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  1. Killed immediately and 53 were missing and presumed dead. Despite claims from, terrorist ,groups, the blast was initially thought to have been an accident, caused by a
  2. Their elite Special Activities Division to hunt down and kill or capture key, terrorist ,leaders. Several hundred United States soldiers are also stationed in the area
  3. Crisis the Army's main tasks relate to participation in operations countering, terrorist ,activities and defense of strategic facilities (such as nuclear power plants
  4. Princess Can bit Al Hussein of Jordan * 1968 – Timothy McVeigh, American, terrorist , ( d. 2001) * 1969 – Richard Wolstencroft, Australian filmmaker * 1969 – Martin
  5. Andrews Solvers, Latvian footballer * 1975 – David Hicks, Australian alleged, terrorist ,* 1975 – Edgar Renters, Colombian baseball player * 1975 – Vanessa Stacey, New
  6. Prior to Super Bowl XXXV, the last Super Bowl played before the September 11, terrorist , attacks. He places the third verse first, after which he sings the usual first
  7. Mohammed's associate El Say yid Nosier, discovering a great deal of evidence of, terrorist ,plots, including plans to blow up New York City skyscrapers. Nosier was
  8. As it was feared that such an attack" might get out of hand ". Designation as, terrorist ,organization Al-Qaeda has been designated a terrorist organization by the
  9. And Australia have found intermittent ties to the Indonesian Jamaal Islamic, terrorist ,group. The Philippine government considers the Abu SAAF as a part of Jamaal
  10. Would effectively be taking the lives of innocent hostages in order to avoid a, terrorist ,attack. The Court also ruled that the Minister of Defense is constitutionally
  11. September 11 attacks The September 11, 2001 attacks were the most devastating, terrorist ,acts in American history, killing approximately 3,000 people. Two commercial
  12. Commentator and actor *1968 – Nordic Mohammad Top, Malaysian Islamist, terrorist ,(d. 2009) *1974 – Audrey Master, French diver (d. 2002) * 1974 –
  13. And at least 111 injuries. *1978 – 150 Palestinians in Beirut are killed in a, terrorist ,attack during the second phase of the Lebanese Civil War. *1979 – The roof of
  14. 160,000 people were killed between 17 January 1992 and June 2002 in various, terrorist ,attacks which were claimed by the Armed Islamic Group and Islamic Salvation
  15. By a bomb on February 27, 2004,killing 116 people in the Philippines' worst, terrorist ,attack and the world's deadliest terrorist attack at sea. On that day, the
  16. Performs in his native Russia for the first time in 61 years. *1998 – German, terrorist ,group the Red Army Faction announces their dissolution after 28 years. *1999 –
  17. 58 in July 2001. The song re-entered the chart following the September 11, terrorist , attacks. Popularity of the song increased greatly following the September 11
  18. There was good reason to believe Awake" has been involved in very serious, terrorist ,activities since leaving the U. S. after 9/11,including plotting attacks
  19. While NATO and other countries are rebuilding war-torn Afghanistan, terrorist ,groups such as the Taliban's Quetta SEURA and the Hawaii network with alleged
  20. Mohammed Air al-Hakim, the Shia Muslim leader in Iraq, is assassinated in a, terrorist ,bombing, along with nearly 100 worshipers as they leave a mosque in Naval.
  21. Is the worst terrorist attack at sea. * April 9 - A key leader of the Islamic, terrorist ,group Abu SAAF was killed, along with five of his men, during a gun battle
  22. Then State-sponsors of international terrorism, the collapse of ideological, terrorist ,groups such as the Red Army Faction and the tightening of civil aviation
  23. 1973 – Todd Merchant, American ice hockey player * 1973 – Richard Reid, British, terrorist , ( the" Shoe Bomber" ) * 1973 – Mustafa al-Sadiq, Iraqi theologian and
  24. Of Manila, causing it to sink and killing 116 people. This attack is the worst, terrorist ,attack at sea. * April 9 - A key leader of the Islamic terrorist group Abu
  25. Through the Hawaii banking system. U. S-led efforts to eradicate the sources of, terrorist ,financing were most successful in the year immediately following September 11;
  26. Es Salaam, Tanzania – Aug 7,1998 Al-Qaeda has carried out a total of six major, terrorist ,attacks, four of them in its jihad against America. In each case the leadership
  27. Sunni Muslim movement calling for global Jihad. It has been designated a, terrorist ,organization by the United States, the United Nations Security Council, the
  28. People in the Philippines' worst terrorist attack and the world's deadliest, terrorist ,attack at sea. On that day, the 10,192 ton ferry was sailing out of Manila
  29. Armenia Turkey In recent decades, synagogues have been targeted in a number of, terrorist ,attacks. In 2003,the Névé Shalom Synagogue was targeted in a car bombing
  30. The incremental losses incurred through December 31, 2001 as a result of the, terrorist ,attacks. This resulted in the first government bailout of the 21st century.
  31. The already-troubled airline industry in the aftermath of the September 11th, terrorist , attacks. Congress sought to provide cash infusions to carriers for both the
  32. Supporting the Taliban insurgents, Haqqani network, and other anti-Afghanistan, terrorist ,groups. Pakistan harbors concerns over the growing influence of its rival India
  33. NLCS) to advance to the World Series where, in the wake of the September 11, terrorist , attacks in New York City, they beat the reigning champions, the New York
  34. However, be assassinated in public by the Narodnaya Volga (People's Will), terrorist , organisation. His education as a future Tsar was carried out under the
  35. District Court for the District of Columbia for his alleged involvement in, terrorist ,attacks, including hostage taking by Abu SAAF and murder, against United
  36. With al-Awlaki over the internet. Representative Jane Herman called him ", terrorist ,number one ", and Investor's Business Daily called him" the world's most
  37. States, and more recently they have been seen in the hands of violent Islamic, terrorist ,groups such as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq, and FARC
  38. The attack was carried out by the Al Aida cell within the city. Indigenous, terrorist ,groups have been actively operating in Algeria since around 2002. Geography
  39. Expelled an Iraqi diplomat, accusing the envoy of having ties to the Abu SAAF, terrorist ,group. Second Secretary Hus ham Hus ain has been given 48 hours to leave the
  40. Reported. The United States Department of State has classified the group as a, terrorist ,group by adding it to the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. The CIA has
  41. Limited knowledge ... regarding the intentions of al-Qaeda to perform a, terrorist ,act against the US on a scale larger than the 1998 bombing of the US Embassies
  42. Europe. Al-Qaeda decided to step in and assumed control of around 80 % of the, terrorist ,cells in Bosnia in late 1995. At the same time, al-Qaeda ideologues instructed
  43. British and U. S. officials said the plan—unlike many recent homegrown European, terrorist ,plots—was directly linked to al-Qaeda and guided by senior Islamic militants in
  44. Of hand ". Designation as terrorist organization Al-Qaeda has been designated a, terrorist ,organization by the following countries and international organizations: War on
  45. Very rarely makes wire transfers. 1992 On December 29, 1992,al-Qaeda's first, terrorist ,attack took place as two bombs were detonated in Aden, Yemen. The first target
  46. Out less than a week later). *1998 – Olaf bomb in Northern Ireland, the worst, terrorist ,incident of The Troubles *1999 – Ben Unit massacre in Algeria; some 29 people
  47. 1935 – Lionel Taylor, American football player *1940 – Guru Insulin, German, terrorist , ( d. 1977) *1942 – Larry Hart sell, American martial arts instructor (d. 2007
  48. Afghan officials alleged that Pakistani intelligence agencies are involved in, terrorist ,attacks inside Afghanistan. Despite these problems, Pakistan is a participant
  49. 51 people at a bus stop in Baghdad in June. Somalia and Yemen The percentage of, terrorist ,attacks in the West originating from the Afghanistan-Pakistan (AFPA) border
  50. Finding a country willing to accept the remains of the world's most wanted, terrorist ,would have been difficult. " U. S State Department issued a" Worldwide caution

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