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  1. 5-8 kits but may be as many as 25) Both the mother and the father help to, raise ,they're young. The females leave the family and form their own groups and the
  2. Amounts of omega-3 and the higher ratios of omega-6 compounds in farmed tilapia, raise ,questions of the health benefits of consuming this fish. Adequate diets for
  3. In the Alexia, Isaac and Alexios left Constantinople in mid-February 1081 to, raise ,an army against Botanists. However, when the time came, Anna quickly and
  4. In biogeography resulted in his being one of the first prominent scientists to, raise ,concerns over the environmental impact of human activity. Wallace was a
  5. A mainstay of the Persian Army. In fact Assyria even became powerful enough to, raise ,a full scale revolt against the empire in 520 BC. The Persians had spent
  6. Such a framework is the purpose of creation, and everything that happens is to, raise ,humanity to the level of altruism, love for one another. Ashley focused on
  7. Consisted of professional war bands and levies of free men. Each nobleman could, raise ,an average of ca. 50 warriors. Conflicts with the Roman Empire The Alemannic
  8. A major enabling factor of the French Revolution as the government could not, raise ,taxes without public approval. The United States spent $37 million at the
  9. Giving organ recitals and doing other fund-raising work to repay borrowings and, raise ,funds for returning to Gabon. In 1922, he delivered the Dale Memorial Lectures
  10. Pay less for it. After the auction, players can secretly pay extra points to, raise ,their ranks, but they can only pay to raise their scores to an existing rank.
  11. Quad-A show, a benefit concert with several East Asian groups from the U. S. to, raise ,awareness for the 2011 earthquake in Japan. Jewish-interest groups such as the
  12. Albert. Ebert had been a disciple of the Venerable Bede, who urged him to, raise ,York to an archbishopric. King Albert and his brother Ebert oversaw the
  13. Would cut costs, lower prices to consumers, produce in greater quantities and, raise ,wages to workers. To this end, he needed to buy out Carnegie and several others
  14. The measures in the 1850s. Other important legislation involved two measures to, raise ,revenues for the Federal government: tariffs (a policy with long precedent)
  15. United States. The current state constitution requires a voter referendum to, raise ,property taxes. Since Alabama's tax structure largely depends on consumer
  16. Funds made no action against Octavian, since he subsequently used that money to, raise ,troops against the Senate's arch enemy, Mark Antony. Octavian made another
  17. Importance he gave to the Portuguese navy. Alfonso IV granted public funding to, raise ,a proper commercial fleet and ordered the first maritime explorations. " La
  18. Across the roof that support the roof. Raising a traditional adobe roof To, raise ,a flattened adobe roof, beams of wood or metal should be assembled and span the
  19. To raise the legal age of consent to at least 16,with ultimate goal to, raise ,the age to 18; the campaign was successful: by 1920,almost all states had
  20. Toward the sea bottom. This occurs because of the mixing processes which, raise ,some additional 227Ac from the sea bottom. Thus, analysis of both 231Pa and
  21. Of the Gulf" in order to improve public opinion of the war and, raise ,more funds. Beginning in 1987,Adam and bin Laden started creating camps
  22. Lives. This decree issued by the triumvirate was motivated in part by a need to, raise ,money to pay their troops' salaries for the upcoming conflict against Caesar
  23. Several years labor in exchange for passage to America. Africans could legally, raise ,crops and cattle to purchase their freedom. They raise d families, marrying
  24. Warned of their" conspiracy against the public or in some other contrivance to, raise ,prices. " Again and again, Smith warned of the collusive nature of business
  25. Gothic tribes. This, combined with their post-battle rewards, prompted them to, raise ,Alaric" on a shield" and proclaim him king; according to Jordanes (a Gothic
  26. MAK),or the" Services Office ", a Muslim organization founded in 1980 to, raise ,and channel funds and recruit foreign mujahideen for the war against the
  27. Of the earliest domesticated fruit trees due to" the ability of the grower to, raise ,attractive almonds from seed. Thus, in spite of the fact that this plant does
  28. From the wilderness of northeastern California. *1915 – US Navy salvage divers, raise ,F-4,the first U. S. submarine sunk in accident. *1916 – The United States
  29. Allowing them leave for the outside a day of the year. He attempted to, raise ,the professional ambition of the common man by building universities for study
  30. 1997 film The Full Monty, in a scene where the lead actors move in a line and, raise ,their hands, deliberately mimicking the Arsenal defence's offside trap, in an
  31. That are reasonably appropriate for most criminal offenses. " The Tanneries, raise ,a similar example, noting that a bank robber who had an attack of conscience
  32. Ice Vehicle designed by Lotus. This time the team used the expedition to, raise ,awareness about the global environmental importance of the Antarctic region and
  33. Fare booking system for large travel agents, which Expedia claimed might, raise ,costs and was less transparent for passengers. The Direct Connect allows
  34. After a recent increase in profits by 60 %, the company refused to, raise ,worker's pay by more than 30 %. When some workers demanded the full 60
  35. And several (P2Y5,P2Y7,P2Y9,P2Y10) do not function as receptors that, raise ,cytosol calcium. The P2X isotropic receptor subgroup comprises seven members
  36. Cases The aorta (; from Greek ἀορτή - aorta, from ἀείρω - Aaron" I lift, raise ,") is the largest artery in the body, originating from the left ventricle of
  37. And that this would allow proliferation of new businesses, which would in turn, raise ,demand for labor. This led him to believe that the labor theory of value would
  38. Injection. Instead, the Service Module engine was used as in Apollo 4 to, raise ,the craft to a higher Earth orbit, and bring the CM back at a velocity midway
  39. Of room-sized. In October 2010,John Graham-Cumming started a campaign to, raise ,funds by" public subscription" to enable serious historical and academic
  40. Kochab and Rick Stein, cooked meals in a pop-up restaurant in London to help, raise ,funds for the organization's efforts in Haiti. Love Food Give Food Action
  41. Can secretly pay extra points to raise their ranks, but they can only pay to, raise ,their scores to an existing rank. Further, a character with a bid-for rank is
  42. Of social purity initiated a campaign in 1885 to petition legislators to, raise ,the legal age of consent to at least 16,with ultimate goal to raise the age to
  43. Bayer and Britain was at war with Germany at the time, it was thought better to, raise ,British morale by associating Churchill's cure with the British discovery
  44. That kept the army barely alive. Starting in 1776,the Congress sought to, raise ,money by loans from wealthy individuals, promising to redeem the bonds after
  45. The hands, with the prayer" May the Lord who frees you from sin save you and, raise ,you up ". To each prayer the sick person, if able, responds:" Amen. " It is
  46. Important deaths. Apollo rescued the baby and gave it to the centaur Chiron to, raise , Pleas was irate after the death of his daughter and burned the Temple of
  47. Not only possible but also often more practical. The expedition also hoped to, raise ,awareness about global warming and climate change. A second expedition led by
  48. Are a great treasure house and efforts should be made to explore them and, raise ,them to a higher level. " Acupuncture gained attention in the United States
  49. Of the Lord; and the prayer of faith will save the sick man, and the Lord will, raise ,him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. " (RSV),and are
  50. In the breeding season. Litters are born in the early summer and the parents, raise ,the young in a large den. Dens can be complex underground networks, housing

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