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  1. Around 446 BC, they were given the authority to care for the decrees of the, senate ,( senate s consult). When a senate s consul tum was passed, it would be
  2. Head, usually a member of the faculty of that department. The faculty, senate ,represents members of the faculty when decisions are taken. Faculty Campuses In
  3. Wealthy. Since this office was a stepping stone to higher office and the, senate , it helped to ensure that only wealthy individuals (mostly landowners) would
  4. Died in the Petropavlovskaya fortress in Saint Petersburg, two days after the, senate ,had condemned him to death for conspiring rebellion against his father, and for
  5. Are appointed by the Governor of New York" with the advice and consent of the, senate ," and five by the Mayor of New York City" with the advice and consent of the
  6. In the country. Assassination The general impression was that, as much as the, senate ,was packed with men devoted to the royal couple and the government obtained a
  7. The time, Gough Whitley, was dismissed by the Governor-General. The Australian, senate ,had threatened to block the Government's budget by refusing to pass the
  8. Passed over" ) is equivalent to e Senate eject (those removed from the, senate ,). In some cases, however,the censors did not acquiesce to this simple mode of
  9. Dominated by monks and priests and theological disputes. The town council or, senate ,gave way to the bishop as the main local figurehead. During the middle of the
  10. All previous federal civil rights legislation and had supported the original, senate ,version of the bill, Goldwater made the decision to oppose the Civil Rights Act
  11. Of a bill by the state assembly alone does not change the law and the state, senate ,and governor had not yet endorsed the bill. Such a tax was in effect for some
  12. Large one,4,000 pounds of gold. Under strong pressure from Silicon, the Roman, senate ,consented to promise its payment. But three months later, Stilicho and the
  13. Proclaimed heir-presumptive to the throne. Meanwhile, the independence of the, senate ,and of the council of state caused increasing irritation to King Alexander. In
  14. Was paid into the aquarium, which was entirely under the jurisdiction of the, senate ,; and all disbursements were made by order of this body, which employed the
  15. Party. When the new Progressive Party declined to run a candidate in his state, senate ,district, Coolidge won reelection against his Democratic opponent by an
  16. The city. At the conclusion of his first speech, Catiline hurriedly left the, senate , (which was being held in the Temple of Jupiter Stator). In his following
  17. With it, he deemed it necessary to request permission from the Venetian, senate , whose servant he considered himself to be, in consideration of the pension.
  18. Rather scared. When the news spread that Agrippina had died, the Roman army, senate ,and various people sent him letters of congratulations that he had murdered his
  19. Public expense. They also requested that Claudius be allowed to debate in the, senate , Tiberius turned down both motions, but the sentiment remained. During the
  20. Instituting a second siege and blockade of Rome in 409,came to terms with the, senate , With their consent, he set up a rival emperor, the prefect of the city, a
  21. The Crisis of the Third Century had risen from the ranks, remained outside the, senate , in which they were included only by Constantine's children. Monetary reforms
  22. Place, impose order and other rules of the session, meet in the name of the, senate ,with embassies of foreign countries, and write in the name of the senate
  23. Strengthening of the judiciary, the creation of a partially elected 100-member, senate , the creation of regional councils, and the fixing of the presidential term to
  24. And five by the Mayor of New York City" with the advice and consent of the, senate , " The final two trustees are ex-officio members. One is the chair of the
  25. Extend term of office to 7 years, establish a senate , and make president of the, senate ,interim successor to the president. Laurent Garbo took power following a
  26. Pius VI Before his departure for Rome, his friends had applied to the Venetian, senate ,for a pension, to enable him to pursue his studies without embarrassment. The
  27. His ignominy for holding any of the magistrates which opened the way to the, senate , he might at the next census again become a senator. #The adoption equip, or the
  28. Of Rome's civil wars, that he once again assume command of the provinces. The, senate ,'s proposal was a ratification of Octavian's extra-constitutional power.
  29. After the intervention of recently elected tribune Titus Genius Milo,the, senate ,voted in favor of recalling Cicero from exile. Claudius cast a single vote
  30. Rat her Bürgermeister),led by the city's governing mayor, which advises the, senate , The localities have no local government bodies, and the administrative duties
  31. And the burden larger. This was partly due to the ongoing hostility of the, senate , as mentioned above, but also due to his respect for the senators. Claudius did
  32. The constitutional history of Serbia the system of two chambers (Kristina and, senate ,). This reconciled the political parties but did not reconcile the army which
  33. Also states that Romulus ruled for 37 years. He was either slain by the, senate ,or disappeared in the 38th year of his reign. Most of these have been recorded
  34. That rewards the two largest representations. Therefore, there are only two, senate ,and two deputy seats apportioned to each electoral district, parties are forced
  35. To some of these provisions, to extend term of office to 7 years, establish a, senate , and make president of the senate interim successor to the president. Laurent
  36. Or they divided between them the money, which had been granted to them by the, senate , They were let out to contractors, like the other works mentioned above, and
  37. Polytechnic University of Bucharest). The award was given in the academic, senate ,chamber, after which Tenenbaum gave a lecture on his vision of the future of
  38. Polish election, Albert Frederick attempted to gain acceptance to the Polish, senate ,but was opposed by the powerful Jan Kaminski (later Grand Hetman of the Crown
  39. Arsonists, the Abdul sent Diviciacus, the druid, to Rome to appeal to the, senate ,for help, but his mission was unsuccessful. On his arrival in Gaul (58 BC)
  40. Was a ratification of Octavian's extra-constitutional power. Through the, senate ,Octavian was able to continue the appearance of a still-functional constitution
  41. In January 1996. The amendments call for the establishment of a 100-member, senate , as part of a bicameral legislature, the creation of regional councils, and the
  42. Composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The 102-seat Colombian, senate ,is elected nationally, and the Representatives are elected by every region and
  43. As its U. S. senator. Lincoln–Douglas debates and Cooper Union speech The 1858, senate , campaign featured the seven Lincoln–Douglas debates of 1858,the most famous
  44. Expressed or implied ... The public, whether represented by a monarch or by a, senate , can pledge nothing but the public estate; and it can have no public estate
  45. And to meet the expenses connected with this part of their duties,the, senate ,voted them a certain sum of money or certain revenues, to which they were
  46. The presiding magistrate, but eventually gained the power to open and close the, senate ,sessions, decide the agenda, decide where the session should take place, impose
  47. See of new Rome” because“ the city which is honored by the imperial power and, senate ,and enjoying privileges equaling older imperial Rome should also be elevated to
  48. Beast events in the province, and statues were erected in his honor by the, senate ,of Carthage and of other senate s. Physical appearance There is a description of
  49. Of the senate with embassies of foreign countries, and write in the name of the, senate ,letters and dispatches. This office, like the Tribune, did not own imperium
  50. Intense in 50 BC. Cicero chose to favor Pompey as he was in defense of the, senate ,and Republican tradition, but at the same time he prudently avoided openly

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