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  1. Me, they can take nothing more. I am so alone, and so without hope that I can, confront ,them without fear. " Jaden One of Bäumer's non-schoolmate friends. Before the
  2. Deprived Speer of any power to interfere with the decree, and Speer went to, confront ,Hitler, telling him the war was lost. Hitler gave Speer 24 hours to reconsider
  3. To reprogram the missile to strike Area 51. JC then travels there himself to, confront ,Page. When JC locates him, Page reveals that he seeks to merge with Helios and
  4. By scholars as the" first great official public document to dare to, confront ,and criticize Nazism" and" one of the greatest such condemnations ever issued
  5. Where Freeze and Bane are, Gotham is completely frozen. Robin and Batgirl, confront ,Bane and defeat him, while Batman and Freeze begin to fight each other, with
  6. Of the few places where humanities, social,and natural sciences are forced to, confront ,one another. As such, anthropology has been central in the development of
  7. Communist party government formed hundreds of" rapid-action brigades" to, confront ,protesters. According to the Communist Party daily, Granma," delinquents and
  8. Of the government, such as Count Franz Conrad von Bettendorf, had wanted to, confront ,the resurgent Serbian nation for some years in a preventive war, but the
  9. It must do this without affecting the mechanized capability that is needed to, confront ,Azerbaijan's conventional forces. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Armenia
  10. Then Born/Magneto assaults New York, where Cyclops, Fantomex and a few students, confront ,him. After the rest of the X-Men arrive, Wolverine decapitates Born/Magneto
  11. To block it, leaving 1,500 wounded in the care of the Spanish, intending to, confront ,Soul before finding out that the French were in fact 30,000 strong. The
  12. Demanding unsustainable compensation and work rules. Unionized workplaces may, confront ,union busting and strike-breaking and face the ethical implications of work
  13. Of powers such as the German Empire to build battle fleets with which to, confront ,much stronger rivals has been criticized by historians, who emphasize the
  14. Defenses. When the Viking raids resumed in 892,Alfred was better prepared to, confront ,them with a standing, mobile field army, a network of garrisons, and a small
  15. Uphold life; * words and deeds of prophetic women and men which challenge us to, confront ,powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion,and the transforming
  16. Thomas Jefferson, concerned over the failure to fund an American naval force to, confront ,the Barbary pirates, wrote to James Monroe," It will be said there is no money
  17. Tickling her and slapping her on the buttocks. Catherine Parr, rather than, confront ,her husband over his inappropriate activities, joined in. Twice she accompanied
  18. Following the fall of the dictatorship. The new party had four objectives: to, confront ,Turkish expansionism in Cyprus, to reestablish and solidify democratic rule, too
  19. In that passage an offended church member is commanded of Christ to personally, confront ,an alleged offender with his or her supposed sin, and failing repentance, too
  20. Thomas Hardy and George Missing; their works display a greater willingness to, confront ,and challenge the Victorian institution of religion. They also portray
  21. The boat runs aground. GED steps out of the boat and walks off to, confront ,his waiting shadow. Though some of his teachers had thought it to be nameless
  22. Harm to the communist cause, especially in Latin America. He said he wanted to, confront ,the Americans" with more than words ... the logical answer was missiles ". The
  23. Far and en masse when the invasion started. He felt their best chance was to, confront ,the invading force immediately and drive it into the sea. However, von
  24. Control and stability in his domains around Kabul, the Shah next chose to, confront ,the Sikhs. In 1834 Dost Mohammad defeated an invasion by the former ruler
  25. Illicit drug cultivation, endemic violence, and social inequities. In order to, confront ,these challenges, the Pastrami administration unveiled its Plan Colombia in
  26. Neva Toledo. This might have been the reason why Alvaro did not immediately, confront ,Pizarro for Cuzco, and promptly decided to embark on his new quest for the
  27. Before the Court without indictment, due process of the law, or right to, confront ,witnesses, and their testimonies were routinely extracted by the Court through
  28. To set forth the two modes, emotional and rational, with which human beings, confront ,their own mortality. " Some however consider unpredictable behavior to be
  29. Kurosawa's later artistic career, as the director was seldom hesitant to, confront ,unpleasant truths in his work. Halo was academically gifted, but soon after
  30. India and by 1759 Ahmad and his army had reached Lahore and were poised to, confront ,the Maratha's. By 1760,the Maratha groups had coalesced into a big enough army
  31. And that the divorce would not affect them. Nonetheless, the media continued to, confront ,them with this in interviews. To escape the media swirl and concentrate on
  32. From a game for throwing dirt on an umpire, and then climbed into the stands to, confront ,a heckler; Ruth was subsequently stripped of the captaincy. In his shortened
  33. Of one’s territory is often mentioned as an attribute of those who foolishly, confront ,the Lord and are consequently punished. ” Although destruction is vital to
  34. Muslim leaders like Shah Wallah, Ahmad Shah chose to return to India and, confront ,the Maratha Confederacy. He declared a jihad (Islamic holy war) against the
  35. Take refuge under the rock. Discovering the fraud, Cora and the council, confront ,them. At that moment, Cora receives a telegram from the governor warning that
  36. Of the chief concerns facing the world today" and" a challenge humanity must, confront ,". In a 2010 interview with the New Statesman, Lomborg summarized his position
  37. Spaced approximately 30 kilometers (20 mi) distant, enabling the military to, confront ,attacks anywhere in the kingdom within a single day. Alfred's Burns, ( later
  38. In locating Watterson, now living in Cleveland; however, he chose not to, confront ,him directly and instead sent a letter expressing his wish to meet and
  39. Returns when Cyclops' and Havok's long-lost brother, Vulcan,Xavier seeks to, confront ,Vulcan before he can enact his vengeance against the Shi'AR empire, which
  40. Fred I'm agency Land ", many other German-language rappers have also tried to, confront ,anti-immigrant ideas and develop themes of citizenship. However, though many
  41. India. By 1759,Duran and his army had reached Lahore and were poised to, confront ,the Maratha's. By 1760,the Maratha groups had coalesced into a big enough army
  42. Working closely with a battleship fleet, and in some circumstances could even, confront ,a battleship. The Royal Navy was concerned about these ships. France and Russia
  43. The same three-charactered triptych of Erin yes; in Canto IX of the Inferno they, confront ,the poets at the gates of the city of Dis. The heads of the Erin yes were
  44. His point is often left unsaid for the purpose of letting the single individual, confront ,the truth on their own. This is evident in his parables, which are a response
  45. General Count Leopold von Behold, backed by its ally Germany, decided to, confront ,Serbia militarily before it could incite a revolt; using the assassination as
  46. Orders to his army and arranged them for battle. Henry had no choice but to, confront ,Richard's forces alone. Well aware of his own military inexperience, Henry
  47. But he was almost the only member of Luther's party who was able to, confront ,the Roman Catholics with the weapon of literary satire. In 1542, he published a
  48. Writers clearly distinguished between Egyptians and Ethiopians. Data and Boyce, confront ,this issue in a 1996 article entitled," The Geographical Origins and
  49. Be resident in memory. As disks got bigger, the FAT architecture began to, confront ,penalties. On a large disk using FAT, it may be necessary to perform disk reads
  50. To take possession of the vineyard. God again speaks to Elijah and sends him to, confront ,Ahab with a question and a prophecy:" Have you killed and also taken

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