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  1. Determined by touch. For example: ** In some currencies, such as the euro,the, pound ,sterling and the Indian rupee, the size of a note increases with its value. **
  2. On growth until structural changes are effected. Overvaluation of the Cypriot, pound ,prior to the adoption of the euro in 2008 had kept inflation in check. Trade is
  3. Brass is composed of 70 % copper,24.5 % zinc and 5.5 % nickel used to make, pound ,coins in the pound sterling currency. *Naval brass, similar to admiralty brass
  4. Version of the Churchill Tank was armed with a Spigot Mortar that fired a forty, pound ,(18 kg) HE-filled projectile (nicknamed the Flying Trash can) 150 yards (137
  5. Units are often spoken differently. In AME one may say a dollar fifty or a, pound ,eighty, whereas in BRE these amounts would be expressed one dollar fifty and
  6. Single locks, was the Stecknitz Canal in Germany in 1398. The first to use, pound ,locks was the Brian Canal connecting the Loire and Seine (1642),followed by
  7. Other seeds in their nest, where humans can gather them en masse. Up to half a, pound ,(200 g) of seeds can be collected from one ant-heap. Although most ants
  8. Referred to this as gate on telephone keypads. ) *In spoken BRE the word, pound ,is sometimes colloquially used for the plural as well. For example three pound s
  9. Whereas in BRE these amounts would be expressed one dollar fifty and one, pound ,eighty. For amounts over a dollar an American will generally either drop
  10. In which bad means" wind" and tube is rooted in the verb کوبیدن Nubian," to, pound ,", thus referring to a place where wind is strong and pound ing. Indeed, the
  11. Crater while Aldrin collected two core tubes. He used the geological hammer to, pound ,in the tubes - the only time the hammer was used on Apollo 11. The astronauts
  12. Buffoon, using only 48 small mirrors, was able to melt a 3 kilogram (six, pound ,) tin bottle, and ignite wood from a distance of 46 meters (150 ft). These
  13. Three million) and UK residents would write three pound s only. * The term, pound ,sign in BRE always refers to the currency symbol £ whereas in AME pound sign
  14. Making $2 billion himself and forcing the UK to spend over $8bn defending the, pound ,) forced it to abandon its policy. Since then, he has been a harsh critic of
  15. Provided some respite. The conditions attached to the loan included making the, pound ,fully convertible to the dollar. When this was introduced in July 1947,it led
  16. Famous case of policy failure, Black Wednesday, George Soros arbitraged the, pound ,sterling's relationship to the ECU and (after making $2 billion himself and
  17. Italian ironclads, many of which were shells, but including at least one 300, pound , shot at point-blank range. Despite losing her bowsprit and her foremast, and
  18. A political scandal when it transpired he had given the Labour Party a million, pound ,donation - which raised eyebrows when the incoming Labor government changed
  19. Applied financial leverage by threatening to sell US reserves of the British, pound ,and thereby precipitate a collapse of the British currency. Though the invasion
  20. Eurozone and adopted the euro as its official currency, replacing the Cypriot, pound ,at an irrevocable fixed exchange rate of CYP 0.585274 per EUR 1.00. Economy in
  21. On the American market for vacuum-cast beryllium ingots was about $338 per, pound ,($745 per kilogram) in 2001. The chemical equation for the key reaction is as
  22. Of many locks in short succession may be used. Prior to the development of the, pound ,lock in 984AD in China by Chain Wei-Yo and later in Europe in the 15th century
  23. Pound is sometimes colloquially used for the plural as well. For example three, pound ,forty and twenty pound s a week are both heard in British English. Some other
  24. In order to avoid confusion with the" g" symbol for grams. * In physics,the, pound ,of mass is sometimes written LBM to distinguish it from the pound -force (LBF)
  25. Was the light produced by a pure spermatic candle weighing one sixth of a, pound ,and burning at a rate of 120 grains per hour. Germany, Austria and Scandinavia
  26. Run the length of the Cornice. Fare (any distance) is 3 L. E. (Egyptian, pound ,) (£0.33/€0.39/$0.52) (). Taxis and minibuses Taxis in Alexandria sport a
  27. Animals, then meat, and from meat, logically,into tonnage worth a price per, pound ,". The contrast between the" careful control against the almost inconceivable
  28. Term pound sign in BRE always refers to the currency symbol £ whereas in AME, pound ,sign means the number sign, which the British call the hash symbol, #. (From
  29. To prove his friendship he secures two pound s of sugar for Bauer and half a, pound ,of butter for Jaden. Detering is a farmer who constantly longs to
  30. This is a widely debated topic, with many arguing that 1 gram of protein per, pound ,of body weight per day is ideal, some suggesting that less is sufficient, while
  31. An export of 50 francs. If, in England, the wine sold for 70 francs (or the, pound ,equivalent),which he then used to buy coal, which he imported into France
  32. Larger deviations, other approaches have been adopted. The most common is the, pound ,lock, which consists of a chamber within which the water level can be raised or
  33. Used outside the United States, such as the symbol for the United Kingdom's, pound ,sterling (£). Almost every country needed an adapted version of ASCII since
  34. Sources like taxes, customs and land revenue, et al. from 24 provinces. A, pound ,sterling was exchanged at 10 rupees then. Religious Policy: Intolerance towards
  35. Singer,that's for sure. But backed by Martin and Dr. Luke's wall of, pound , her vocals melt into a mix of baby talk coo and coital panting that is, in its
  36. Of 70 % copper,24.5 % zinc and 5.5 % nickel used to make pound coins in the, pound ,sterling currency. *Naval brass, similar to admiralty brass, is 40 % zinc and 1
  37. Months part-time, once they turn 18. Economy Since switching from the Bermudian, pound ,in 1970,Bermuda's currency has been the Bermudian dollar, which is pegged to
  38. Used for the plural as well. For example three pound s forty and twenty, pound ,a week are both heard in British English. Some other currencies do not change
  39. Consume more wild fish than they generate as a final product. To produce one, pound ,of farmed salmon, products from several pound s of wild fish are fed to them. As
  40. It from the pound -force (LBF). It should not be read as the mongrel unit ", pound ,meter ". Density Time Frequency Speed or velocity A velocity consists of a
  41. Food to villages begins at 7¢ per pound (15¢/kg) and rises rapidly to 50¢ per, pound ,($1.10/kg) or more. The cost of delivering an of milk is about $3.50 in many
  42. Expensive. The cost of importing food to villages begins at 7¢ per, pound ,(15¢/kg) and rises rapidly to 50¢ per pound ($1.10/kg) or more. The cost of
  43. Are considered a form of insect caviar and can sell for as much as USD 40 per, pound ,(USD 90/kg) because they are seasonal and hard to find. In the Colombian
  44. Of water leading to conflicts with watermill owners and to correct this,the, pound ,or chamber lock first appeared, in 10th century AD in China and in Europe in
  45. Is a 10-pence piece or a 10p piece or simply a 10p,for any coin below £1,but, pound ,coin and two- pound coin. BRE did have specific words for a number of coins
  46. In frame design which BSA found, producing a machine which weighed 21 lb, one, pound , less than the design specification and which also exceeded the design
  47. Compass, gunpowder,toilet paper, early seismological detectors, matches, pound , locks,the double-action piston pump, blast furnace and cast iron, the iron
  48. As of October 2007,the U. S. dollar weakened against the euro, British, pound , and many other currencies. For instance, the euro hit $1.42 in October 2007
  49. Used historically by Native American people to kill American bison * Buffalo, pound , an enclosure used historically by Native American people to catch and kill
  50. Goods. In 2011,this means surviving on the equivalent to US$1.50,AUD$2 or 1, pound , per day. The eradication of extreme poverty and hunger was the first Millennium

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