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  1. To appease the insurgents' senior leadership at the cost of the democratic, constitution , the democratic process and process in the field of human rights especially
  2. The official language of Algeria is Modern Standard Arabic, as specified in its, constitution ,since 1963. In addition to this, Berber has been recognized as a" national
  3. Are still considered to have fallen short of international standards. The new, constitution ,of 1995 greatly expanded the powers of the executive branch and gives it much
  4. Is Amir Topi. The President has the power to guarantee observation of the, constitution ,and all laws, act as commander in chief of the armed forces, exercise the
  5. Disenfranchise black residents, a process completed in provisions of the 1901, constitution , Provisions which disfranchised African Americans also disfranchised poor
  6. De Oliveira Salazar's" corporatism" system established by the Portuguese, constitution ,of 1933,the Brazilian military dictatorship based on the constitution of
  7. Were busy at the task—and leaders felt the new nation must have a written, constitution , even though other nations did not have them. During the war Congress exercised
  8. Independence In August 1947,Aruba presented its first" Staatsreglement" (, constitution ,), for Aruba's" status apart" as the status of an autonomous state within
  9. Roman Catholic Church On 4 November 2009 Pope Benedict XVI issued an apostolic, constitution , Anglicanism Cottbus, to allow groups of former Anglicans to enter into full
  10. In place since independence in 1975,to a multiparty democracy based on a new, constitution ,adopted in 1992. That same year, first parliamentary and presidential elections
  11. A series of steps granting increasing autonomy. In August 1985 Aruba drafted a, constitution ,that was unanimously approved. On 1 January 1986,after elections were held for
  12. Admitted to the Union in 1819. Part of the frontier in the 1820s and 1830s,its, constitution ,provided for universal suffrage for white men. Settlers rapidly arrived to take
  13. How both the effect and Rayleigh scattering originate from the atomistic, constitution ,of matter. Zero-point energy Einstein's physical intuition led him to note
  14. There is a significant movement to rewrite and modernize Alabama's, constitution , This movement is based upon the fact that Alabama's constitution highly
  15. Of the Netherlands in a technical legal sense. The present version of the Dutch, constitution ,mentions" Amsterdam" and" capital" only in one place, chapter 2,article 32
  16. Of other provincial governance institutions. According to article 140 of the, constitution ,and the presidential decree on electoral law, mayors of cities should be
  17. Constitution of 1933,the Brazilian military dictatorship based on the, constitution ,of 1967/69,or several authoritarian regimes in contemporary Africa. Military
  18. Was killed in action, in 2002. From 2002 to 2010,the system as defined by the, constitution ,of 1992 functioned in a relatively normal way. The executive branch of the
  19. Of political parties other than the FLN was cemented in the repressive, constitution ,of 1976. Comedienne died in 1978,but the rule of his successor, Chadli
  20. Australia became a self-governing colony in 1856 with the ratification of a new, constitution ,by the British parliament. Secret ballots were introduced, and a bicameral
  21. Is Our Lady of Merited. Though it is not an official state religion,the, constitution ,acknowledges a special relationship with the Catholic Church, offering some
  22. Of the education of women. He fought for Article 68 of Afghanistan's first, constitution ,(declared through a Loyal JIRA),which made elementary education compulsory.
  23. Articles, the representatives held secret, closed-door sessions and wrote a new, constitution , The new Constitution gave much more power to the central government, but
  24. Georgia, Louisiana,and Texas followed. Six of these states then adopted a, constitution ,and declared themselves to be a sovereign nation, the Confederate States of
  25. After its seat, which is usually the largest city. According to the Algerian, constitution , a province is a territorial collectivity enjoying some economic freedom. The
  26. To date, Algeria has had more than 40 legal political parties. According to the, constitution , no political association may be formed if it is" based on differences in
  27. Males and 54.2 % of women are literate as of 2001. Since the adoption of a new, constitution , early in 2010,the politics of Angola takes place in a framework of a
  28. In 1972,for the first time since 1901,the legislature implemented the Alabama, constitution ,'s provision for periodic redistricting based on population. This benefited the
  29. Employees often lack the basic supplies for their day-to-day work. The 2010, constitution , grants the President almost absolute power. Elections for the National assembly
  30. Line. Property taxes are the lowest in the United States. The current state, constitution ,requires a voter referendum to raise property taxes. Since Alabama's tax
  31. Work hardening, developing much of the information contained in modern alloy, constitution ,diagrams. Mercury had been smelted from cinnabar for thousands of years.
  32. Amsterdam as capital city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is governed by the, constitution ,of 24 August 1815 and its successors. Amsterdam has a population of 783,364
  33. Similar declarations. On February 7,the seven states adopted a provisional, constitution ,for the Confederate States of America and established their temporary capital
  34. And he who would, by force or by fraud, endeavour to prostrate that law and, constitution , though he may retain his affection for its head, can boast but an imperfect
  35. Forces The Albanian republic is a parliamentary democracy established under a, constitution ,renewed in 1998. Elections are held every four years to a unicameral 140-seat
  36. To compile its list which reflects the state of governance in Africa. The new, constitution , adopted in 2010,further sharpened the authoritarian character of the regime.
  37. In 1901. At almost 800 amendments and 310,000 words, it is the world's longest, constitution ,and is roughly forty times the length of the U. S. Constitution. There is a
  38. Were published posthumously under the title Sen ilia. Schopenhauer had a robust, constitution , but in 1860 his health began to deteriorate. He died of heart failure on 21
  39. Media diversified. Freedom of expression and the press is promoted in the 2004, constitution , and censorship is banned, though defaming individuals or producing material
  40. Legislature and, frequently,by state referendum. One criticism of the current, constitution ,claims that its complexity and length were intentional to codify segregation
  41. Of the Sovereign, attachment to royalty, attachment to the law and to the, constitution ,of the realm, and he who would, by force or by fraud, endeavour to prostrate
  42. Would economically expunge it, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers, under the, constitution , President Lincoln rejected two geographically limited emancipation attempts by
  43. Government that ran the American Revolutionary War. It was an era of, constitution ,writing—most states were busy at the task—and leaders felt the new nation must
  44. Capital Amsterdam" (" de hoofdstad Amsterdam" ). Previous versions of the, constitution ,spoke of" the city of Amsterdam" (" de star Amsterdam" ), without mention
  45. To decide the direction of domestic and foreign policy; approve or amend the, constitution ,; declare war on another state; ratify or annul international treaties; elect
  46. Alabama's constitution . This movement is based upon the fact that Alabama's, constitution ,highly centralizes power in Montgomery and leaves practically no power in local
  47. Of America as a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first, constitution , It was drafted by the Continental Congress in 1776-77,went into use in 1777
  48. Very likely that leaders of Miles sent him there as a legislator to create a, constitution ,or simply to maintain the colony’s allegiance. Theories Anaximander's theories
  49. Nation, with 144 members. The APN is elected every five years. Under the 1976, constitution , ( as modified 1979,and amended in 1988,1989,and 1996),Algeria is a
  50. Congress resolved to appoint a committee of 13 to prepare a draft of a, constitution ,for a union of the states. The final draft of the Articles was prepared in the

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