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  1. By missionaries, and since the fourth book was perhaps created to inspire and, guide ,future missionaries, its detailed descriptions make it one of the most
  2. In the near future. Now Says is working at the Science University of Tokyo as a, guide , The Based University (Japan) and NTT Docomo's manufacturers have succeeded
  3. It is not a replacement for traditional mobility tools such as white canes and, guide ,dogs. Technology to allow blind people to drive motor vehicles is currently
  4. Of gender, race or religious affiliations - a spirit which continues to, guide ,the university today. In 2010,Acadia was ranked second in Maclean's Magazine
  5. Some governments mandate the right-of-way be given to users of white canes or, guide ,dogs. Reading and magnification Most visually impaired people who are not
  6. The Government of India appointed a committee, headed by B. N. Krishna, to, guide , the central government to settle the issue of Telangana amicably. The committee
  7. Police officer in Zambian. 2011 * January 12 - four traveling merchants and a, guide ,were killed and one wounded when suspected Abu SAAF militants ambushed them
  8. Also spent a week in Colorado, with the American botanist Alice Eastwood as his, guide , exploring the flora of the Rocky Mountains and gathering evidence that would
  9. Can be considered a form of optical telegraphy. For navigation Beacons help, guide ,navigators to their destinations. Types of navigational beacons include radar
  10. Antichrist) will create bad and/or misleading thoughts in a persons head to, guide ,them away from the straight path. True believers (Muslims) will reject these
  11. Of the" Monitor" ROM firmware that served as the machine's BIOS (later this, guide ,had to be purchased separately, and in the case of the Apple PIGS, the full
  12. Invented by the performers themselves using chord symbols or a lead sheet as a, guide , (Rhythm section instruments usually include guitars, bass guitars, string
  13. The inability of dogs to understand complex directions. The human half of the, guide ,dog team does the directing, based upon skills acquired through previous
  14. Had stamped sheet metal receivers. Difficulties were encountered in welding the, guide ,and ejector rails, causing high rejection rates. Instead of halting production
  15. As well as a comprehensive calendar of events; Current, an entertainment, guide ,; and the Communicator, a local high school paper. The University of Michigan
  16. S vision, motivation,and other factors. A few people employ, guide ,dogs to assist in mobility. These dogs are trained to navigate around various
  17. From the same family have defended the award from the first year the Michelin, guide ,selected restaurants in Germany until today. Gallery Image: Goldberg. JPG|The
  18. A hundred borate minerals; it is a fibrous crystal where individual fibers can, guide ,light like optical fibers. Economically important sources of boron are favorite
  19. After the Judo master Yang becomes the title character’s teacher and spiritual, guide ," the narrative is cast in the form of a chronicle studying the stages of the
  20. Software on board the missile allows it to detect if it is being jammed, and, guide , on its target using the proper guidance system. Guidance system overview
  21. Of the city. Twelve restaurants in Berlin have been included into the Michelin, guide , which ranks the city at the top for the number of its restaurants having this
  22. When it becomes necessary to go up or down a step. However, the helpfulness of, guide ,dogs is limited by the inability of dogs to understand complex directions. The
  23. He arrived at Argos, where Achilles healed him in order that he became their, guide ,for the voyage to Troy. According to other reports in Euripides' lost play
  24. Chain communications. Apple also continues to score poorly in the Greenpeace's, guide ,for the minimal information it provides about its future toxic chemical
  25. Game awards in 1979. GAMES magazine has inducted Acquire into their buyers ', guide ,Hall of Fame. The magazine's stated criteria for the Hall of Fame encompasses
  26. Refuses to use the affected limb. Elements of the history of the disorder, guide ,diagnosis. Important features are speed and time of onset, pattern of joint
  27. A score of 4.9/10 (securing the same score as in the previous version of the, guide , however slipping 4 places down the ranking). Greenpeace criticizes for
  28. In his work. Critique Edward Gibbon judged Minus" an accurate and faithful, guide , who composed the history of his own times without indulging the prejudices and
  29. If the target is in or near the expected location, the missile will find it and, guide ,itself to the target from this point. At the point where an AMRAAM switches to
  30. Inaugural pennant by a wide margin. Spalding published the first official rules, guide ,for baseball. In it, he stated that only Spalding balls could be used (
  31. Members and 106,202 AA groups worldwide. The Twelve Traditions informally, guide ,how individual AA groups function, and the Twelve Concepts for World Service
  32. Capabilities against low-altitude targets. It also incorporates a data link to, guide ,the missile to a point where its active radar turns on and makes terminal
  33. First look at the landing site during the descent phase and allowing Hernán to, guide ,the spacecraft to a desirable landing target while Schmitt provided data from
  34. At multiple targets and perform evasive maneuvers while the missiles, guide ,themselves to the targets. The missile also features the ability to" Home on
  35. Have typically appealed to the Book of Common Prayer and its offshoots as a, guide ,to Anglican theology and practice. This had the effect of inculcating the
  36. How individual AA groups function, and the Twelve Concepts for World Service, guide ,how the organization is structured globally. A member who accepts a service
  37. We'll build our Nation's might.: Whose way and truth and light alone: Can, guide ,our path aright.: Our lives, a sacrifice of love: Reflect our Master's care.:
  38. Launch radar- guide d missile: one which used its own active guidance system to, guide ,itself without help from the launch aircraft when it closed on its target. This
  39. Of Anglican doctrine. The principle of looking to the prayer books as a, guide ,to the parameters of belief and practice is called by the Latin name led Randi
  40. Work include: *John Wilkes' fountain-like flow forms. These sculptural forms, guide ,water into rhythmic movement and are used both in water-purification projects
  41. Asymptote is related to procedures of curve sketching. An asymptote serves as a, guide ,line that serves to show the behavior of the curve towards infinity. In order
  42. Are subjected to karma themselves in decaying heavens; and the Buddha is only a, guide ,and teacher for beings who must tread the path of (practice is not claimed to
  43. That operate only in the developing brain, and apparently exist solely to, guide ,development. There are, however,a few areas where new neurons continue to be
  44. Are: *On interpretation (Per Terminals). A brief Latin version of a, guide ,to Aristotelian logic. *Asclepius. A Latin paraphrase of a lost Greek dialogue
  45. With the deputy commander Francisco Serra. Malay pilots were recruited to, guide ,them through Java, the Lesser Sunday Islands and the Among Island to Band
  46. Producing a project that meets all the needs and desires of the owner—it is a, guide ,for the architect in creating the design concept. Architects deal with local
  47. Tactical Air Command (TAC) decided to set up a group-level organization to, guide ,the F-117A to an initial operating capability. That organization became the
  48. Marvel Universe, most recently in the Incredible Hercules series. She acts as a, guide ,to Hercules and his sidekick, boy genius Amadeus CHO. Athena appears in Rick
  49. Of a Philosopher," As soon as an Analytical Engine exists, it will necessarily, guide ,the future course of the science. Whenever any result is sought by its aid, the
  50. The problem than continuous aerodynamics. The Knudsen number can be used to, guide ,the choice between statistical mechanics and the continuous formulation of

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