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  1. Disgust can often be a learned or cultural issue too; as Darwin pointed out, seeing ,a stripe of soup in a man's beard is disgusting even though neither soup nor
  2. Of ADAYG makes reference to lines of sight, no specific reference is made to, seeing ,over standing patrons. The MCI Center, designed by Elder Becket Architects &
  3. Idealism and phenomenalism. The novelty of Dummett's approach consisted in, seeing ,these disputes as analogous to the dispute between intuitionism and Platonism
  4. 476 – Officer is named Rex Italian by his troops. * 565 – St. Columbia reports, seeing ,a monster in Loch Ness, Scotland. * 851 – Battle of England: Episode defeats
  5. Work, and as the only one that stood the test of time. Speer could not avoid, seeing ,the brutal excesses of the Nazi regime. Shortly after Hitler consolidated power
  6. The mouth of the Amazon River and reaching 6°S,before turning around and, seeing ,Trinidad and the Orinoco River and returning to Spain by way of Hispaniola. The
  7. M. A. thesis). Camus joined the French Communist Party in the spring of 1935, seeing , it as a way to" fight inequalities between Europeans and 'natives' in Algeria
  8. Was bathing in the woods when the hunter Actaeon stumbled across her, thus, seeing , her naked. He stopped and stared, amazed at her ravishing beauty. Once seen
  9. It was only on the urgent advice of his publisher that he added a mention of, seeing ,the ruins of the Central Synagogue in Berlin from his car. Speer was under
  10. Including, but not limited to," caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, seeing , hearing, eating,sleeping, walking,standing, lifting,bending, speaking
  11. And weapons to attack American outposts. Some Indians tried to remain neutral, seeing ,little value in joining a European conflict and fearing reprisals from
  12. Direction lies the 19th century theater. Also well-known and well worth, seeing ,are the two remaining city gates, the Monitor, one half mile northwest of the
  13. Many astronauts and cosmonauts have commented on the profound effects that, seeing ,Earth from space has had on them; the 24 astronauts who traveled to the Moon
  14. Praxeology is a fundamental rejection of mathematical methods in economics, seeing ,the function of economics as investigating the essences rather than the
  15. A hand-controlled kart. As one of the cheapest ways to go racing, karting is, seeing ,its popularity grow worldwide. Despite their diminutive size,karting's most
  16. Their Round head opponents. In opposition to Jacobin centralization of power, seeing ," revolutionary government" as oxymoron. From this climate William Godwin
  17. The lunar surface. The Remote Control Unit controls on his chest kept him from, seeing ,his feet. Climbing down the nine-rung ladder, Armstrong pulled a D-ring to
  18. Ramsay's views gain both in precision and in breadth. The gain lies chiefly in, seeing ,beyond the Began text to the" Western" text as a whole. General presentation
  19. To accommodate 500 students. The university campus will have the possibility of, seeing ,setting up broad ranges of buildings of research laboratories and residences.
  20. In a righteous way. Pelagic gave an example of eyes: they have capacity for, seeing , but a person can make either good or bad use of it. Like Jovian, pelagians
  21. Prescenience, but because sensitive receptivity is part of their 'talent' of, seeing , Artists have had to 'see' issues clearly in order to satisfy their current
  22. Archegetes (" hero-founder" ) The righteous hunter, the companion of Artemis, seeing ,her bathing naked at the spring, was moved to try to make himself her consort
  23. Laughed and accepted him as his friend. He cultivated the outsider's knack of, seeing ,the illogic in familiar things. His conversation was droll and frank, and Solon
  24. The atom),decided to test Van den Broke and Bohr's hypothesis directly, by, seeing , if spectral lines emitted from excited atoms fit the Bohr theory's demand that
  25. Local Russian Orthodox Churches in New York refused to grant Kerensky burial, seeing ,him as being a Freemason and being largely responsible for Russia falling to
  26. An angular size of stars down to about 0.1″. Techniques exist for improving, seeing ,on the ground. Adaptive optics, for example, can produce images around 0.05
  27. Meant not the whole people, but the people as opposed to the elite. Instead of, seeing ,it as a fair system under which 'everyone' has equal rights, they saw it as
  28. To disarm Ajax (although Ajax is not hurt) and Ajax is forced to retreat, seeing ,that Zeus is clearly favoring Hector. Hector and the Trojans succeed in burning
  29. In Lisbon from a written description and sketch by another artist, without ever, seeing ,the animal himself. An image of the Indian rhinoceros, the image has such force
  30. Representing a character's outlook on the universe: characters with good stuff, seeing ,the multiverse as a cheerful place, while characters with bad stuff see it as
  31. Classification is used to determine what category something belongs in, after, seeing , a number of examples of things from several categories. Regression takes a set
  32. Offer Helen of Troy to Paris, but the abduction was accomplished when Paris, seeing ,Helen for the first time, was inflamed with desire to have her—which is
  33. Was at a downtown hotel, with over a hundred people in attendance. After, seeing ,promotional filmstrips and listening to talks by company representatives and
  34. Is the use of indirect fire, whereby the firing equipment is aimed without, seeing ,the target through its sights. Indirect fire emerged at the beginning of the
  35. Wholly to studies in the gymnasium of Gotha. After he left it in disgust after, seeing ,one of the masters lampooned, he went to live with his mother. But by that time
  36. His life because he felt that Abraham did not need to go through the pain of, seeing ,Esau's wicked deeds. The Bible says he was buried by his sons Isaac and
  37. And individual reclamation Social anarchism rejects private property, seeing ,it as a source of social inequality, and emphases cooperation and mutual aid.
  38. Martin Lings, in his biographical Muhammad, speaks of Muhammad's wonderment at, seeing ,fellow prophets in their heavenly glory: Aaron was also mentioned by Muhammad
  39. The image of a star to an angular diameter of about 0.5 arc second; in poor, seeing ,conditions this increases to 1.5 arc seconds or even more. The dwarf planet
  40. Birth to a baby boy named Adonis. Aphrodite happens by the Myrrh tree and, seeing ,him, takes pity on the infant. She places Adonis in a box, and takes him down
  41. Among the Byzantine forces immediately defected to the Turkish side; and, seeing ,this," the Western mercenaries rode off and took no part in the battle. " The
  42. View of the Real Presence, as expressed in the doctrine of transubstantiation, seeing ,the Eucharist as a liturgical representation of Christ's atoning sacrifice
  43. He catches Deign Taggart's eye as one of the few competent men on staff. After, seeing ,the sorry state of the Ohio Division, she decides to make him its new
  44. May Day commemoration in Berlin. In Inside the Third Reich, he wrote that, on, seeing , the original design for the Berlin rally on Hanke's desk, he remarked that the
  45. Story of Dr. Larch an orphanage director who is a reluctant abortionist after, seeing ,the consequences of back-alley abortions, and his orphan medical assistant
  46. Of Wendell Berry, Paul B. Thompson, and Gene Logsdon. They are characterized by, seeing ,the world through an agricultural lens. Although much of Inge's principles
  47. Supergiant with a diameter of 0.05 arc second. Due to the effects of atmospheric, seeing , ground-based telescopes will smear the image of a star to an angular diameter
  48. News quietly. She expressed her love and concern for Ellen and Charlotte, and, seeing ,Charlotte's distress, whispered to her to" take courage ". Conscious and calm
  49. Challenge the credibility of an eyewitness. After an opposing witness testified, seeing ,the crime in the moonlight, Lincoln produced a farmer' Almanac showing the
  50. Of which are used for housing. There are many other places and objects worth, seeing , for example a notable number of churches and monasteries, a few remarkable

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