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  1. But this was never built. The building forms a U-shape around a central inner ", garden ," the central feature of which is a kidney-shaped swimming pool. Adjacent to
  2. Also called AOL, that allowed customers to access the world's largest" walled, garden ," online community and eventually reach out to the Internet as a whole. At its
  3. Rock temple – Rococo – Roman bridge – Roman theater – Rood – Roof, garden ,– Roof pitch – Roof stand – Roof – Root cellar – Rosette – Rosette – Rotting
  4. Visitors. This resulted in his descendants extending the house and adapting the, garden ,and landscape to cope with the huge numbers that visited. These early
  5. Battle Parabolic Arches. JPG|Casey Battle Parabolic Arches Park Güell (, ) is a, garden ,complex with architectural elements situated on the hill of El Carmel in the
  6. Was at stake. On Saturday,12 August 1961,the leaders of the GDR attended a, garden ,party at a government guesthouse in, in a wooded area to the north of East
  7. Interest. Municipal Garden It has since been converted into a municipal, garden , It can be reached by underground railway (although the stations are at a
  8. Style garden s, is called a Moon bridge, evoking a rising full moon. Other, garden ,bridges may cross only a dry bed of stream washed pebbles, intended only to
  9. Of the Nile River was used to make paper. Vegetables and fruits were grown in, garden ,plots, close to habitations and on higher ground, and had to be watered by hand
  10. Several times. Very often a practical autonomous building might include a, garden ,for food. In the 1970s and 1980s,Bill Mollison and David Holmes developed
  11. Side, Scott created a formal entrance courtyard, the first of three enclosed, garden ,spaces, each enclosed by high walls. To the north and extending westwards from
  12. Of the physicians" ( S) stands contiguous to the infirmary, and the physic, garden ,(T) at the north-east corner of the monastery. Besides other rooms, it
  13. In Transcendental Wild Oats (1873):" The band of brothers began by spading, garden ,and field; but a few days of it lessened their ardor amazingly. " Return to
  14. Brewery Two blocks west of the Old Town is the Kuchlbauer Brewery and beer, garden ,featuring the Kuchlbauer Tower, a colorful and unconventional observation tower
  15. Asgard and his studio executed sculpture-encrusted fountains and other, garden ,features, where some of his freestanding sculpture and bas-reliefs remain. In
  16. Birth. However, her son is said to have been born on the way, at Plumbing, in a, garden ,beneath a Sal tree. The day of the Buddha's birth is widely celebrated in
  17. Design at Abbotsford influenced many of his peers and neighbors, informing, garden , design across the UK. The house at Abbotsford stands at the top and south-east
  18. 16 km) northwest of Ultrapoor, Achiltibuie is home to the Hydroponicum,a, garden ,where plants are grown using a hydroponic system, in water and without soil. It
  19. Displayed in their preferred form: the work was placed in front of a public, garden ,on a high platform, surrounded by a cast-iron railing. Rodin had wanted it
  20. Anisum - anise, Levisticum official - lavage, Hacquetia epideictic -, garden ,cover plant Cultivation Many members of this plant group are cultivated, for
  21. Different flowers and plants which have been renowned for their beauty. The, garden ,was in 2002,named the best garden in the British Islands. The most renown
  22. Friedrich Prefer, and Genghis Khan. He was allowed to build an ambitious, garden , transforming what he initially described as a" wilderness" into what the
  23. Industries have developed around the university. It also maintains a botanical, garden ,(the Botanischer Garden Aachen). FH Aachen, Aachen University of Applied
  24. In the first half of the 18th century, and whose grounds are now a botanical, garden ,(the Botanischer Garden Bonn). This axis is interrupted by a railway line and
  25. Khrushchev – King-post – Kissing gate – Diva – Knee wall – Knob – Knot, garden ,– Cooled L Landscape architecture – Landscape design – Landscape garden
  26. Vanilla),as cut flowers (e.g. freesia, gladiolus,iris, orchids ), and as, garden ,ornamentals (e.g. day lilies, lily of the valley, Agapanthus).
  27. Meets Fredrika, and confesses his deep love for Anne to her. Meanwhile, in the, garden , Fredrik and Carl-Magnus reflect on how difficult it is to be annoyed with
  28. According to Athens, it was capable of carrying 600 people and included, garden ,decorations, a gymnasium and a temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite among
  29. m),and the dwelling of the keeper (n). Hard by is the kitchen, garden ,(o),the beds bearing the names of the vegetables growing in them, onions
  30. Shah Japan later added five pavilions, known as the Radar, between the, garden ,and the lake. A walk through the radar and chapati gives wonderful
  31. The Parliament and Appear buildings, the latter of which maintains its own, garden ,of seven hectares. Parts of the city center have been redeveloped under a
  32. Knot garden – Cooled L Landscape architecture – Landscape design – Landscape, garden ,– Latrine – Lattice steel pylon – Laundromat – Laundry room – Lean-to – Leisure
  33. Dressed neatly in tweed and is frequently seen knitting or pulling weeds in her, garden , Miss Marple sometimes comes across as confused or" fluffy ", but when it
  34. Canadian actor (b. 1930) * 2003 – Graham Stuart Thomas, English author and, garden ,designer (b. 1909) * 2005 – Kim Musing, South Korean actor (b. 1943) *
  35. Through the combined popular vote of members of all four of New Providence's, garden ,clubs of the 1970s – the Nassau Garden Club, the Carver Garden Club, the
  36. Number of multiplexes, Athens plays host to a variety of romantic, open air, garden ,cinemas. The city also supports a vast number of music venues, including the
  37. Poppy, carrots,cabbages, etc., eighteen in all. In the same way the physic, garden ,presents the names of the medicinal herbs, and the cemetery (p) those of the
  38. Former swamps have become fruitful plains: they are known as the" vegetable, garden ,of Switzerland ". From here the AAR flows northeast for a long distance, past
  39. And everlasting beauty:: A Rose and an Amaranth blossomed side by side in a, garden ,: and the Amaranth said to her neighbor, : " How I envy you your beauty and
  40. 100 degrees Fahrenheit that would kill a Greyhound. They often dig holes in the, garden , Many Arawak dislike rain and cold weather. Arawak are pack oriented and form
  41. Grandfather of Maharajah Prithvirāj Chauhan. By the lake is the Dallas Bag,a, garden ,laid out by Emperor Jahangir. Emperor Shah Japan later added five pavilions
  42. Scott's descendants developed the Morris Garden and the impressive kitchen, garden , Much of the garden s and landscape remain as they were in the time of Sir
  43. Have been renowned for their beauty. The garden was in 2002,named the best, garden ,in the British Islands. The most renown concert hall is the Music Hall on Union
  44. Used Quell, whom the park was named after. It was inspired by the English, garden ,city movement; hence the original English name Park (in the Catalan language
  45. Buildings. The infirmary for sick monks, with the physician's house and physic, garden , lies to the east. In the same group with the infirmary is the school for the
  46. Cut;: for they are everlasting. " Or in story form:: An amaranth planted in a, garden ,near a Rose-Tree, thus addressed it:" What a lovely flower is the Rose, a
  47. Rules are complex, also involve consonants, and have exceptions. Thus: kernel (, garden ,), kéket (blue); flat (wall),hatot (six); pol cot (shelf),lolcat (
  48. Accounts, thrown from a second floor window of the palace onto piles of, garden ,manure. The King was only 26 years old at the
  49. Only to the extent that I am agnostic about fairies at the bottom of the, garden , " Dawkins also identifies two categories of agnostics; Temporary Agnostics in
  50. Monument, Rodin repaid the Society his commission and moved the figure to his, garden , After this experience, Rodin did not complete another public commission. Only

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