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  1. Such as the Chernobyl disaster. For example, the analysis of the debris at the, testing ,site of the first U. S. hydrogen bomb, Ivy Mike, ( November 1,1952,Eniwetok
  2. Over the next two years, threatening an invasion of Great Britain and severely, testing ,British military strength with campaigns in Europe. Spain's involvement
  3. F type mission—its purpose was to be a" dry run" for the Apollo 11 mission, testing ,all the procedures and components of a Moon landing without actually landing
  4. And methodological reliance on experimentation (i'Tiber) and controlled, testing ,in his scientific inquiries. Moreover, his experimental directives rested on
  5. Offshoot of the project was Gerald Bull's system for inexpensive high-speed, testing , consisting of missile airframes shot from a sabot round, which would later be
  6. Adobe mixture can all produce a stronger, more crack-resistant brick. A general, testing ,is done on the soil content first. To do so, a sample of the soil is mixed into
  7. Was actually due to a hardware design bug that had been seen previously on, testing ,of the first unmanned LM for Apollo 5. Having the rendezvous radar on (so that
  8. Of 5,000 km. " It is well on schedule, and we are already on initial design and, testing ,stage," Sara swat said. Development in France, United Kingdom and in Italy
  9. Cooper had broadcast slow scan television pictures from Faith 7 in 1963) and, testing ,the mock LM docking maneuver which involved rendezvous with the launch vehicle
  10. Assert that agnosticism's demand for scientific evidence through laboratory, testing ,is in effect asking God, the supreme being, to become man’s servant. They argue
  11. Of base saturation in soils became the basis for procedures now used in soil, testing ,laboratories to determine the" lime requirement" of soils. Wheat's
  12. Small yard called Ames Yard east of Ames between Ames and Nevada. Ames has been, testing ,automatic train horns at several of its crossings. These directional horns
  13. Including various levels of readiness testing from December 5 through 11. Final, testing ,of modifications to address the problems of Pogo oscillation, ruptured fuel
  14. Validation results in being listed on the NIST validations page. This, testing ,is a prerequisite for the FIPS 140-2 module validation described below. FIPS
  15. View, Alhazen developed rigorous experimental methods of controlled scientific, testing ,to verify theoretical hypotheses and substantiate inductive conjectures. Other
  16. December until the day before launch, including various levels of readiness, testing ,from December 5 through 11. Final testing of modifications to address the
  17. Acupuncture treatments, in some cases within the context of reporting studies, testing ,acupuncture’s effectiveness. A peer-reviewed medical journal on pain published
  18. But not all, share a direct male lineage with a common Y-chromosome, and, testing , was done across sectors of the Jewish population to see if there was any
  19. Obtained the highest averaged holding power in SAIL magazine's comparison, testing ,in 2006. Other Temporary Anchors * Mud weight: Consists of a blunt heavy weight
  20. Kyū),followed by a series of" degrees" ( Dan),pursuant to formal, testing ,procedures. Some aikido organizations use belts to distinguish practitioners '
  21. Required more than six years of spacecraft and launch vehicle development and, testing ,before the first manned missions could be flown. Test flights of the Saturn I
  22. And efficacy tests, and it laid out the following rules and principles for, testing ,the effectiveness of new drugs and medications, which still form the basis of
  23. Numbers within this block are used for various types of local and long-distance, testing ,; generally, this block includes a ring back number (to test the ringer when
  24. Nitrogen (NH3-N) Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH3-N) is a measure commonly used for, testing ,the quantity of Ammonium ions, derived naturally from ammonia, and returned to
  25. Mathematical models and statistics are an unreliable means of analyzing and, testing ,economic theory, and advocate deriving economic theory logically from basic
  26. In the US and UK are limited to high-resolution chromosome and fragile X, testing , As new genetic tests are developed several ethical, legal,and social issues
  27. Into water by changing its acidity. This produced enough of the drug to begin, testing ,on animals. There were many more people involved in the Oxford team, and at one
  28. To a cultural preference for sons. The widespread availability of diagnostic, testing , during the 1970s and '80s,led to advertisements for services which read,"
  29. Of cases are" familial MND ", defined either by a family history of MND or by, testing ,positive for a known genetic mutation associated with the disease. The
  30. EMG),magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),and sometimes genetic, testing ,are useful to rule out other disorders that may mimic MND. However, the
  31. Algorithmic efficiency is eventually put to the test using real code. Empirical, testing ,is useful because it may uncover unexpected interactions that affect
  32. Can not be differentiated with absolute certainty without advanced gemological, testing ,(which is often cost-prohibitive). There is one test based on" Brazil law
  33. Then a subsidiary of IG Carbon, bought prisoners to use as guinea pigs for, testing ,new drugs. The most infamous doctor at Auschwitz was Josef
  34. A new and much more powerful solid rocket fuel, and numerous systems for, testing ,it all. After a series of drastic budget reductions during the late 1950s the
  35. Was able to use the 18-month hiatus to catch up with development and unmanned, testing ,of the LM and the Saturn V Moon launch vehicle. By October 1967,planning for
  36. Prominent Jewish intellectuals are murdered in Moscow. *1953 – Nuclear weapons, testing ,: the Soviet atomic bomb project continues with the detonation of Joe 4,the
  37. Area codes reserve telephone numbers beginning with 958 and 959 for internal, testing , Some companies also reserve numbers beginning with 999. Numbers within this
  38. A situation which was disputed by Amway. Consumer Reports conducted blind, testing ,of detergents in 2010 and ranked versions of Amway's Legacy of Clean
  39. November 9,1967,Apollo 4 exemplified George Mueller's strategy of" all up ", testing , Rather than being tested stage by stage, as most rockets were, the Saturn V
  40. Aircraft test pilot G. B. North passed out and was seriously injured when, testing ,a Mercury cabin / spacesuit atmosphere system in a vacuum chamber. The problem
  41. Alchemists made contributions to the" chemical" industries of the day—ore, testing ,and refining, metalworking,production of gunpowder, ink,dyes, paints
  42. In general, he believes that CAM can and should be subjected to scientific, testing , The use of alternative medicine in developed countries appears to be
  43. Practice requirements related to expiration dating and from finished product, testing ,for identity and strength," and their alcohol concentration may be much higher
  44. Limited duration of effectiveness of the antibodies produced. Development and, testing ,of more effective vaccines is under way. The Australian Commonwealth Scientific
  45. Been subject to severe criticism in the research of the 20th century. Still, testing ,on the subject has been somewhat divided. Testing on certain animals like cats
  46. Mechanism: Potential side effects Conventional treatments are subjected to, testing ,for undesired side effects, whereas alternative treatments, in general, are not
  47. Whereas alternative treatments, in general, are not subjected to such, testing ,at all. Any treatment – whether conventional or alternative – that has a
  48. A single patriarch, Aaron,was found to be apparently consistent with genetic, testing , The majority of Jewish men with the tradition of being Khan, but not all
  49. The command and service modules, and the third was a manned flight, Apollo 9, testing , the lunar module. Nine Saturn Vs launched manned Apollo missions to the Moon
  50. Men. Ainu also have very long beards, ranging from straight to wavy. Genetic, testing ,of the Ainu people have shown them to belong mainly to Y-haplogroup D2. Y-DNA

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