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  1. And privatization, isolationism and internationalism, as has the, conservative ,side of Australian politics. In the aftermath of World War I and the Russian
  2. Coup: he abolished King Milan's liberal constitution of 1888 and restored the, conservative ,one of 1869. His attitude during the Greco-Turkish War (1897) was one of
  3. Uprisings. After most of these attempts at systematic change ended in failure, conservative ,elements took advantage of the divided groups of socialists, anarchists
  4. Generally supports free-market policies and the US Alliance and tends to be, conservative ,on some social issues. The National Left, although it seldom openly espouses
  5. Radical Republicans of the Northeast who saw slavery a sin, with the, conservative ,Republicans who thought it was bad because it hurt white people and blocked
  6. Who had been born a Quaker, had converted to the Exclusive Brethren, a more, conservative ,faction of a Christian denomination known as the Plymouth Brethren, as had his
  7. Target). Such caricatures seem to imply that Aristophanes was an old-fashioned, conservative , yet that view of him leads to contradictions. The writing of plays was a craft
  8. Romanian poet, journalist,and politician * Adrian Rogers, American pastor, conservative , author * Adrian Rolling, American multi-instrumentalist best known for his
  9. Over Italy. His progressive operatic style caused him some trouble with more, conservative ,musicians, like Benedetto Marcello, a magistrate and amateur musician who wrote
  10. The need of social and industrial reform, and further entrench the power of the, conservative ,forces. The first Labor leader and Prime Minister, Chris Watson, was a
  11. Suggests that Augustus' deification, coupled with Tiberius' " extremely, conservative ," attitude towards religion, obliged Tiberius to suppress any open resentment
  12. Nation, but Democratic control of the region slipped after that. Since 1980, conservative , Alabama voters have increasingly voted for Republican candidates at the Federal
  13. Abyssinia to live in the palace. Some historians speculate that it was his, conservative ,powerbase's disapproval of his foreign, non-Orthodox bride, more so than her
  14. Or Italian speakers. However, there is some mutual comprehensibility between, conservative ,varieties of Arabic even across significant geographical distances. This
  15. Toward ill digested schemes of reform. " Randall concludes that," he was, conservative ,in his complete avoidance of that type of so-called 'radicalism' which
  16. Businesses, called the ADA“ a disaster for small business. ” Pro-business, conservative ,commentators joined in opposition, writing that the Americans with Disabilities
  17. Millennium, as in" fourth century AD" or" second millennium AD" ( although, conservative ,usage formerly rejected such expressions). Because BC is the English
  18. Parliament is controlled by a coalition of three political parties: the, conservative ,Republican Party http://www.hhk.am,the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, and
  19. That led to a hugely successful world car. The Audi image at this time was a, conservative ,one, and so, a proposal from chassis engineer Jörg Ben singer was accepted to
  20. Atheist, the political figures who cite Rand as an influence are most often, conservative ,or libertarian members of the United States Republican Party. A 1987 article in
  21. The Reagan administration's" novelist laureate ". Republican Congressmen and, conservative ,pundits have acknowledged her influence on their lives and recommended her
  22. To the pregnancy, lack of social support, pre-existing psychiatric illness, and, conservative , views on abortion increase the likelihood of experiencing negative feelings
  23. Bishops engaging in heresy, other historians recognize Arius as providing a, conservative ,response against the politicization of Christianity, or a defender of original
  24. Liberals, and the social democratic New Democrats. A fourth party, the strongly, conservative ,Social Credit Party, was a power in Alberta for many decades, but fell from the
  25. Nearly 5,000 years ago). The written language is distinct from and more, conservative ,than all the spoken varieties, and the two exist in a state known as
  26. Of the moral fiber of the West were generally well received in Western, conservative ,circles (for example, before being denied the opportunity by then-president
  27. Too vocal, leading the paper to a suit of law for libel against the local, conservative ,candidate. The paper lost the suit and was forced to fold due to financial
  28. Of Alberta. Alberta's elections tend to yield results which are much more, conservative ,than those of other Canadian provinces. Alberta has traditionally had three
  29. Since 1977 by the June Union, the youth branch of Germany's two main, conservative ,political parties, the CDU and CSU, and attracts all age groups from Babelsberg
  30. Through some basic concepts of our time. " In the National Review, conservative ,author Whittaker Chambers called the book" sophomoric" and" remarkably silly
  31. For the blessing of same-sex unions (see homosexuality and Anglicanism). More, conservative ,elements within Anglicanism (primarily African churches and factions within
  32. Space Center. The restored video, remaining in black and white, contains, conservative , digital enhancements and did not include sound quality improvements.
  33. Won several awards. Political influence Although she rejected the labels ", conservative ," and" libertarian," Rand has had continuing influence on right-wing politics
  34. Elections, knowing they would be 75-85 % Republican. Stanton was one of many, conservative ,Democrats (he supported Breckenridge in the 1860 election) who became
  35. Point, Agassi would often pass up an opportunity to attempt a winner and hit a, conservative ,shot to minimize his errors, and to make his opponent run more. Agassi's serve
  36. Of Oriental (Non-Chalcedonianism) Orthodoxy, which is a very ritualistic, conservative ,church, roughly comparable to the Coptic and Syrian churches. Armenia also has
  37. Critical of Agrippina the Younger, because she was seen as stepping outside the, conservative ,Roman ideals regarding the roles of women in society. Modern * (EDD. )
  38. Peninsula, followed by that between sedentary varieties and the much more, conservative ,Bedouin varieties. All the varieties outside the Arabian Peninsula (
  39. Constantly ranks in the bottom group. According to The Heritage Foundation,a, conservative ,American think tank, oil production from Angola has increased so significantly
  40. Limited government. Although her political views are often classified as, conservative ,or libertarian, she preferred the term" radical for capitalism ". She worked
  41. Ancient dramatist would have a permanent place in proletarian theater and yet, conservative , Prussian intellectuals interpreted Aristophanes as a satirical opponent of
  42. Power in 1919 and introduces many economic, social,and legal reforms. However, conservative ,forces crushed BZNS in a 1923 coup and assassinated its leader, Aleksandar
  43. By volume. NOSH recently reduced the IDLE from 500 to 300 based on recent more, conservative ,interpretations of original research in 1943. IDLE (Immediately Dangerous to
  44. To talk about taboo subjects made him a controversial figure during the, conservative ,1950s,and a significant figure in the 1960s. In the mid-1950s,no reputable
  45. Such as Friedrich Hayek, although Rudd describes himself as" basically a, conservative ,when it comes to questions of public financial management ", pointing to his
  46. Sufficient. He thought that the trade-union movement was reformist and even, conservative , citing as essentially bourgeois and anti-worker the phenomenon of professional
  47. System of axiomatic set theory like Von Neumann–Bernays–Gödel set theory,a, conservative ,extension of ZFC. Sometimes slightly stronger theories such as Morse-Kelley set
  48. Were not citizens, such as slaves, were also excluded from the audience. ) The, conservative ,views expressed in the plays might therefore reflect the attitudes of a
  49. The other Johnson and his allies in the Democratic Party in the North, and the, conservative ,groupings in the South. The decisive battle was the election of 1866,in which
  50. A significantly simplified system is used, approximating the system of the, conservative ,spoken varieties. MSA uses much Classical vocabulary (e.g. " To go" ) that

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