were untrue there would, obviously ,be more complaints about days with clear blue skies. *Blue is commonly used in
  18. Anyway,Alfred's? Some computer-generated Gotham cityscapes appear too, obviously ,fake. Elliot Goldenthal's score, while serviceable, also isn't as stirring as
  19. Space that can hold cards. The game orientation or direction of play, which, obviously , is only relevant for three or more players, can be either clockwise or
  20. Other alchemists of Bacon's time-shared several traits. First, and most, obviously , nearly all were members of the clergy. This was simply because few people
  21. Of geographic barriers. In the Southwest, mountain ranges, rivers and, most, obviously , the Grand Canyon can be significant barriers for human communities, likely
  22. Drawing Room are situated at each end of this gallery, with the Center Room, obviously ,placed in the center. The original early 19th-century interior designs, many of
  23. Five units, five tens etc., essentially in a bi-quinary coded decimal system, obviously ,related to the Roman numerals. The short grooves on the right may have been
  24. Mathematicians regarded axiomatic geometry as a model of physical space, and, obviously , there could only be one such model. The idea that alternative mathematical
  25. B (e_i, f_j),and vice versa. Now, if X is a space of higher dimension, we, obviously , have dial (V, W; X)=dim×dim×dim. Examples * Matrix multiplication is a
  26. Quotes" The Axiom of Choice is obviously true, the well-ordering principle, obviously ,false, and who can tell about Zorn's lemma? " — Jerry Bond: This is a joke:
  27. That there could be a retraction of D n onto S n − 1,and in the case n 1 it is, obviously ,impossible because S 0 (i.e., the endpoints of the closed interval D 1) is
  28. Is absolute. If a judge or magistrate were to refuse to hear such a plea, or, obviously , fail to properly consider it, then the sentence would, without doubt, be
  29. And regular style. One of the most characteristic elements (and one of the most, obviously ,influenced by Roman and North African architecture) is the interior patio or
  30. Argument is being carried out by means of parody ". While Swift’s proposal is, obviously ,not a serious economic proposal, George Wittkowsky, author of" Swift’s Modest
  31. Is used). This extreme growth can be exploited to show that f, which is, obviously ,computable on a machine with infinite memory such as a Turing machine and so is
  32. Christianity and love relationships, but some interpreted it as not being an, obviously ," Christian" record. Years later, Lead Me On would be chosen as the greatest
  33. He sticks it out with the railway to the bitter end, even when the old world is, obviously ,collapsing and Deign has shifted her attention and loyalty to saving the
  34. I am evolving it. In Hi, Mom! For instance, there is a sequence where you are, obviously ,watching a ridiculous documentary, and you are told that, and you are aware of it
  35. To a different aircraft),some airlines and air forces use call-signs less, obviously ,connected with their trading name. For example, British Airways uses a
  36. Generalized continuum hypothesis does not hold. Quotes" The Axiom of Choice is, obviously ,true, the well-ordering principle obviously false, and who can tell about Zorn
  37. Background correction using a least-squares algorithm The above technique can, obviously ,not correct for a background with fine structure, as in this case the
  38. Of Alexandria). Being a son of Julius Caesar, such an entitlement was, obviously ,felt as a threat to Roman republican traditions. In fact, according to a
  39. After the Second World War – age of precision Modern artillery is most, obviously ,distinguished by its large caliber, firing an explosive shell or rocket, and
  40. Rings which mark them as his long-lost children. Her betrothal to the Captain, obviously ,nullified by the unexpected revelation that he's actually her brother, Philia
  41. Of wisdom, the Bodhisattva does not abide in either or, so this state is ", obviously ,transcendent ". The emphasized perfection is wisdom (prank). #Gone afar:
  42. Few hours, or a few days, depending on the tactical and supply situation. It is, obviously ,much harder for an ambush patrol to remain covert and alert if sentry rosters
  43. Their size can change over time. This occurs for a number of reasons, most, obviously , when a girl grows during puberty and when a woman becomes pregnant. The breast
  44. Of this argument form is with a counterexample with true premises but an, obviously ,false conclusion. For example:: If Bill Gates owns Fort Knox, then he is rich.:
  45. S failure to face cross-examination or to answer a particular question. This, obviously ,limits the usefulness of silence as a tactic by the defense. In England the
  46. Despite the title, St. John the Baptist Preaching did not have an, obviously ,religious theme. The model, an Italian peasant who presented himself at Rodin
  47. Sinclair had boasted that he could not be sued by them. Someone in Government, obviously ,had a quiet word in Kable's ear, as when the court met and Sinclair challenged
  48. Right) 0.0254132\lots \. Euler's values are unsigned and real, but, obviously , his aim was to find a meaningful way to define the Bernoulli numbers at the odd
  49. Probabilistic Turing machines. Problems Besides the problems in P, which are, obviously ,in BPP, many problems were known to be in BPP but not known to be in P. The
  50. Intentionally conflated. A female dragon named Delphine (δελφύς: womb) who is, obviously ,connected with Delphi and Apollo Delphiniums and a male serpent Typhoon (τύφειν:

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