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  1. Resignation as Prime Minister to Queen Elizabeth II and to recommend that she, invite ,the Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron, to form a government. He resigned
  2. Was buried on Christmas Eve. Inauguration Jackson was the first President to, invite ,the public to attend the White House ball honoring his first inauguration. Many
  3. Between the two men, they had a certain rapport. Fox felt moved to, invite ,Cromwell to" lay down his crown at the feet of Jesus"—which, however,Cromwell
  4. Feeders, hummingbird feeders and birdbaths are all good options to, invite ,birds to visit one's garden and also make good ornaments. Large accessories
  5. 2005 in California. The chemistry between Trucks and Clapton convinced him to, invite ,The Derek Trucks Band to open for Clapton's set at his 2007 Crossroads Guitar
  6. These parties, the organizers keep themselves under house arrest for 24 hours, invite ,their friends, and learn more about Burma and Sung San Sub FYI. * The Freedom
  7. And in the belief that a personal meeting will be fruitful for both of us, I, invite , you to come aboard, where you'll be welcomed to stay as long as you wish; I
  8. France's aerobatics team fly above. In recent times, it has become customary to, invite ,units from France's allies to the parade; in 2004 during the centenary of the
  9. As many numbers as he knew. He was sufficiently affected by what he heard to, invite ,two local musicians, guitarist Winfield" Scotty" Moore and upright bass
  10. Loudly as he could. The band was received so well that Sullivan was forced to, invite ,them back for a third appearance. Holly's response was that Sullivan didn't
  11. Even amongst his nobles, and it was several of his Afghan nobles who were to, invite ,Babur's intervention. Ba bur assembled a 12,000-man army, and advanced into
  12. To recruit professional players from the prep ranks. The tournament did not, invite ,minority schools or private/parochial schools. The National Catholic
  13. This book, Gardner began to increasingly court publicity, going so far as to, invite ,the press to write articles about the religion. Many of these turned out very
  14. Scientific literature prompted the editors of 'Proceedings of the IEEE' to, invite ,Robert John, then Dean of the School of Engineering at Princeton University, too
  15. Since they view communion as a means to unity, rather than an end, and, invite , all believing Christians to participate. Some groups depart from this
  16. And administration budgets and to soften the tendering process in order to, invite ,more EU companies. In April 2008,the EU transport ministers approved the
  17. Revised the storyline and the improvements impressed the editor sufficiently to, invite ,Barks try his hand at contributing both the script and the artwork of his
  18. To the elders and nobles who lived near Na both. They are to arrange a feast and, invite ,Na both. At the feast, false charges of cursing God and Ahab are to be made
  19. Abbots dined in their own private hall, the Rule of St Benedict charged them to, invite ,their monks to their table, provided there was room, on which occasions the
  20. Student body held a referendum on whether or not to, invite ,ROTC back to campus, and the students who voted were almost evenly divided on
  21. With his political career, as well. John Kennedy, as president, was known to, invite ,former congressional colleagues to the White House for a drink. On one occasion
  22. To oppose the call to depose Northern. Northern agrees, adds that Hen gist may, invite ,over whom he pleases and tells Hen gist that" you shall have no refusal from me
  23. To anyone. Because they expose more assumptions, E-Prime statements may often, invite ,challenge more readily than those made using the verb" to be ". This is
  24. Executive Committee. Those involved probably realized that their plot would, invite ,war between Austria and Serbia. They had every reason to expect that Russia
  25. In that case, eh? Is used to confirm the attention of the listener and to, invite ,a supportive noise such as mm or oh or okay. This usage is also common in
  26. English:" Commons" ), proceed with verification of its own powers and, invite ,the other two estates to take part, but not to wait for them. They proceeded to
  27. Of member state public sector debt is not an option is that it would ultimately, invite ,speculative attacks on the European currency and undermine its value. By early
  28. Is the type of courage that makes our democracy work ... Pulling back this, invite ,is against the whole principle about what we fight for and profess to be about.
  29. An associate member of Mercosur and a full member of APEC. The OECD agreed to, invite ,Chile to be among four countries to open discussions in becoming an official
  30. It. Painted lead can cheat this test because lead is softer than gold (and may, invite ,a small risk of lead poisoning if sufficient lead is absorbed by the biting).
  31. As bridges between theory and practice. No other genres so actively, invite ,representations of the ultimate goals of feminism: worlds free of sexism
  32. They met again in Padua in 1351,Boccaccio on an official mission to, invite ,Petrarch to take a chair at the university in Florence. Although unsuccessful
  33. The poor British performance in the early months of the war forced Asquith to, invite ,the Conservatives into a coalition (on 17 May 1915). This marked the end of
  34. Caesar took with him a substantially larger force and proceeded to coerce or, invite ,many of the native Celtic tribes to pay tribute and give hostages in return for
  35. Of political implications the marriage could have. Tiberius carefully staged to, invite ,Agrippina to dinner at the imperial palace. At dinner, Tiberius offered
  36. S Witnesses, in addition to their regular offer of in-home Bible studies also, invite ,anyone that may be interested to attend this special night. The week of the
  37. Mid-week competition, convinced the New South Wales Rugby League (NSWRL) to, invite ,a Queensland-based team into the competition. In 1995,the Super League War
  38. Francis A. & Edward K. During the late 1960s,press agent Lee Solvers would, invite ,columnists and their spouses into Sinatra's dressing room just before he was
  39. Have originated with the magical belief that to speak the word" death" was to, invite ,death; where to" draw Death's attention" is the ultimate bad fortune — a
  40. Violin, becoming proficient enough on the latter for the musical director to, invite ,him to join the orchestra, with which he performed until the age of 18. He was
  41. Or her own partner. In the short break between individual dances, women and men, invite ,each other to dance. Booking ahead (lining up a partner or partners ahead of
  42. By the Honored Mates aboard an Xian no-ship. The Honored Mates insist Tarawa, invite ,Ten to the ship, hoping to gain control of the folk project. Ten manages to
  43. They appear to us" ( phenomena) as an invitation to skepticism. Rather than, invite ,such skepticism, Fichte made the radical suggestion that we should throw out
  44. Relations also were improved by Hoyte's efforts to respect human rights, invite ,international observers for the 1992 elections, and reform electoral laws. The
  45. Law, excommunication is a censure and thus a" medicinal penalty" intended to, invite ,the person to change behavior or attitude, to repent and return to full
  46. A Dinner Party for Action Against Hunger. The idea is that you sign up online, invite ,friends around for dinner and then ask them to make a donation to Action
  47. Sullivan was wary of the singer's bad-boy style and said that he would never, invite ,Presley on his program. Presley became too big a name to ignore, and Sullivan
  48. Have been sent to their deaths instead. A courtier, Osric, interrupts to, invite ,Hamlet to fence with Laertes. Despite Horatio's warnings, Hamlet accepts and
  49. Stepfather arranged for a private ceremony back in New Orleans and neglected to, invite ,any of his friends from the music industry. To fulfill Parsons' funeral wishes
  50. The piece. Even art that superficially depicts a mundane event or object, may, invite , reflection upon elevated themes. Traditionally, the highest achievements of art

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