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  1. Chronic heart failure, and nephropathy. However, more studies are needed to, confirm ,these highly preliminary results. While statistically significant results have
  2. S own phone number. They are used in order for the agent in the call center to, confirm ,the phone the customer is calling from, so that a computer can automatically
  3. And relieving factors, and other systemic symptoms. Physical examination may, confirm ,the diagnosis, or may indicate systemic disease. Radiographs are often used to
  4. Methods All biographical sources, as well as the filmmaker’s own comments, confirm ,that Kurosawa was a completely“ hands-on” director, passionately involved in
  5. Controller who suspects an aircraft may have been hijacked may ask the pilot to, confirm ," squawking assigned code. " If the aircraft is not being hijacked, the pilot
  6. Role consideration and was excited about it. Though she did not categorically, confirm ,that she was approached to do the reboot, Morris is not opposed to the idea
  7. Little early to use the term ecliptic, but his knowledge and work on astronomy, confirm ,that he must have observed the inclination of the celestial sphere in relation
  8. Victory of the Romans over the Latins at the battle of Lake Reg illus, and,to, confirm ,the truth of what they had just said, they stroked his black hair and beard
  9. His brother Suleiman II (1687–91) in 1691. Ahmed II's best known act was to, confirm ,Mustafa Copula as grand vizier. Only a few weeks after his accession the
  10. Problem to the attention of physicists, and presented it as a way to indirectly, confirm ,the existence of atoms and molecules. Einstein's Theory There are two parts to
  11. OS. The virus was first described by Kaspersky Lab and requires users to, confirm ,the installation of unknown software before it can propagate. The virus was
  12. Successfully signed André to tag-team with Earthquake. However, when asked, confirm ,by Gene Overland, André denied the claims. This led to Earthquake attacking
  13. That it has a propensity to cause a withdrawal reaction. Hugh James Solicitors, confirm ,this news on their website On January 29, 2007,the BBC in the UK aired a
  14. The Abdul contingent led by Ahmad Khan rushed either to save Nader Shah or to, confirm ,what happened. Upon reaching the King's tent, they were only to see Nader Shah
  15. Independent reconstructions of the temperature record of the past 1000 years, confirm ,that the late 20th century is probably the warmest period in that time * Two
  16. Do what its author wants it to do? A few test cases usually suffice to, confirm ,core functionality. One source uses 3009 and 884. Knuth suggested 40902,24140.
  17. Complies with all the other requirements, the bankruptcy court will typically, confirm ,the plan and the debtor and creditors will be bound by its terms. Creditors
  18. To view a declination of +23.5° then he or she need not wait until 21 June to, confirm ,the site does indeed face the summer solstice. For more information see History
  19. About 500 years after their peak) royal regalia. The desired effect was to, confirm ,the Han emperor's Heavenly Mandate through the continuity offered by his
  20. Reported a diameter of for the longest primary feather, which Paul could not, confirm ,using photographs. Paul measured some inner primary feathers, finding
  21. Invaded the Mediterranean port town of Ceuta. While it is difficult to, confirm ,the use of firearms in the siege of the city, it is known the Portuguese
  22. It to his pupil Thomas Aquinas, shortly before his death. Magnus does not, confirm ,he discovered the stone in his writings, but he did record that he witnessed
  23. Wherein he would have been given the crown from the Archbishop of Bragg, to, confirm , his independence) is a 17th century embellishment of Portuguese history.
  24. Off, king of the continental Angles. 19th-century archeological evidence may, confirm ,elements of the Beowulf story. Edgily was buried at Uppsala, according to
  25. In Solo in the southern Philippines and that DNA tests had been ordered to, confirm ,the discovery. He was allegedly shot in the neck in an encounter with
  26. The Arab with contempt. It was important not to suffer a defeat, for that would, confirm ,and strengthen this instinctive fear. To make certain of victory, Abu Bakr
  27. When a candidate is left unmarked and allow the voter a second chance to, confirm ,the ballot markings are correct. The" single bubble" format is incapable of
  28. Other Western Europeans a more recent study states: Autosomal genetic studies, confirm ,that Basques have a very close relationship with other Europeans, especially
  29. Some of these early Europeans brought enslaved Africans with them. Historians, confirm ,that African slaves lived in the region in the early 17th century. For example
  30. everyone's symptoms are the same, and there is no simple physiological test to, confirm ,the disorder. Bipolar disorder can appear to be unipolar depression. Diagnosing
  31. In urine as part of a drug abuse testing program, in plasma or serum to, confirm ,a diagnosis of poisoning in hospitalized victims, or in whole blood to assist
  32. To reduce boric acid instead of electrolysis. He produced enough boron to, confirm ,a new element and named the element Eboracum. Jobs Jakob Berzelius identified
  33. A physical exam by a physician. Although there are no biological tests which, confirm ,bipolar disorder, tests may be carried out to exclude medical illnesses such as
  34. Plausible hydrogen bonds. Pauling then worked with Corey and Branson to, confirm ,his model before publication. In 1954 Pauling was awarded his first Nobel Prize
  35. The privileges of the noblemen of Hungary and later he was also obliged to, confirm ,the special privileges of the clergy. During his long reign, the central power
  36. AD and from Sorest and Schwartz in Westphalia dating to around the 13th century, confirm ,Theophilus' account as they are open topped, although ceramic discs from Sorest
  37. IX requested him to give up this practice. Finally, Andrew was obliged to, confirm ,the Golden Bull and supplement it with a provision that prohibited the
  38. Down a stag should have one foot mutilated. If genuine, these laws would, confirm ,that beagle-type dogs were present in England before 1016,but it is likely the
  39. Test Inorganic qualitative analysis generally refers to a systematic scheme to, confirm ,the presence of certain, usually aqueous, ions or elements by performing a
  40. Have not been the subject of extensive scientific study, but some studies, confirm ,the minor role of the wrist in power generation, and indicate that the major
  41. Discipline, and are especially concerned with the important question of how to, confirm ,that specific sites are, indeed,intentionally astronomical. The reactions of
  42. Temperature starts rising hundreds of years before increases. Such results, confirm ,that the relationship between and climate can go in both directions: changes in
  43. Wrote to her mother:" I am not in the least astonished. In fact, you merely, confirm ,what I have for years and years felt scarcely a doubt about, but should have
  44. To the selected service. " Call admission" is then performed by the network to, confirm ,that the requested resources are available and that a route exists for the
  45. Ignatius Places and Marcus Titus, gave Octavian the information he needed to, confirm ,with the Senate all the accusations he made against Antony. By storming the
  46. Forth in his affidavit. The acceptance of an affidavit by one society does not, confirm ,its acceptance as a legal document in other jurisdictions. Equally, the
  47. When a low-Earth parking orbit was achieved. After approximately two orbits to, confirm ,the spacecraft was ready to commit to the lunar trip, the engine was restarted
  48. Chemistry will be discovered; * Mathematical studies of galaxy formation will, confirm ,that it is sensitive to the rate of expansion of the universe. Hogan has
  49. Those named on the list to deny their membership and said that they would, confirm ,that in writing if required. The BNP claimed it contained the names of persons
  50. 2003 and again in 2005. Kournikova herself has consistently refused to directly, confirm ,or deny the status of her personal relationships. But in May 2007,Enrique

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