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  1. Costly, their effectiveness so uncertain and of such short duration, that the, enterprise ,of creating an armored fleet seems to leave fruitless the perseverance of a
  2. Derricks. He built further wealth as a bond salesman raising money for American, enterprise ,in Europe. He earned most of his fortune in the steel industry. In the 1870s
  3. In trade tariffs, taxation reforms, changing from centralized wage-fixing to, enterprise ,bargaining, the privatization of Qantas and Commonwealth Bank, and deregulating
  4. Lane believed Alcott had misled him into thinking enough people would join the, enterprise ,and developed a strong dislike for the nuclear family. He quit the project and
  5. System in terms of number of units sold, the 7800 was a profitable, enterprise ,for Atari Corp., benefiting largely from Atari’s name and the system's 2600
  6. And marketing communications techniques (generally associated with commercial, enterprise ,) on behalf of non-commercial, public interest issues and initiatives. In the
  7. 30,000 men in 60 squadrons and 42 battalions. The military dangers in such an, enterprise ,were numerous: Marlborough's lines of communication along the Rhine would be
  8. Conservatives, and those who would otherwise support right-of-centre or free, enterprise ,parties. Historically, there have commonly been third parties present in the
  9. And natural rights, especially property rights, in relation to the business, enterprise , Business ethics is also related to political economy, which is economic
  10. By the 1890s,the company was the largest and most profitable industrial, enterprise ,in the world. Carnegie sold it in 1901 for $480 million to J. P. Morgan, who
  11. For different purposes. For instance, JavaBeans library is used for designing, enterprise ,applications, Windows Forms library is used for designing graphical user
  12. Osaka. Originally established in 1983,it has since become an international, enterprise ,with branches and subsidiaries in North America, Europe,and East Asia. In
  13. Government, though there remains significant foreign investment and private, enterprise ,in Cuba. Most of the means of production are owned and run by the government
  14. A trip to see the mines for himself, and he afterwards became treasurer of the, enterprise , Over the winter of 1866 and early 1867,mining operations began to falter due
  15. For the management of the IP assets and potential IP-related liabilities of the, enterprise , * Chief Investment Officer or CIO – high level corporate officer responsible
  16. The electricity and gas supply companies became“ impressive models of public, enterprise ,” in terms of efficiency, while in relation the coal industry, the National
  17. That the cultivation of plants may be viewed as the earliest biotechnological, enterprise , Agriculture has been theorized to have become the dominant way of producing
  18. Obtained financial assistance from John Simpsons, the selling agent for the, enterprise ,to continue operations. Agassiz continued to live at Calumet, making gradual
  19. Of CORBA. On April 29, 1998,Bowland refocused its efforts on targeting, enterprise ,applications development, and went through a name change to Reprise Corporation
  20. People, the triangle pointing towards the body of the flag represents the, enterprise ,and determination of the Bahamian people to develop and possess the rich
  21. Wage fixing and a strong welfare system, it did not nationalize private, enterprise , The single exception to this was Ben Chifley's attempt to nationalize the
  22. Battle of Animal, took possession of Delhi and Agra; and determined that his, enterprise ,should not be a mere raid like Timur's, but the foundation of a new and
  23. Of Italy, Supernatural influences were not lacking to urge him to this great, enterprise , Some lines of the Roman poet Claudia inform us that he heard a voice
  24. Although it is debatable to what extent the Duke was committed to such an, enterprise ,) was a plan to transfer his forces from the Spanish Netherlands to northern
  25. Royal treasurer to shift funds among various royal accounts on behalf of the, enterprise , Columbus was to be made" Admiral of the Seas" and would receive a portion of
  26. Transaction kernel for adaptive content and process management in, enterprise ,applications * Postfix – A fast, secure,easy-to-administer MTA for Linux/Unix
  27. Is male, university educated, living in the capital, and working in a state, enterprise , The Ministry for Statistics and Analysis estimates that one in four families
  28. And or participating in extreme sports. The term also broadly refers to any, enterprise ,that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk
  29. Goal is to achieve an Afghan economy whose growth is based on trade, private, enterprise , and investment ". Opium production in Afghanistan has soared to a record in
  30. Heavily influenced by the company's dual themes of Christian morality and free, enterprise ," and operating" like a private political army. " Rolling Stone's Bob Moses
  31. Deficit in 2007 ran at 15 percent of GDP. Coffee is the largest state-owned, enterprise , In recent years, the government has tried to attract private investment to
  32. BMW Motor rad plans to continue operating Husqvarna Motorcycles as a separate, enterprise , All development, sales and production activities, as well as the current
  33. The Imperial palace, and the Patriarch offered prayers for the success of the, enterprise , After the victory, in 534,the Temple treasure of Jerusalem, looted by the
  34. Healed by expert medical care but only if he participates in another criminal, enterprise ,with a new crew. Like Case, many cyberpunk protagonists are manipulated, placed
  35. He set out for an important command in Militia. Failing in his principal, enterprise , an attack upon Mopsuestia, he returned, but was again appointed to the command
  36. Before. On a consolidated basis, including Central Bank losses and parasitical, enterprise ,profits, the public sector deficit was 2.3 % of GDP. Controlling the budget
  37. All wealth originates with the land, making farming the only truly productive, enterprise , agrarianism claims that agriculture is the foundation of all other professions
  38. Of the universe. Neo-Creationists also argue that science, as an" atheistic, enterprise ," is at the root of many of contemporary society's ills including social
  39. Are most popular, and to much lesser extent removable hard disk drives. In, enterprise ,uses, magnetic tape is predominant. Older examples are floppy disks, Zip disks
  40. Which operates a mining and processing plant on the island in MOA. A second, enterprise , Cobalt Refinery Co. Inc., was created in Alberta for nickel refining. Canada
  41. Pillar" industries (such as energy and heavy industries),but private, enterprise ,(composed of around 30 million private businesses) has expanded enormously;
  42. As one of the most stable and prosperous of post-Communist states. Delays in, enterprise ,restructuring and failure to develop a well-functioning capital market played
  43. Commodity. Furthermore, since obtaining wealth in capitalism is a cutthroat, enterprise , the powerful are no better than a gang of bandits, and the law in turn is run
  44. Idea was to integrate Borland's tools, Delphi,C++ Builder, and Builder with, enterprise ,environment software, including Visigenic's implementations of CORBA
  45. Or Ruched. Private sector businesses did not grow as the taxes on private, enterprise ,were often prohibitive. Inexperienced management sometimes ruled policy and
  46. Break down class divisions and for young adults to immerse themselves in public, enterprise , Economic & resource efficiency It is estimated by the British military that in
  47. 29 January 2008,Chuck D stated that rap is devolving so much into a commercial, enterprise , that the relationship between the rapper and the record label is that of slave
  48. AA spelling would strengthen the city's international profile, help private, enterprise ,and make it easier to access Aarhus on the internet. The Aarhus spelling has
  49. And economic constraints. Economy Belize has a small, essentially private, enterprise ,economy that is based primarily on agriculture, agro-based industry, and
  50. The Depression and the rise of the labor movement, sharpened as so-called free, enterprise ,parties coalesced into the defect coalition represented by Social Credit—in

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