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  1. The court. " After an appeal is heard, the mandate is a formal notice of a, decision ,by a court of appeal; this notice is transmitted to the trial court and, when
  2. Correct the defect, or it may nullify (" reverse" or" vacate" ) the whole, decision ,or any part of it. It may, in addition, send the case back (" remand" or "
  3. Of the concept began with attempts to solve the Entscheidungsproblem (the ", decision ,problem" ) posed by David Hilbert in 1928. Subsequent formalization were
  4. States. The Senate then adjourned" to the first Monday in August next. " The, decision ,of Maryland to ratify the Articles was reported to the Continental Congress on
  5. Materials each artist selected in making an object, image video, or event. The, decision ,to cast a sculpture in bronze, for instance, inevitably effects its meaning;
  6. While there either mark or erase a paper or observe the paper and make a yes-no, decision ,about the next instruction. Alan Turing's proof of that the
  7. Remedy the defect. In some cases, an appellate court may review a lower court, decision ,de Nova (or completely),challenging even the lower court's findings of fact
  8. Citizens, and derived no rights from the Constitution. Lincoln denounced the, decision , alleging it was the product of a conspiracy of Democrats to support the Slave
  9. Route, and the corporation retained the right to demand Barret's payment. The, decision ,by the Illinois Supreme Court has been cited by numerous other courts in the
  10. In general, the appealed takes the procedural posture that the lower court's, decision ,should be affirmed. Ability to appeal An appeal as of right is one that is
  11. After a series of decision s and reversals, the Bell company won a, decision ,in the Supreme Court, though a couple of the original claims from the lower
  12. More than 130,000 people. Historian Joseph Ellis suggests that Washington's, decision ,to have his troops inoculated against the smallpox epidemic was one of his most
  13. From" All the animals, including Napoleon" in recognition of Joseph Stalin's, decision ,to remain in Moscow during the German advance. The Battle of the Cowshed
  14. Only if it were a clear abuse of discretion. This is usually defined as a, decision ,outside the bounds of reasonableness. On the other hand, the appellate court
  15. To grant or refuse the appellant's demand to appeal the lower court's, decision , A good example of this is the U. S. Supreme Court, in which review in most
  16. His death in 1896,and it is believed that she was a major influence in his, decision ,to include a peace prize among those prizes provided in his will. Bertha on
  17. State had ceded its western land claims. On February 2,1781,the much-awaited, decision ,was taken by the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis. As the last piece of
  18. Lincoln was defying the authority of the U. S. Supreme Court and the Died Scott, decision , Though the Republican legislative candidates won more popular votes, the
  19. Affirms" the judgment. If the appellate court does find a legal defect in the, decision ," below" ( i.e., in the lower court),it may" modify" the ruling to
  20. To the evidence heard in the lower proceeding. Sometimes, however,the, decision ,of the lower proceeding is itself admissible as evidence, thus helping to curb
  21. In a proof cannot be made by appeal to other axioms of set theory. The, decision ,must be made on other grounds. One argument given in favor of using the axiom
  22. Gives deference to the lower court's view of the evidence, and reverses its, decision ,only if it were a clear abuse of discretion. This is usually defined as a
  23. At an algorithmic stage based on the current local optimum and the best, decision ,(not all possible decision s) made in a previous stage. It is not exhaustive
  24. For the moment. The greedy method extends the solution with the best possible, decision ,(not all feasible decision s) at an algorithmic stage based on the current
  25. To Schopenhauer, whenever we make a choice," we assume as necessary that, decision ,was preceded by something from which it ensued, and which we call the ground or
  26. Including even whether there is a right of appeal from a particular type of, decision , can vary greatly from country to country. The nature of an appeal can vary
  27. System cannot make the situation worse. Because of independence,the, decision ,whether to use of the axiom of choice (or its negation) in a proof cannot be
  28. Hand, the appellate court normally gives less deference to a lower court's, decision ,on issues of law, and may reverse if it finds that the lower court applied the
  29. Is made to a higher court for the purpose of overturning the lower court's, decision , The specific procedures for appealing, including even whether there is a right
  30. From the appeal court's opinion, which sets out the legal reasoning for its, decision , In some U. S. jurisdictions the mandate is known as the remitting. Generally
  31. Who consistently overestimated the strength of Confederate troops, blamed this, decision ,for the ultimate failure of the Peninsula Campaign. Lincoln removed McClellan
  32. Admitted Kansas as a slave state. In March 1857,the Supreme Court issued its, decision ,in Died Scott v. Sandford; Chief Justice Roger B. Taney opined that blacks were
  33. Severe headaches. Returning to Boston in fall 1873,Bell made a fateful, decision ,to concentrate on his experiments in sound. Deciding to give up his lucrative
  34. As of right, defendants usually petition the highest state court to review the, decision , This appeal is known as a direct appeal. The highest state court, generally
  35. Is the party who, having lost part or all their claim in a lower court, decision , is appealing to a higher court to have their case reconsidered. This is
  36. Trial court and the law that the lower court applied and decides whether that, decision ,was legally sound or not. The appellate court will typically be deferential to
  37. Court and/or the appellate court. The ability of the prosecution to appeal a, decision ,in favor of a defendant varies significantly internationally. All parties must
  38. Slavery as a crucial issue and made ending it an additional goal. Lincoln's, decision ,to issue the Emancipation Proclamation angered both Peace Democrats ("
  39. The Dutch to join the League of Armed Neutrality. Britain responded to this, decision ,by declaring war on the Dutch in December 1780,sparking the Fourth Anglo-Dutch
  40. Were banned from Apple Stores in 2005 because Steve Jobs disagreed with their, decision ,to publish an unauthorized Jobs biography, iCon. Headquarters Apple Inc. is
  41. Him for his invention of dynamite and is said to have brought about his, decision ,to leave a better legacy after his death. The obituary stated (" The merchant
  42. Frémont's proclamation, and he was given another command in November. This, decision , in part, prevented the secession of Kentucky while incurring the violence in
  43. Cases, an appellant may successfully argue that the law under which the lower, decision ,was rendered was unconstitutional or otherwise invalid, or may convince the
  44. Or statutory right to determine if a legislative act or administrative, decision ,is defective for jurisdictional or other reasons (which may vary by
  45. Misconduct. In some systems, an appellate court will only consider the written, decision ,of the lower court, together with any written evidence that was before that
  46. Slave Power tightened its grasp on the national government with the Died Scott, decision ,and the presidency of James Buchanan. Throughout the 1850s,Lincoln doubted the
  47. Court only for the lesser-included offense. " In an appeal on the record from a, decision ,in a judicial proceeding, both appellant and respondent are bound to base their
  48. Whether to allow slavery in new U. S. territory, rather than have such a, decision ,restricted by the national Congress. Finer (2010) contrasts the abolitionists
  49. Or non-deterministic: Deterministic algorithms solve the problem with exact, decision ,at every step of the algorithm whereas non-deterministic algorithms solve
  50. And envisioned a musical score that was entirely classical. Unhappy with the, decision ,to abandon that score, he heavily criticized the band's experimental mix of

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