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  1. Of Zambia. This was what Northern Rhodesian's called the" samba zone" ( ", grab ,everything" in Mankato) greed of White Southern Rhodesian's. Following in the
  2. For fear of thieves or robbery will not be saved. The villainous priest will, grab ,it. " (Mack,16) After Hus's death, his followers, then known as Hussite's
  3. Afghans. It is similar to polo, played by horsemen in two teams, each trying to, grab ,and hold a goat carcass. Afghan hounds (a type of running dog) originated in
  4. During the EVA and was lost. He next travelled over to the Agent. He tried to, grab ,onto the docking cone but found this impossible as it was smooth and had no
  5. Or statutory consolidation, which have nothing to do with the resulting power, grab ,as between the management of the target and the acquirer) and the business
  6. Himself towards the Gemini and then back to the Agent. This time he was able to, grab ,hold of some wire bundles and retrieved the Micrometeorite Collector (S-10)
  7. Rosin is generally softer and stickier than violin rosin to allow the hair to, grab ,the thicker strings better, but players use a wide variety of rosins that vary
  8. The lead (or first few paragraphs of the story; see Not graph) must, grab ,the reader's attention and still accurately embody the ideas of the article.
  9. Bills from the viewing gallery, causing trading to cease as brokers scramble to, grab ,them. *1981 – Mark David Chapman is sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for
  10. Ikkyō smote, referring to any forward-moving Tokyo technique from that, grab , Ate mi () are strikes (or feints) employed during an aikido technique. Some
  11. Of Aryans, Non Aryans used to hide in caves during the day and used to, grab ,food grains, destroy routes and fire rituals, and abduct Aryan women at night
  12. Some of the more well-fortified cities, they used innovative battle tactics to, grab ,hold of the land and the people::" By concentrating on the field armies, the
  13. In striking-based arts," honest" attacks (a strong strike or an immobilizing, grab ,) are needed to study correct and effective application of technique. * a
  14. The Baker. The Wife and Cinderella meet again, and the Wife makes a desperate, grab ,for her shoes, almost succeeding before Cinderella flees. The Baker and his
  15. Because everything we take now will stay ours ... Everything we don't, grab ,will go to them. " After the 1981 elections, Begin rewarded Sharon for his
  16. Single and lead track from the album," One Little Victory" was designed to, grab ,the attention of listeners with its rapid guitar and drum tempos. Vapor Trails
  17. Front. Goebbels, Speer,Göring and Himmler all saw this proposal as a power, grab ,by Borman and a threat to their power, and combined to block it. However
  18. A fireplace poker and repeatedly hits Ash in the back with it. Ash manages to, grab ,the book after several attempts, using the necklace he had given to Linda
  19. Shape of body parts as needed, such as lengthening an arm into a tentacle to, grab ,a fleeing individual, and liquefy himself in order to flow into otherwise
  20. S right hand. At no point should it be necessary for any partner to firmly, grab ,the other's hand. It is sufficient to press the hand or even only fingertips
  21. Used by commercial artists is multimedia. Exciting presentations are used to, grab ,and keep attention in advertising. Business to business, and interoffice
  22. To bear in the sense of bearing a child, its common meanings are to catch, grab , *The Hindi verb Ghana, the continuation of the Sanskrit verb, can have a
  23. Front. Goebbels, Speer,Göring and Himmler all saw this proposal as a power, grab ,by Borman and a threat to their power, and combined to block it. However
  24. Against the National League and promised to build a new league that would, grab ,the best players and field the best teams. The Western League began play in
  25. Not bear to hear that," and kills the servant Imaging. In response, the gods, grab ,their shields, shrieking at Loki, and chase him out of the hall and to the
  26. Electrons flow. Add sunlight to excite the polymers, and the buckyballs will, grab ,the electrons. Nanotubes, behaving like copper wires, will then be able to make
  27. Later, they find an entire house floating down the river and enter it to, grab ,what they can. Entering one room, Jim finds a man lying dead on the floor, shot
  28. Audience; in his tour diary, Rollins wrote" When they spit at me, when they, grab ,at me, they aren't hurting me. When I push out and mangle the flesh of another
  29. Or attacking move. Name origin In Middle Dutch, the verb taken meant to, grab ,or to handle. By the 14th century, this had come to be used for the equipment
  30. Or" queries ". Derived relations are convenient in that though they may, grab ,information from several relations, they act as a single relation. Also
  31. The Seine if Robespierre were to join her, de Gouges desperately attempted to, grab ,the attention of the French citizenry and alert them to the dangers that
  32. Continues. Galois, the duke of Cornwall arrives, which inspires Eldon to, grab ,Hengist's helmet, and Eldon pulls Hen gist into the Britons. Eldon cries out
  33. War, the Ottomans were defeated on all fronts, and the four allies rushed to, grab ,as much territory as they could. The Greeks occupied Thessaloniki just ahead of
  34. Point,Khomeini's body almost fell to the ground, as the crowd attempted to, grab ,pieces of the death shroud. The second funeral was held under much tighter
  35. When unskilled fighters get embroiled in combat, a common reaction is to, grab ,the opponent in an attempt to slow the situation down by holding them still
  36. They have the form of a hook. When cabling a knitted piece, a hook is easier to, grab ,and hold the yarn. Cable needles are typically very short (a few inches),and
  37. Only" for his last pit stop, with 25 laps to go, to outfox Bobby Allison and, grab ,his seventh and final Daytona 500 win. This win marked a large change in Petty
  38. Counter is zero, all jobs have started. Parent releases lock l1 and tries to, grab ,lock l2.; When all children have released their l2 (PID) locks,they're
  39. And Southern elephant seals in shallow water, even beaching temporarily to, grab ,prey before wriggling back to the sea. Beaching, usually fatal to cetaceans, is
  40. At the newsstand) but it is not always necessary for the party to literally, grab ,the object for possession to be considered transferred. It is enough that the
  41. Numbers.; Each child job locks l2 (PID),decrements the counter and tries to, grab ,lock l1 (PID).; When counter is zero, all jobs have started. Parent releases
  42. Soldiers to disobey their officers since any German offensive would be a naked, grab ,for territories. He wrote in 1925: Throughout January and February 1918,Lenin
  43. To roughly about three hundred thousand as of 2006. In a bid to, grab ,more market share, Cable and Wireless recently launched a new landline service
  44. Stupid? Of course, he was writing about himself. But I didn't go in and, grab ,him and ask,'What's up? ' I have to live with that. " While singing, Curtis
  45. Face. Reeling from the pain, Napier topples over a platform rail but manages to, grab ,a lower rail with one hand. Batman tries to pull Napier to safety, but loses
  46. The person can tap out if he wants. Instead, he uses these free limbs to either, grab ,one of the ring ropes (the bottom one is the most common, as it is nearest the
  47. Did not instantly interpret the protocol as permitting the Soviet Union to, grab ,territory. Stalin was waiting to see whether the Germans would halt within the
  48. Prey, they run at a pace of 30 mph. Once large prey is caught, one whole will, grab ,the prey's nose, while the rest of the pack pulls the animal down by the
  49. The agent and fights him. The agent is at a disadvantage until he is able to, grab ,his weapon again. The Canadian agent attempts to kill Kirishima, but Major
  50. Addressing a meeting of the Comet party:" Everybody has to move, run and, grab ,as many (Judea) hilltops as they can to enlarge the (Jewish) settlements

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