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  1. Credit crunch" – commonly called a" recession" or" bust" – occurs when, credit ,creation cannot be sustained. They claim that the money supply suddenly and
  2. Set" artificial" interest rates too low for too long, resulting in excessive, credit ,creation, speculative " bubbles" and" artificially" low savings. According
  3. Of attempting to control the market economy is ineffective and creates volatile, credit ,cycles or business cycles, and,as a necessary by-product, inflation (
  4. Aristotle shared with Plato essential tenets of thought. Some went so far as to, credit ,Aristotle himself with Neoplatonic metaphysical ideas. However implausible
  5. That the effects of increasing the money supply are exacerbated by the, credit ,expansion performed by private financial institutions practicing
  6. About Speer's design (which used giant flags),though Goebbels took, credit ,for it. Essence was dismissive:" Do you think you have created something? It
  7. The 1970s and still runs many large computer reservations systems (CRS) and, credit ,card systems today. It was also possible to use solely the macro processing
  8. Acted in ways that had proven unpopular with the Roman people, yet he was given, credit ,for pardoning many of his opponents after the Battle of Action. But would have
  9. Of these earlier authors, and that probably explains why Alien received the, credit , Some have suggested that Alhazen's views on pain and sensation may have been
  10. Mainstream theories on business cycles, Austrian School economists focus on the, credit ,cycle as the primary cause of most business cycles. Austrian economists assert
  11. Bank deposits would lose their purchasing power and government-created bank, credit ,would be worthless as a claim on goods. The financial policy of the welfare
  12. University, United States. He is internationally known for the concept of micro, credit ,which allows poor and destitute people with little or no collateral to borrow
  13. In 1832,at age 23,Lincoln and a partner bought a small general store on, credit ,in New Salem, Illinois. Although the economy was booming in the region, the
  14. Supply remained stable. Austrian School economists argue that a correction or ", credit ,crunch" – commonly called a" recession" or" bust" – occurs when credit
  15. The legions of local and state banks that sprang up. This fed an expansion of, credit ,and speculation. At first, as Jackson withdrew money from the Bank to invest it
  16. Account created under the free plan using a credit card. AOL charged $1 to the, credit ,card provided and then immediately refunded the charge. * AOL Video featured
  17. By MGM in 1943 with a different director and stars. ) Huxley received screen, credit ,for Pride and Prejudice (1940) and was paid for his work on a number of others
  18. Of state capital,23 of foreign capital. To the same date,98 non-bank, credit ,organizations operate in the republic along with banks. Growth of real money
  19. Those associated with the beat generation comes from mutual inspiration, much, credit , for style, inspiration,and content can be given to Ginsberg's friends.
  20. Handheld Newton devices, which would hold them securely along with the owner's, credit ,cards,driver's license, business cards, and cash. Most also protected the LCD
  21. Bank credit as a significant contributor to inflation; the value of bank, credit ,generated by private financial institutions and held within checking accounts
  22. Set up. Britain had a large, efficient,and well-financed government, with good, credit , and the largest and best navy in the world. Its army was relatively small, but
  23. Such as Tucker and Lysander Spooner have long argued that monopoly on, credit ,and land interferes with the functioning of a free market economy. Although
  24. The death of Muhammad. Later historians give Than In Afghan the principal, credit ,for re-verification and publishing the Qur'an. Shi'as reject the idea that Abu
  25. Credits this game as one of the" Top 100 Video games. " Readers of the LOVE, credit ,it as the seventh most popular game. The gameplay in Asteroids was imitated by
  26. And other propaganda) had led many historians to assign Speer far more, credit ,for the increases in armaments production than was warranted and give
  27. Financial institutions generally choose to further expand the level of bank, credit , which multiplies the inflationary effect many times over. The Austrian School
  28. Per year by 2007. In 2004 China's Embank approved a $2 billion line of, credit ,to Angola to rebuild infrastructure. The economy grew 18 % in 2005 and growth
  29. Village cooperatives to keep the profit from crop sales in local hands, and, credit , institutions to underwrite needed improvements. Many peasant parties were also
  30. Were unable or unwilling to resist attacks upon private contracts and public, credit , Land speculators expected no rise in values when the government could not
  31. 2004,when ratings agency Standard & Poor's reinstated South Australia's AAA, credit ,rating. Recent years have seen the Clips 500 V8 Supercars race make use of
  32. In the first step, in the second one commercial banks and other non-bank, credit ,organizations) functions in the republic. Since 2002 important stage of
  33. No men amongst them to be their sovereigns. " Medieval and Renaissance authors, credit ,the Amazons with the invention of the battleaxe. This is probably related to
  34. Required to verify the age of an account created under the free plan using a, credit ,card. AOL charged $1 to the credit card provided and then immediately refunded
  35. Which permits or allows an increase in the money supply. Mises include bank, credit ,as a significant contributor to inflation; the value of bank credit generated
  36. June 8,2005. Current Community Leaders at the time were offered 12 months of, credit ,on their accounts in thanks for their service. Within one decade of the class
  37. Consists of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, commercial banks and non-banking, credit ,organizations. The National (now Central) Bank was created in 1992 based on
  38. Articles were too weak to hold the fast-growing nation together, they do give, credit ,to the settlement of the western issue, as the states voluntarily turned over
  39. With 11.1 percent. In 2004,China's Embank approved a $2 billion line of, credit ,to Angola. The loan is being used to rebuild Angola's infrastructure, and has
  40. With reciprocity, free association, voluntary contract, federation,and, credit ,and currency reform. According to William Batch elder Greene, each worker in the
  41. System, money can be supplied into these economies by way of bank-created, credit ,(or) and maintain that this" wave-like" or" boomerang" effect on economic
  42. In England where Poirot often helps Lapp solve a case and lets him take the, credit ,in return for special favors. These favors usually entail being supplied with
  43. In financial trouble and its borrowing to pay for the war used up all its, credit ,and created the financial disasters that marked the 1780s. Historians link
  44. Founders" of amateur telescope making. Albert G. In galls is sometime given, credit ,as co-founder of this movement. *Isaac Roberts, early experimenter in
  45. Rates tend to stimulate borrowing from the banking system. This expansion of, credit ,causes an expansion of the supply of money, through the money creation process
  46. The able and forceful empress Dufresne tried in vain to sustain his, credit ,and his court; Vacates, the favorite instrument of her attempts at reform
  47. Work within the Hut but he also shared with Welshman and Keen the chief, credit ,for the invention of the Bombe. It is always difficult to say that anyone is
  48. No national army or navy, and no financial system, no banks, no established, credit , and no functioning government departments, such as a treasury. The Congress
  49. That not only had there been a conspiracy to rob Wallace of his proper, credit , but that Darwin had actually stolen a key idea from Wallace to finish his own
  50. This led to experienced players being able to play indefinitely on a single, credit , This oversight was addressed in the game's sequel, Asteroids Deluxe, and led

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