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  1. And events including folk music festivals. With many summer and, winter ,events, Edmonton prides itself as being the" Festival City ". The city's "
  2. The state north of Montgomery may receive a dusting of snow a few times every, winter , with an occasional moderately heavy snowfall every few years. Historic
  3. Annuals germinate in autumn or winter , live through the winter , then bloom in, winter ,or spring. The plants grow and bloom during the cool season when most other
  4. Annual. Winter annuals germinate in autumn or winter , live through the, winter , then bloom in winter or spring. The plants grow and bloom during the cool
  5. More by differences in elevation than by latitude or any other factor. Low, winter ,temperatures in the mountains are caused by the continental air mass that
  6. Is both the wettest and warmest part of Alaska with milder temperatures in the, winter ,and high precipitation throughout the year. Juneau averages over of
  7. About 50′ () south of the Arctic Circle; similarly, on the day of the northern, winter ,solstice, part of the sun may be seen up to about 50′ north of the Arctic
  8. With the campaign at an apparent conclusion for the season, the British entered, winter ,quarters. Although Howe had missed several opportunities to crush the
  9. Climate. Its higher elevation means there is, on average, more snow in, winter , lower humidity, and it is slightly cooler in summer. There are, on average
  10. Make use of warm periods in winter for growth when the snow melts. Some common, winter ,annuals include hen bit, deadnettle, chickweed,and winter cress. Winter annuals
  11. 1802 Latin Upanishads translation through Friedrich Major. They met during the, winter ,of 1813-1814 in Weimar at the home of Schopenhauer’s mother according to the
  12. Are easterly and north-easterly in summer change to westerly and northerly in, winter ,and carry with them a general increase in precipitation from September through
  13. Military was no longer a factor. No progress was made in Congress during the, winter ,of 1783 - 84. General Henry Knox, who would later become the first Secretary of
  14. Sea Surface Water – thick veneer, with summer temperatures of 21–26 °C and, winter ,temperatures ranging from in the north to in the south. *Aegean Sea
  15. Out. Even though they do not compete directly with cultivated plants, sometimes, winter , annuals are considered a pest in commercial agriculture, because they can be
  16. Road or rail, primary transportation in summer is by all-terrain vehicle and in, winter ,by snowmobile or" snow machine," as it is commonly referred to in Alaska. Law
  17. From the coldest nights by snow cover, and make use of warm periods in, winter ,for growth when the snow melts. Some common winter annuals include hen bit
  18. Places with southern and western exposures, even in areas with high average, winter ,temperatures. Lowland rainfall averages from to more than annually, with the
  19. Cold air spills onto the lowland areas, which occurs most frequently in the, winter , Because the season's lower temperatures damage olive trees and citrus fruits
  20. Country lying at a latitude subject to a variety of weather patterns during the, winter ,and summer seasons, Albania has a high number of climatic regions for so small
  21. Systems from the north, which often produce freezing conditions in, winter , As the fronts between the air masses shift north and south across Alberta
  22. Stones and cylinder seals from the second millennium. It contained the, winter ,solstice in the Early Bronze Age. In Old Babylonian astronomy, Ea was the ruler
  23. Does not face water shortages because it receives plenty of snow during, winter , especially in the Hindu Kush and Pair Mountains, and the melting snow in the
  24. In which the average daytime high temperature is above freezing during the, winter ,months. The climate of Anchorage and south central Alaska is mild by Alaskan
  25. As they provide vegetative cover that prevents soil erosion during, winter ,and early spring when no other cover exists, and they provide fresh vegetation
  26. Wing Begonia is a summer annual. Winter annuals germinate in autumn or, winter , live through the winter , then bloom in winter or spring. The plants grow and
  27. Two qualities as complementary: the two gods are brothers, and when Apollo at, winter ,left for Hyperbola, he would leave the Delphic oracle to Dionysus. This
  28. The higher areas above 1,500 m/5,000 ft are rather cold and frequently snowy in, winter ,; here cold conditions with lying snow may linger into spring. Besides the
  29. And hacked it apart with his sword. The Levant and Syria After spending the, winter ,campaigning in Asia Minor,Alexander's army crossed the Civilian Gates in 333
  30. Cloud feedbacks further complicate the issue. In seasonally snow-covered zones, winter ,albedos of treeless areas are 10 % to 50 % higher than nearby forested areas
  31. Apollo rode on the back of a swan to the land of the Hyperbolas during the, winter ,months. Apollo turned Ephesus into a sea monster. Another contender for the
  32. The Delphic oracle, but failed. " * At Panama, in Lucia, there was a seasonal, winter ,oracle of Apollo, said to have been the place where the god went from Demos. As
  33. 32 km) from Philadelphia, where they stayed for the next six months. Over the, winter , 2,500 men (out of 10,000) died from disease and exposure. The next spring
  34. The British rearguard at Princeton on January 3,1777. Washington then entered, winter ,quarters at Morristown, New Jersey, having given a morale boost to the American
  35. Used in the Boston campaign. The standoff continued throughout the fall and, winter , In early March 1776,heavy cannons that the patriots had captured at Fort
  36. There was little fighting as Sullivan systematically destroyed the Indians ', winter ,food supplies, forcing them to flee permanently to British bases in Quebec and
  37. Jersey militia continued to harass British and Hessian forces throughout the, winter , forcing the British to retreat to their base in and around New York City. At
  38. Itself is a long, rectangular pond. This is transformed into an ice rink in, winter , The northwestern part of the square is bordered by the Van Gogh Museum
  39. Melts. Some common winter annuals include hen bit, deadnettle, chickweed,and, winter ,cress. Winter annuals are important ecologically, as they provide vegetative
  40. Of the country. Climate Angola's average temperature on the coast is in the, winter ,and in the summer. It has two seasons; dry season (May to October) and hot
  41. Die after flowering and setting seed. The seeds germinate in the fall or, winter ,when the soil temperature is cool. Winter annuals typically grow low to the
  42. South across Alberta, temperature can change rapidly. Arctic air masses in the, winter ,produce extreme minimum temperatures varying from in northern Alberta to in
  43. In precipitation from September through December, a decrease in the late, winter ,and spring months, and a near absence of rainfall during the summer months.
  44. Park in summer. File: Ankara Park Segmented. JPG|Segmented Park in, winter , File: Ankara Park Kenmore Evil. JPG|Keçiörenpark with its minizoo. File:
  45. The" Way of Ea ", corresponding to the period of 45 days on either side of, winter ,solstice. In the Greek tradition, the constellation became represented as
  46. And on open tundra and muskeg. Plumage is brown in summer, changing to white in, winter , The Willow Ptarmigan is common in much of Alaska. * State flower: wild/native
  47. Too low, however; 2,500 Americans died while encamped at Valley Forge in the, winter ,of 1777-78 alone. The number of Revolutionaries seriously wounded or disabled
  48. Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, AC Milan and Ajax Amsterdam. Audi also sponsors, winter ,sports: The Audi IS Alpine Ski World Cup is named after the company.
  49. With the higher levels in the north. Nearly 95 % of the rain falls in the, winter , Rainfall in the upland mountain ranges is heavier. Adequate records are not
  50. The difference is greater than during the summer and somewhat less during the, winter , Inland temperatures are affected more by differences in elevation than by

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