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  1. Spongiosis, the presence of astrocytes, and a number of inclusions including, characteristic ," skein-like" inclusions, Bunina bodies, and vacuolisation. Bunin bodies were
  2. Becomes more comfortable with the interviewer. This type of variation is, characteristic ,of the diglossia that exists throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Literary
  3. And many original Japanese cartoons were produced in the ensuing decades,the, characteristic ,anime style developed in the 1960s—notably with the work of SAMU Tea—and
  4. 3) Korean had split off from the other three before they underwent a series of, characteristic ,changes. Roy Andrew Miller's 1971 book Japanese and the Other Altaic Languages
  5. Uric acid as nitrogenous waste. Properties Ammonia is a colorless gas with a, characteristic ,pungent smell. It is lighter than air, its density being 0.589 times that of
  6. Of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula. It is a colorless gas with a, characteristic ,pungent odor. Ammonia contributes significantly to the nutritional needs of
  7. Useful in the identification of Pass. Most Pass are also fluorescent, emitting, characteristic , wavelengths of light when they are excited (when the molecules absorb light).
  8. This is simply referred to as a 3/4 shot. The French critics thought it was, characteristic ,of American films of the 1930s or 1940s; however, it was mostly characteristic
  9. The existing mythical and the new rational way of thought which is the main, characteristic ,of the archaic period (8th to 6th century BC) in the Greek city states.
  10. Are notable for having no other groups, and therefore for the absence of other, characteristic ,spectroscopic features. Infrared spectroscopy The carbon–hydrogen stretching
  11. N such that the proposition is valid for every algebraically closed field with, characteristic ,p when p > N. Every field F has some extension which is algebraically closed.
  12. To, sometimes even to. This region is not always marked by the presence of the, characteristic ,trees. Human interference has nearly exterminated them in many areas, and
  13. For the air pollution problems the city has recently faced. This issue is not, characteristic ,of Athens alone; for instance, Los Angeles and Mexico City also suffer from
  14. If such a proposition is valid for an algebraically closed field with, characteristic ,0,then not only is it valid for all other algebraically closed fields with
  15. Examples Kline According to Charles Ferguson, the following are some, characteristic ,features of the Kline that underlies all the modern dialects outside the
  16. States are known which range from +2 to +7 and can be identified via their, characteristic ,optical absorption spectra. The crystal lattice of solid americium and its
  17. Standards—simple lines, shapes,and flat areas of color combined with the, characteristic ,flat projection of figures with no indication of spatial depth—created a sense
  18. Composite ', an older but still valid name, means composite and refers to the, characteristic ,inflorescence, a special type of pseudanthium found in only a few others
  19. Pass, the occurrence of specific structures is much smaller. Pass possess very, characteristic ,UV absorbance spectra. These often possess many absorbance bands and are unique
  20. Represented by the Arabic letter () and has many standard pronunciations. Is, characteristic ,of Iraq and most of the Arabian Peninsula; occurs in the Levant and North
  21. Some eigenvector. An endomorphic of FN has an eigenvector if and only if its, characteristic ,polynomial has some root. Therefore, when F is algebraically closed, every
  22. Later Annalists called mentalities, or the psychology of the epoch, are also, characteristic ,areas of study. The goal of the Annals was to undo the work of the
  23. S 1960 article" Modernist Painting" defines modern art as" the use of, characteristic ,methods of a discipline to criticize the discipline itself ". Greenberg
  24. To the churches and other buildings erected by them. The defining architectural, characteristic ,of the Cistercian abbeys was the most extreme simplicity and a studied
  25. Amyotrophic therefore means" no muscle nourishment," which describes the, characteristic ,eutrophication of the sufferer's disused muscle tissue. Lateral identifies the
  26. Countries where she is head of state maintain prayers for her as sovereign. A, characteristic ,of Anglicanism is that it has no international juridical authority. All
  27. Those of Carinthia, Styria,Vienna, Upper Austria, and the Tirol being very, characteristic , Speakers from those regions, even those speaking Standard German, can usually
  28. Are almond shaped, and the head is massive with a two plane profile. Another, characteristic ,is the tail, which is often kept parallel to the back. Angora rabbit The Angora
  29. Iodate, hydroxide,phosphate and other salts. All oxidation states have their, characteristic ,optical absorption spectra, with a few sharp peaks in the visible and
  30. Of art demonstrate a high level of ability or fluency within a medium. This, characteristic ,might be considered a point of contention, since many modern artists (most
  31. Force, which only acts over distances on the order of 1 FM. Each element has a, characteristic ,spectrum that can depend on the nuclear charge, subshells filled by electrons
  32. Not fused to each other at their foot ends. He suggested that this was a sexual, characteristic , with females lacking fused bones to make egg-laying easier. And had three
  33. The following sample of Huxley's own words from The Art of Seeing. " The most, characteristic ,fact about the functioning of the total organism, or any part of the organism
  34. Artists of the Early Renaissance and the High Renaissance developed their, characteristic ,styles from the observation of nature and the formulation of a pictorial
  35. Taken to be the presence of reproductive organs with protective cell layers,a, characteristic ,not found in the other alga groups. Symbiotic algae Some species of algae form
  36. A given root can construct up to fifteen different verbs, each with one or more, characteristic ,meanings and each with its own templates for the past and non-past stems
  37. Is a common cause at the genetic, cognitive,and neural levels for autism's, characteristic ,triad of symptoms. Complexity arises due to interactions among multiple genes
  38. Was a prolific source of apocryphal gospels. While these writings borrowed the, characteristic ,poetic features of apocalyptic literature from Judaism, Gnostic sects largely
  39. Has roots. But if q (x) = in + an − 1xn − 1+ ··· + a0,then q (x) is the, characteristic ,polynomial of the companion matrix:
  40. Was, from the outset, a movement with an explicitly episcopal polity,a, characteristic ,which has been vital in maintaining the unity of the Communion by conveying the
  41. Characteristic of American films of the 1930s or 1940s; however, it was mostly, characteristic ,of cheaper American movies, such as Charlie Chan mysteries where people
  42. And Olmec. Each of these centers of early civilization developed a unique and, characteristic ,style in its art. Because of the size and duration of these civilizations, more
  43. 0,then not only is it valid for all other algebraically closed fields with, characteristic ,0,but there is some natural number N such that the proposition is valid for
  44. The americium concentration of 0.01 M. The resulting reddish solution had a, characteristic ,optical absorption spectrum which is similar to that of AmF4 but differed from
  45. Are generally easy to distinguish from other plants, mainly because of their, characteristic ,inflorescence and many shared apomorphies. The mature seeds usually have little
  46. Habros + data) explaining the alternation between b and pH as a" familiar ", characteristic ,of Greek" obvious from the Macedonians ". Mythology Birth Aphrodite is usually
  47. Of its longer dimension to its shorter dimension. It may be applied to two, characteristic ,dimensions of a three-dimensional shape, such as the ratio of the longest and
  48. Field, then it is true for every algebraically closed field with the same, characteristic , Furthermore, if such a proposition is valid for an algebraically closed field
  49. Brahmacharya) # Non-possession or non-materialism (Aparigraha) A major, characteristic ,of Jain belief is the emphasis on the consequences of not only physical but
  50. Cinema that he called" sculpting in time ". By this he meant that the unique, characteristic ,of cinema as a medium was to take our experience of time and alter it. Unedited

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