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  1. TV ratings system is designed to aid parents in deciding what programming they, deem ,appropriate for their children to watch. One such site that explains the
  2. All members of this Church to support by prayer and by such other means as they, deem ,appropriate, those who engaged in such non-violent action, and particularly
  3. Write that" some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence and, deem ,them like the ark of the covenant, too sacred to be touched. " But he saw
  4. Historic, or religious terms (or a combination of these),may then seek to, deem ,certain minorities as not truly being a part of the 'national community' as
  5. Define our view of the world, and we have a tendency as adults to reject or, deem ,unworthy any ideas that do not ascribe to our particular values, associations
  6. As a forum for reform of those laws on youthful sexuality which members, deem ,oppressive, a discussion society not a sex club. " Ginsberg expressed the
  7. By the state, meaning cities and counties can set tax rates at the level they, deem ,necessary to fund governmental services. These rates can increase, decrease or
  8. By the court may be re-considered by the parole board. This legal board could, deem ,the same evidence to be proof of a parole violation. Most states' parole
  9. Other, or not, based upon adherence to landmarks (a Grand Lodge will usually, deem ,other Grand Lodges who share common landmarks to be regular, and those that do
  10. Faced with hardships due to society's unwelcoming attitudes toward those they, deem ,unattractive. However, a person may also be targeted for harassment because of
  11. Until 1968,the university had the power to expropriate land" it may, deem ,necessary for the purpose of the University" without approval from the
  12. Breed, that make ol' Footscray's name!: See these pups turn into men, To, deem , thy premiership quest, : Cos the days are getting older, as the dogs rise up in
  13. Was suggested that the two houses first adopt a resolution indicating that they, deem ,an amendment necessary, but this procedure has never been used—the U. S. Senate
  14. The public about jury nullification, the right of jurors to nullify a law they, deem ,unjust. He supported and wrote about E-Prime, a form of English lacking all "
  15. Traffic at this intersection is so chaotic that French insurance companies, deem ,any accident on the roundabout to be equal liability. Priority to the right
  16. Koenig, and Rotor favor direct involvement or even provocation when they, deem ,its necessary. The films Primary and films. The fundamentals of the style
  17. Apply these judgments to other things that they encounter, and will usually, deem ,something" cool" if it is associated with violence, sex or the macabre.
  18. Of the folklore of linguistics. ” Current views Present style and usage manuals, deem ,simple split infinitives unobjectionable in many situations. For example, Curme
  19. At the level of the species. In other words, the moral relativist need not, deem ,all moral propositions as necessarily subjective. The answer to" is free
  20. Trade. A highway, planned for 2011,is expected to be built in areas that some, deem ,archaeologically-sensitive areas. A small-scale geophysical survey indicated
  21. And encourage acceptance of practices that those advocating this viewpoint, deem ,immoral, such as homosexuality and premarital sex. They cite websites such as
  22. Has a wide and varied mix of restaurant types and cuisines and Bangaloreans, deem ,eating out as an intrinsic part of their culture, so much that Bangalore
  23. Infrastructure failures are typical situations in which organizations may, deem ,ALE necessary to operations. ALE networks are common among organizations
  24. Since they denote that people are actually reading the blog's content and, deem ,it is valuable or noteworthy in specific cases. The blonde project was launched
  25. Arson. Given that Khosla II generally practiced religious tolerance and did, deem ,Christians respectfully, it is not known why Shahrbaraz ordered such a massacre
  26. The most out of the system, doing things even the original designers would, deem ,impossible (a notable example is the star field of the game Cosmic Ark). It
  27. Around brotherhood and strength, usually referring to each other and those they, deem ,strong as" Brother. " Goons show high regard for individuals who display
  28. Gaining currency in theological circles. Some voices, among them Hans King, deem ,this is a turn towards Conservatism, while Rat zinger himself said in a 1993
  29. A" Gorse dd of Bards of the Isles of Britain" he had organized. Many scholars, deem ,part or all of Williams's work to be fabrication, and purportedly many of the
  30. As causing the South to become a Republican stronghold, though others, deem ,economic factors more important to the change. According to his biographer
  31. After returning from a voyage to the Indian Ocean. Some modern historians, deem ,his piratical reputation unjust, as there is evidence that Kidd acted only as a
  32. In the creation of a" new paradigm" of Dales. The New Paradigm Dales, deem ,their creators inferior and exterminate them; their creators make no resistance
  33. This, in comparison to the huge sales of Rumors, inclined the label to, deem ,the project a failure, laying the blame squarely on Buckingham. Fleetwood
  34. But to" discuss matters of practical interest, and pronounce what we, deem ,expedient in resolutions which may serve as safe guides to future action. "
  35. General practitioners have the right to maintain addicts with whatever they, deem ,to be most efficacious in maintaining their health and well-being. Other
  36. Verifiable treasonable action. In a civil war or insurrection, the winners may, deem ,the losers to be traitors. Likewise, the term" traitor" is used in heated
  37. With an extensive review of many topics in the history of ideas the authors, deem ,relevant to the anthropic principle, because the authors believe that principle
  38. Clothes! — constructed into a neat system as quickly as possible, and they then, deem ,themselves something very tremendous. And after that a Barth can come along and
  39. Disobedience is one of the many ways people have rebelled against what they, deem ,to be unfair laws. It has been used in many nonviolent resistance movements in
  40. The fame often sought by opera singers from the repetition of vocal pieces, I, deem , the enclosed notice to the public (that no piece for more than a single voice
  41. Medical problems, the Brit Milan will be postponed until the doctors and model, deem ,the child strong enough. Latter The name of Latter or Pattern (female)
  42. The Communion to" discuss matters of practical interest, and pronounce what we, deem ,expedient in resolutions which may serve as safe guides to future action. "
  43. Of the clients who initially appeared because the Overleaf Sisters did not, deem ,them suitable for the clientele they were seeking. Once the club was open, Ada
  44. In anti-money laundering and are instructed to report activities that they, deem ,suspicious. Additionally, anti-money laundering software filters customer data
  45. Suffrage in the senate," without its consent. Text Proposal Whenever they ", deem ,its necessary," two thirds of both houses of Congress may propose an amendment.
  46. Greek word (axioms),a verbal noun from the verb (Ohioan),meaning" to, deem ,worthy ", but also" to require ", which in turn comes from (axis),meaning
  47. Householders to defend themselves and their property using whatever means they, deem ,necessary. Animal Welfare The party says it supports animal welfare (such as
  48. Active prisoner who is held in custody for a violent action which supporters, deem ,ethically justified. Some also include all convicted for treason and espionage
  49. Thereby proposing the amendment with the implication that both bodies ", deem ," the amendment to be" necessary. " Up to now, all amendments have been
  50. I knew was obliged to me; of one whom presumption and folly perhaps made me, deem ,not my superior then in parts, though I have since felt my infinite inferiority

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