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  1. Precise, fix a value of n. There are 2^n bit strings of length n. The uniform, probability ,distribution on the space of these bit strings assigns exactly equal weight 2^
  2. Children with ASD, and a related study found that ASD is associated with higher, probability ,that child care problems will greatly affect parental employment. US states
  3. Can be gleaned from the Drake equation, essentially an equation expressing the, probability ,of intelligent life as the product of factors such as the fraction of planets
  4. Any given god-like entity. Since in practice it is not worth contrasting a zero, probability ,with one that is nearly indistinguishable from zero, he prefers to categorize
  5. X and y axes. The fifth and final d-orbital consists of three regions of high, probability ,density: a torus with two pear-shaped regions placed symmetrically on its z
  6. If the response variable is expected to follow a parametric family of, probability ,distributions, then the statistician may specify (in the protocol for the
  7. Hume 1974:340) 6. Of probability This short chapter begins with the notions of, probability ,and chance. For him," probability " means a higher chance of occurring, and
  8. AA is so easily accessible. Twelve-step groups, like AA, are not conducive to, probability ,sampling of members. Research on AA is therefore susceptible to sampling bias.
  9. Calculus. Later he lectured alternately on" introduction to analysis ", probability ,theory (succeeding Cherished who had left the university in 1882) and
  10. Scientist V K Sara swat of DIDO the missiles will work in tandem to ensure a hit, probability ,of 99.8 percent. Induction of the system into services is expected to be in
  11. The other electrons. These interactions depend on the detail of its spatial, probability ,distribution, and so the energy levels of orbitals depend not only on n but
  12. By means of a scale of 1 to 7. On this scale,1 indicates" 100 per cent, probability ,of God. " A person ranking at 7 on the scale would be a person who says" I
  13. The optimal strategy if there are three or fewer candidates or if the pivot, probability ,for a tie between the expected winner and expected runner-up is sufficiently
  14. Took charge at the request of the Portuguese officers. Vespucci, in all, probability , voyaged to America at the time noted, but he did not have command and as yet
  15. Exactly equal weight 2^ to each string of length n. Theorem. With the uniform, probability ,distribution on the space of bit strings of length n, the probability that a
  16. The atom’s“ electron cloud” ) tends toward a generally spherical zone of, probability ,describing where the atom’s electrons will be found. History The term" orbital
  17. Include most fields of mathematics, including measure theory, ergodic theory, probability , representation theory, and differential geometry. Combinatorics is an example
  18. Or a pair of electrons in an atom. This function can be used to calculate the, probability ,of finding any electron of an atom in any specific region around the atom's
  19. Feeling of confidence which the latter doesn't. (Hume 1974:340) 6. Of, probability ,This short chapter begins with the notions of probability and chance. For him
  20. The likely winner, that Chattanooga is the likely runner-up, and that the pivot, probability ,for a Memphis-Chattanooga tie is much larger than the pivot probabilities of
  21. Regor Solitary (integral calculus),Panty Cherished (number theory, probability ,theory),Aleksandr Working (ordinary and partial differential equations)
  22. Can walk in shadow to any possible universe, and while there can manipulate, probability , *Lords: A character who has mastered the Lords can send out Lords tendrils
  23. The reproduction of a finite object with a finite aperture entails, in all, probability , an infinite number of aberrations. This number is only finite if the object
  24. Or only recently discovered. In the case of new evidence, there must be a high, probability ,that its presence or absence would have made a material difference in the trial
  25. Short chapter begins with the notions of probability and chance. For him,", probability ," means a higher chance of occurring, and brings about a higher degree of
  26. All to worship Alexander as a god even during his lifetime, is with greater, probability ,attributed to the Sicilian Clean. When Alexander was trying to show that he is
  27. In terms of a linear model, which makes the following assumptions about the, probability ,distribution of the responses: * Independence of cases – this is an assumption
  28. Frequency. The electrons are never in a single point location, although the, probability ,of interacting with the electron at a single point can be found from the
  29. Who focused on prediction using his invention of the universal a priori, probability ,distribution. There are several other variants of Kolmogorov complexity or
  30. General Theory of Inductive Inference" as part of his invention of algorithmic, probability , He gave a more complete description in his 1964 publications," A Formal
  31. Will maximize the voter's power or efficacy, meaning that it will maximize the, probability ,that the voter will make a difference in deciding which candidate wins. Optimal
  32. Uniform probability distribution on the space of bit strings of length n,the, probability ,that a string is incompressible by c is at least 1-2^+2^. To prove the theorem
  33. In measure theory, or in the closely related sense of" almost surely" in, probability ,theory. An aromatic hydrocarbon or are (or sometimes ARL hydrocarbon) is a
  34. Max Born suggested that the electron's position needed to be described by a, probability ,distribution which was connected with finding the electron at some point in the
  35. Result; otherwise, his measurements will have outcomes +1/2 and −1/2 with equal, probability , This would allow Alice and Bob to communicate across space-like separations.
  36. Hit the fuel cell shelf. The report of the Apollo 13 review board considers the, probability ,of tank damage during this incident to be" rather low ". The gas evaporated in
  37. Revolution in 1917. Markov then resumed his teaching activities and lectured, probability ,theory and calculus of differences until his death in 1922. Excommunication
  38. By voting for several others instead of just one other, increasing the, probability ,that some other candidate will win and thus that the first will not. * In
  39. His lawyer did not adequately handle his case and that there is a reasonable, probability ,that the result of the trial would have been different had the lawyer given
  40. Atheism is unwieldy and depends on how close to zero we are willing to rate the, probability ,of existence for any given god-like entity. Since in practice it is not worth
  41. During the Yom Kippur War. Tunisia's President, Habib Borgia, has in all, probability ,never been hostile to the Jews, but there was always that notorious" delay "
  42. By use of elementary quantum mechanics and transition rate and transition, probability ,calculations. Akin Morita KBE (盛田 昭夫 Morita Akin, January 26, 1921,Nagoya
  43. Many bit strings of length n that are incompressible by c. To determine the, probability ,divide by 2^n. Chaitin's incompleteness theorem We know that, in the set of
  44. Given this, a boundary surface can be drawn so that the electron has a high, probability ,to be found somewhere within the surface, and all regions outside the surface
  45. N-sphere in a three-dimensional atom and was pictured as the mean energy of the, probability ,cloud of the electron's wave packet which surrounded the atom. Orbital names
  46. Power analysis is often applied in the context of ANOVA in order to assess the, probability ,of successfully rejecting the null hypothesis if we assume a certain ANOVA
  47. New missile. The improved guidance, radar and missile performance improves the, probability ,of kill over the earlier PAC-2. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Patriot PAC-3s
  48. Algorithm, and the code lengths it allows, to define a string's ` universal, probability ,' on which inductive inference of a string's subsequent digits can be based.
  49. Discovered principles of quantum mechanics, it has a tiny (but non-zero), probability , of " tunneling" through the barrier and appearing on the other side to escape
  50. Function will be graphed to show its phases, rather than the | ψ|2 which shows, probability ,density but has no phases (which have been lost in the process of taking the

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