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  1. Ceremonies are confined to making libations of rice beer, uttering prayers, and, offering , willow sticks with wooden shavings attached to them. These sticks are called
  2. 729 schools (125 medical schools offering an MD degree,25 medical schools, offering ,a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine degree, and 585 schools offering a nursing
  3. The Mass. The Eucharist is central to worship for most Anglicans as a communal, offering ,of prayer and praise in which the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  4. Art has been to simultaneously express values of the current culture while also, offering ,criticism, balance,or alternatives to any such values that are proving no
  5. Acquiesce in his father's plans. Alexei wrote a pitiful reply to his father, offering ,to renounce the succession in favor of his baby half-brother Peter.
  6. Kingdoms: the Sultan of Gujarat and the Morin of Cali cut sent embassies, offering ,alliances and local grants to fortify. Conquest of Malacca,1511 In February
  7. This journey. From the belief in the survival of the dead arose the practice of, offering ,food, lighting fires, etc., at the grave, at first, maybe,as an act of
  8. Into the soil. The slaughter of a fattened ox was also a central part of an, offering ,ritual. Natural resources Egypt is rich in building and decorative stone
  9. Languages. It has strong built-in language support for explicit concurrency, offering ,tasks, synchronous message passing (via guarded task entries),protected
  10. Degrees. CC SET international has existed for several years but only began, offering ,an International Degree in 2007. While CCSET's graduating classes have
  11. Mingachevir; the S-300PMU-2 represents a logical replacement for these systems, offering ,coverage of the majority of the nation. These may be around Baku and the
  12. Support for optional 3G service provided by Verizon in addition to the existing, offering ,by AT&T. However, the availability of the iPad 2 has been limited as a result
  13. Out of Settler. It boasts one of the few operable steam trains in the world, offering ,trips through the rolling prairie scenery. Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions
  14. Along the way, Isaac repeatedly asked Abraham where the animal for the burnt, offering ,was. Abraham then replied that God would provide one. Just as Abraham was about
  15. A 2006 survey showed that 40 % of the responding European universities were, offering ,some form of CAM training. " Regulation Due to the uncertain nature of various
  16. Schools. Both international schools are relatively inexperienced with, offering ,international degrees. CC SET international has existed for several years but
  17. Of the war, newly elected French President Charles de Gaulle held a plebiscite, offering ,Algerians three options. In a famous speech (4 June 1958 in Algiers),DE
  18. A U. S. level of wealth while maintaining a Canadian-style quality of life, offering ,universal health care benefits. The study found GDP per capita in the corridor
  19. Television's vast library of programs, with Welcome Back Potter as its marquee, offering , * In 2005,AOL broadcast the Live 8 concert live over the Internet, and
  20. That neither winners nor their heirs may sell the statuettes without first, offering ,to sell them back to the Academy for US$1. If a winner refuses to agree to this
  21. The Essential Air Service program. Alaska Airlines is the only major airline, offering ,in-state travel by jet service (sometimes in combination cargo and passenger
  22. Then CC SET but has been inconsistent with their program they have switched from, offering ,the ESSD to the IB, back to the ESSD and finally back to the IB again in
  23. Alternatively, it may have been a rite to appease the dead through the, offering ,of a libation. In the latter interpretation, the queen's answer reveals her
  24. From his enemy's skull Albion was taking his vital strength. As for the, offering ,of the skull to Rosamond, that may have been a ritual request of complete
  25. Christ are proclaimed through prayer, reading of the Bible, singing,and the, offering ,of the bread and wine, giving God thanks over them for the innumerable benefits
  26. On some Audi billboards. Multi Media Interface Audi has recently started, offering ,a computerized control system for its cars, called Multi Media Interface (MMI
  27. Addition, Amway affiliates market products from hundreds of other manufacturers, offering ,everything from books (e.g. Barnes & Noble, North America) to wine (World
  28. A U. S. level of wealth while maintaining a Canadian style quality of life, offering ,universal health care benefits. The study found that GDP per capita in the
  29. Let from going into labor. The other gods tricked Hera into letting her go by, offering ,her a necklace, nine yards (8 m) long, of amber. Lithographers agree that
  30. Were sold within six years. In 2003,Apple's iTunes Store was introduced, offering ,online music downloads for $0.99 a song and integration with the iPod. The
  31. And do not return. The University of Alaska has attempted to combat this by, offering ,partial four-year scholarships to the top 10 % of Alaska high school graduates
  32. Making this a very accurate estimate. He introduced this result without, offering ,any explanation of the method used to obtain it. This aspect of the work of
  33. Of friendship or filial piety, later as an act of ancestor worship. The simple, offering ,of food or shedding of blood at the grave develops into an elaborate system of
  34. The constitution acknowledges a special relationship with the Catholic Church, offering ,some special privileges to that group. The Muslim community is primarily made
  35. Schools offering a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine degree, and 585 schools, offering ,a nursing degree),60 % of the standard medical schools,95 % of osteopathic
  36. For free savings offers. Other developments * In late 2006,AOL began, offering ,free and unlimited digital picture storage for both free and paid accounts.
  37. With a central hieratic sculpture of the pope seated in full regalia and, offering ,a hand of blessing, while at his feet, two allegorical female figures flank his
  38. In the United States, increasing numbers of medical colleges have started, offering ,courses in alternative and complementary medicine. A 1998 study reported "
  39. Agnicayana, that is, the piling of the fire altar, the Agnihotra, viz., offering ,to Agni. The Rigged often says that Agni arises from water or dwells in the
  40. A real island, so she gave birth there, where she was accepted by the people, offering ,them her promise that her son will be always favorable toward the city.
  41. And to give their name to it, so they competed with one another for the honor, offering ,the city one gift each. Poseidon produced a salt water spring by striking the
  42. Three separate research surveys that surveyed 729 schools (125 medical schools, offering ,an MD degree,25 medical schools offering a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine
  43. And their king, Ahab. The contest ends when Elijah's God consumes the, offering ,which the Baal worshipers could not induce their god to touch, after which
  44. Are theoretically equivalent. The more structured ballots may aid voters in, offering ,clear votes, so they explicitly know all their choices. The Yes/No format can
  45. States and those in the middle Atlantic. More than 70 % of the hospitals, offering ,CAM were in urban areas. In 2011 the Millennium Cohort Study (United States)
  46. S desire to remain chaste, Dionysus poured wine over the stone as an, offering , dyeing the crystals purple. Variations of the story include that Dionysus had
  47. Of China Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited Angola in June 2006, offering , a US$9 billion loan for infrastructure improvements in return for petroleum.
  48. They had been charging for monthly DSL access. However, AOL has since started, offering ,their services for $9.95 a month for unlimited dial-up access. * On April 3
  49. With many genre conventions, particularly the Western, while at the same time, offering ,an unprecedentedly (for the Japanese screen) graphic portrayal of violence.
  50. Shortcuts. Com, a free service of AOL, was a comprehensive savings destination, offering ,consumers multiple savings opportunities including Electronic Coupons

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