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  1. Founded a volunteer corps for altruism. This volunteer corps still to, date ,is engaged in doing good to others and trains new volunteering recruits for
  2. Did not expand the city, it did produce some of the largest public buildings to, date , like the Galas poor Volksvlijt. Following Parfait, Van Nitric and Half
  3. According to the Law on the Armed Forces of October 9,1991. The original, date ,of the establishment of the short-lived National Army is celebrated as Army Day
  4. Of Turkish ascendancy in Anatolia. Most historians, including Edward Gibbon, date ,the defeat at Manifest as the beginning of the end of the Eastern Roman Empire
  5. Are able to calculate the right ascension and declination of the" epoch of, date ," to the exact instant of observation. GoTo telescopes have
  6. Apollo program is arguably the greatest technical achievement of mankind to, date ,... nothing since Apollo has come close to the excitement that was generated by
  7. Says that 'on the subject of reasoning' he 'had nothing else on an earlier, date ,to speak of' ". However, Plato reports that syntax was devised before him, by
  8. Clause, usually a Surat, at the end certifying the affine made oath and the, date ,; and If an affidavit is notarized or authenticated, it will also include a
  9. Rudolph II, a crown that became the Imperial Crown of Austria. The lions, date ,from the late 16th century, when city and province became part of the Republic
  10. As the air that the craft displaces. Small hot-air balloons called sky lanterns, date ,back to the 3rd century BC, and were only the second type of aircraft to fly
  11. Included Korean in Altaic, an inclusion followed by most leading Activists to, date , The first volume, Lautlehre ('Phonology' ), contained the first
  12. S character, and passes sentence. If the defendant pleads not guilty,a, date ,is set for a preliminary hearing or a trial. In the past, a defendant who
  13. By name; # The charge against the accused person is read, including the alleged, date , time, and place of offense; and, # The accused person is asked formally how he
  14. And Secretary to the Congress. The Articles, however,were unsigned, and the, date ,was blank. Congress began the signing process by examining their copy of the
  15. Receive the award. He is the shortest-lived of any Nobel literature laureate to, date , having died in an automobile accident just over two years after receiving the
  16. Founded with participation of state capital,23 of foreign capital. To the same, date , 98 non-bank credit organizations operate in the republic along with banks.
  17. Style and started building in different nestles. Most Gothic style buildings, date ,from that era and are therefore said to be built in a neo-Gothic style. At the
  18. Of middlebrow religious novels" such as | publisher Condé Nast Publications |, date ,October 27, 2009 | access date =April 9,2011} } Popular interest In 1991,a
  19. Would be to suggest that the Preface to the Labors takes place at one, date ,but that the labors are completed over a matter of twenty years. None of the
  20. By 2867 Steins in 2008 and 21 Letitia, the second-largest asteroid visited to, date , in 2010. In September 2007,NASA launched the Dawn Mission, which started
  21. Alcohol used in mouth rinses acts as a carcinogen was raised, but there is to, date ,no scientific consensus on the issue. Commercial mouthwashes usually contain a
  22. Still finding Buddhist relics in different parts of the country, some of them, date ,back to the 2nd century. This indicates that Buddhism was widespread in
  23. Championship, which would cut into the Academy Awards audience. The earlier, date ,is also to the advantage of ABC, as it now usually occurs during the highly
  24. And is to orbit 1 Ceres in 2015. 4 Vesta is the largest asteroid visited to, date , It has been suggested that asteroids might be used as a source of materials
  25. This special meaning, three different precise definitions have been given to, date , His footnote #5; see discussion immediately below. The simplest of these to
  26. Of the eyes. Origins The cult centers of Apollo in Greece, Delphi and Demos, date ,from the 8th century BCE. The Demos sanctuary was primarily dedicated to
  27. Metal working, pottery and ceramics, and last but not least carpet-weaving that, date ,as far back as to the 2nd millennium BC. Azerbaijani carpets can be categorized
  28. Term" agnostic" in 1869,his opinions had taken shape some time before that, date , In a letter of September 23, 1860,to Charles Kingsley, Huxley discussed his
  29. Adoption of the new Constitution by the states, and setting elections. By that, date , 11 of the 13 states had ratified the new Constitution. On September 13, 1788
  30. States to notify its delegation when ratification was completed. On that, date , delegates present from New Hampshire, Massachusetts,Rhode Island, Connecticut
  31. The film finally opened in April 1954,half a year behind its original release, date ,and about three times over budget, making it at the time the most expensive
  32. By a resolution of the Continental Congress on November 10, 1775,a, date ,regarded and celebrated as the birthday of the Marine Corps. At the beginning
  33. And LAST, are now allowed, providing at least 1 year has passed since the, date ,of the procedure with no permanent adverse after effects. For those applicants
  34. Is a great hazard, although the greatest quantity of francium ever assembled to, date ,is a sphere of radius 1 mm (over 300,000 neutral atoms). An alphabet is a
  35. Continued during the summer of 1975 when ABBA embarked on a sixteen open-air, date ,tour of Sweden and Finland. Their Stockholm show at the Krona Land amusement
  36. For oaths/solicitor, a commissioner for oaths (solicitor),on the, date ,at location in the county/city of county/city, and I know the deponent (
  37. In prize-money during his career, fourth only to Federer, Sampras and Naval to, date , He also earned more than US$25 million a year through endorsements, during his
  38. FOLK) of the United States and Canada unanimously set 1 May 1886,as the, date ,by which the eight-hour work day would become standard. The next day,4 May
  39. Took it to Memphis. However, more recently, it has been suggested that it may, date ,from earlier than Abdalonymus' death. Division of the empire Alexander's
  40. An 18.66 % household rating, the lowest rated and least watched ceremony to, date , in spite of celebrating 80 years of the Academy Awards. The Best Picture
  41. Travel meant that British communications were always about two months out of, date ,: by the time British generals in America received their orders from London, the
  42. Attacks by the Caribs. Fragments of the earliest known Indian settlements, date ,back to 1000 AD. Sea currents made canoe travel to other Caribbean islands
  43. 43.56 million viewers. The most watched ceremony based on Nielsen ratings to, date , however, was the 42nd Academy Awards (Best Picture Midnight Cowboy) which
  44. Albania. The first records of the Albanian people as a distinct ethnicity also, date ,to this period. In 15th century there was a series of confrontations between
  45. Deed is executed. Hence, karma cannot bestow the fruits of actions at a future, date ,according to one's merit. Furthermore, one cannot argue that karma generates
  46. Imprisoned by the Ottoman authorities in 1864. Mainline evangelical Protestants, date ,back to the work of Congregational and later Methodist missionaries and the
  47. Knowledge of hieroglyphic writing was mostly lost. Attempts to decipher them, date ,to the Byzantine and Islamic periods in Egypt, but only in 1822,after the
  48. A multi-party state. The Ministry of the Interior must approve all parties. To, date , Algeria has had more than 40 legal political parties. According to the
  49. Awards The Board of Governors meets each year and considers new awards. To, date , the following proposed awards have not been approved: * Best Stunt
  50. Including Jews and Begins who were killed in the 1918 massacre. To, date , the remains of 600 people have been found, including about 50 children and 100

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