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  1. Strategy to put down the rebellion. Lincoln encountered an unprecedented, political ,and military crisis, and he responded as commander-in-chief, using
  2. States, war began in April 1861,and he concentrated on both the military and, political ,dimensions of the war effort, seeking to reunify the nation. He vigorously
  3. In fields including tourism, law,Catalan philology, humanities,psychology, political ,sciences, audiovisual communication, telecommunications engineering, and East
  4. McClellan with Republican Ambrose Burnside. Both of these replacements were, political ,moderates and prospectively more supportive of the Commander in Chief. Burnside
  5. Interior must approve all parties. To date, Algeria has had more than 40 legal, political ,parties. According to the constitution, no political association may be formed
  6. Out between the two when Paterson made comments that Rand saw as rude to valued, political ,allies. In 1947,during the Second Red Scare, Rand testified as a" friendly
  7. In religion, language,race, gender,profession or region ". In addition, political ,campaigns must be exempt from the aforementioned subjects. Foreign relations
  8. Rarely tolerated, and the state's control over the media and the outlawing of, political ,parties other than the FLN was cemented in the repressive constitution of 1976.
  9. And acceptance of the post would have effectively ended his legal and, political ,career in Illinois, so he declined and resumed his law practice. Prairie lawyer
  10. Under Rep. Thaddeus Stevens, Sen. Charles Sumner and Sen. Benjamin Wade, political ,allies of the president on other issues. Determined to find a course that would
  11. Should be enforced by a constitutionally limited government. Although her, political ,views are often classified as conservative or libertarian, she preferred the
  12. Writing in Atlas Shrugged that" Force and mind are opposites ". Rand's, political ,philosophy emphasized individual rights (including property rights),and she
  13. Hand, Russia also participated to some degree in the nationalist (cultural and, political ,) movements of Central and Eastern Europe. After the Revolution of 1917
  14. Governor in more than 100 years and started Republicans on the road to, political ,dominance in the state. One million voters cast ballots in the 1986 Democratic
  15. Crisis of 2007–2010 to the technical explanations rooted in economic and, political ,theory. Dr. Gillian Text, a Cambridge University trained anthropologist who
  16. Enjoying some economic freedom. The People's Provincial Assembly is the, political ,entity governing a province, which has a" president ", who is elected by the
  17. The possibility to live a good life, and to perform beautiful acts:" The, political ,partnership must be regarded, therefore,as being for the sake of noble actions
  18. Charged with the murder of the deceased officer. The men became international, political ,celebrities among the labor movement. Four of the men were executed and a
  19. Protests. There was also increased criticism of her ideas, especially from the, political ,left, with critics blaming the economic crisis on her support of selfishness
  20. Philosophy and laid out positions on metaphysics, epistemology,ethics, political ,philosophy and aesthetics. In metaphysics, Rand embraced philosophical realism
  21. In 1946,which has sold more than 3.5 million copies. The Fountainhead and, political ,activism During the 1940s,Rand became political ly active. Both she and her
  22. To conceive of the city in this manner. The common modern understanding of a, political ,community as a modern state is quite different to Aristotle's understanding.
  23. Was. Lincoln arranged for an intermediary to make inquiry into Grant's, political ,intentions, and being assured that he had none, submitted to the Senate Grant
  24. S followers, the mutualists, opposed Marx's state socialism, advocating, political , abstentionism and small property holdings. In 1868,following their
  25. Anarchism is generally defined as the, political ,philosophy which holds the state to be immoral, or alternatively as opposing
  26. Statehood supporters also found themselves fighting major battles against, political ,foes, mostly in the U. S. Congress but also within Alaska. Statehood was
  27. S redefinition of republican values. As early as the 1850s,a time when most, political ,rhetoric focused on the sanctity of the Constitution, Lincoln redirected
  28. Troops of the Third Military District under General John Pope. In 1874,the, political ,coalition known as the Redeemers took control of the state government from the
  29. Community according to Aristotle was the city (Polish) which functions as a, political ," community" or" partnership" ( Livonia). The aim of the city is not just
  30. Struggled and Lincoln eventually sold his share. That March he began his, political ,career with his first campaign for the Illinois General Assembly. He had
  31. Execution and exile of many commands to penal colonies, favored individualist, political ,expression and acts. Numerous heads of state were assassinated between 1881 and
  32. Despite Rand's traditionally Republican stance as a pro-choice atheist,the, political ,figures who cite Rand as an influence are most often conservative or
  33. From exile to become its chairman, but he was assassinated on 29 June 1992. The, political ,conflict continued, leading Algeria into the violent Algerian Civil War. More
  34. A one-party system in which the Democratic Party became essentially the only, political ,party in every Southern state. For nearly 100 years, local and state elections
  35. They differ in principle from those of Ferret by not advocating an overtly, political ,class struggle-approach. In addition to organizing schools according to
  36. As kinship is a human universal. Cultural anthropology also covers economic and, political ,organization, law and conflict resolution, patterns of consumption and exchange
  37. To accuse him of using the military to insure his and the Republicans ', political ,aspirations. On the other hand, the Radicals denounced his policy as too
  38. Her philosophy. Nonetheless, she continues to have a popular following, and her, political ,ideas have been influential among libertarians and some conservatives. The
  39. Appeal to a New York audience. " Donald described the speech as a" superb, political ,move for an unannounced candidate, to appear in one rival's (William H.
  40. McClellan's" Harrison's Landing Letter ", in which he offered unsolicited, political ,advice to Lincoln urging caution in the war effort. McClellan's letter
  41. Emphasis to the Declaration of Independence as the foundation of American, political ,values—what he called the" sheet anchor" of republicanism. The Declaration's
  42. Preferred the term" radical for capitalism ". She worked with conservatives on, political ,projects, but she disagreed with them (and they with her) over issues such as
  43. Campaign featured the seven Lincoln–Douglas debates of 1858,the most famous, political ,debates in American history. The principals stood in stark contrast both
  44. During these speeches and Q&A sessions, she often took controversial stances on, political ,and social issues of the day. These included supporting abortion rights
  45. Has had more than 40 legal political parties. According to the constitution, no, political , association may be formed if it is" based on differences in religion, language
  46. Απέλλα (Capella),which means" assembly ", so that Apollo would be the god of, political ,life, and he also gives the explanation σηκός (seats)," fold ", in which
  47. Of the Equalization of Opportunity Bill. *Claude Slagenhop is president of, political ,organization Friends of Global Progress and one of Lillian Rearden's friends.
  48. Round of elections. It forced then-president Bendjedid to resign and banned all, political ,parties based on religion (including the Islamic Salvation Front). The
  49. Be prior to the part ". He also famously stated that" man is by nature a, political ,animal. " Aristotle conceived of politics as being like an organism rather than
  50. Of the defeat for Lincoln, his articulation of the issues gave him a national, political ,reputation. In May 1859,Lincoln purchased the Illinois Staats-Anzeiger, a

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