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  1. Event will occur, he can easily be referred to the visual calendar. Use of a, visual ,calendar can also be helpful in assisting the child to understand when
  2. Usage in both everyday speech and academic discourse is a practitioner in the, visual ,arts only. The term is often used in the entertainment business, especially in
  3. As a result, the child becomes more independent. The following" low" tech, visual ,support strategies can be created and used to benefit and assist the child in
  4. Email to users with whom they have pre-existing business relationships, with a, visual ,indication that the email is from a trusted source and without the risk that
  5. That doesn't require the audience's careful attention, often relying on, visual ,cues. Actors playing male roles appear to have worn pantyhose over grotesque
  6. Through daily routine tasks. Claims Since children with autism process, visual ,information easier than auditory information, when utilizing assistive
  7. As opposed to specially created items. ** Graphic animation uses non-drawn flat, visual ,graphic material (photographs, newspaper clippings, magazines,etc.) which
  8. As part of mathematics, primarily as an aid to faster mental calculation. Using, visual ,imagery of a Saroyan can arrive at the answer in the same time (or faster) as
  9. In autistic individuals with respect to attention, orientiation to auditory and, visual ,stimuli, novelty detection, language and face processing, and information
  10. Impairment Assistive technology for visual impairment Many people with serious, visual ,impairments live independently, using a wide range of tools and techniques.
  11. And vocal synthesis, at the same time processing lip synchronization and, visual ,recognition by 90-degree micro-CCD cameras with face recognition technology. An
  12. Like spoken languages. Like other sign languages, it is a manual language and a, visual ,language: information is encoded not in sounds but with the shape and movement
  13. Dasher, German mountaineer (d. 1994) *1934 – Paul Paulsen, Dutch composer, visual ,and sound artist * 1934 – Sudhakar Nail, Indian politician (d. 2001) *1936
  14. Of robots and mechatronic devices Mobility impairment Assistive technology for, visual ,impairment Many people with serious visual impairments live independently
  15. Child asks when a particular event will occur, he can easily be referred to the, visual ,calendar. Use of a visual calendar can also be helpful in assisting the child
  16. Worked in close collaboration with cinematographer Vadim Yukon, and much of the, visual ,style of Tarkovsky's films can be attributed to this collaboration. Tchaikovsky
  17. Mix the styles, creating an intellectually Romantic work using a Neoclassical, visual ,style, for example. Great artists closely associated with Romanticism
  18. In between their hooves, to plunge us into the chaos of that battle in a, visual ,way that is really quite unprecedented, both in Kurosawa’s own work and in the
  19. Where a blow torch is used therefore require some expertise, since no, visual ,signs reveal how close the material is to melting. Aluminum alloys, like all
  20. Scripts and creating detailed illustrations, intending to leave behind a, visual ,record of his plans in case he would never be able to film his stories. Two
  21. Or reflected into the eyes, he states that therefore" the extramission of, visual ,rays is superfluous and useless. " Alhazen's problem His work on cathartics in
  22. Equipment, such as cameras, to study light from the sky in both the, visual ,and non- visual parts of the spectrum. Commercial telescopes are available new
  23. Process of sight, the structure of the eye, image formation in the eye, and the, visual ,system. He also described what became known as Hering's law of equal
  24. Refer to anime as an art form. As a visual medium, it can emphasize, visual ,styles. The styles can vary from artist to artist or from studio to studio.
  25. Science fiction writer (d. 2007) *1936 – Helen Berman, Dutch-Israeli, visual , artist * 1937 – Peter Mai via, Samoan professional wrestler (d. 1982) * 1937 –
  26. Played by men but were easily recognized in long, saffron tunics. Sometimes the, visual ,cues are deliberately confused for comic effect, as in The Frogs, where
  27. Morris, American delta blues musician *1956 – Sebastian Spring, Argentinean, visual , artist * 1956 – Di lip Vengsarkar, Indian cricketer and administrator * 1960 –
  28. To remove uncertainty just where it has a high aesthetic value. ” Visual art In, visual ,art, certain images are visual ly ambiguous, such as the Becker cube, which can
  29. Conditions are excluded as disabilities, such as current substance abuse and, visual ,impairment which is correctable by prescription lenses. The" original intent "
  30. 1934 – Anton Gee sink, Dutch judo (d. 2010) * 1934 – Guy Pellet, Belgian, visual , artist (d. 2008) *1935 – Douglas Hill, Canadian-born science fiction writer (
  31. Can be difficult to distinguish from live action and are commonly used as, visual ,effects for recent movies. Toy Story (1995,USA) is the first feature-length
  32. And will ease transition through adulthood. There are numerous ways to present, visual ,schedules for example an object schedule,3-ring binder schedule, clipboard
  33. Her fictional-turned-real characters, Poirot. The heroine of Liar-Soft's 2008, visual , novel Shikoku no Sharon: What a Beautiful Tomorrow, Mary Clarissa Christie
  34. Church in Australia and an amateur astronomer who holds the all-time record for, visual ,discoveries of supernovae. * Clinton B. Ford (1913–1992),who specialized in
  35. Members – would go to create a foundation dedicated to the" advancement of the, visual ,arts ". Warhol had so many possessions that it took Sotheby's nine days to
  36. we're giving them information through their strongest processing area (, visual ,). Therefore, various types of technology from" low" tech to" high" tech
  37. Improving quality of life for those with learning disabilities and, visual ,impairments. Spell assist programs and voice-recognition facilities are also
  38. Height must be 5 ft 2 in to 6 ft 2 in (1.63 to 1.88 m). * Distant, visual ,acuity must be correctable to 20/20 in each eye. *The refractive surgical
  39. Underdetermination. Logical ambiguity and self-contradiction is analogous to, visual ,ambiguity and impossible objects, such as the Becker cube and impossible cube
  40. The Foundation remains one of the largest grant-giving organizations for the, visual ,arts in the U. S. Works Paintings By the beginning of the 1960s,Warhol had
  41. Occurrence of challenging behaviors. Consistent daily use of an individualized, visual ,schedule will increase a child's organization skills and independent
  42. Visual characteristics Many commentators refer to anime as an art form. As a, visual ,medium, it can emphasize visual styles. The styles can vary from artist to
  43. Laboratory. * Pass a strict physical examination, and have a near and distant, visual ,acuity correctable to 20/20 (6/6). Blood pressure, while sitting, must be no
  44. The highest rank, and highly regarded as one of the most prominent explorers of, visual ,communication and sight-related theories as well. Early life Aldous Huxley was
  45. Animation refers to non-Japanese works of animation that emulate the, visual ,style of anime. Most of these works are created by studios in the United States
  46. An American painter, printmaker,and filmmaker who was a leading figure in the, visual ,art movement known as pop art. After a successful career as a commercial
  47. In writing instruction. He even went so far as to decorate his schoolroom with, visual ,elements he thought would inspire learning: paintings, books,comfortable
  48. One' ): muse of comedy and bucolic poetry No muse was identified with the, visual ,arts of painting and sculpture. In Ancient Greece sculptors and painters were
  49. One of the defining functions of early twentieth century art has been to use, visual ,images to bring about political change. Art movements that had this
  50. Pictures or photographs may also be ambiguous at the semantic level: the, visual ,image is unambiguous, but the meaning and narrative may be ambiguous: is a

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