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  1. Has been recognized by both East and West, as one of the great figures in, intellectual ,history. George Barton, the author of The History of Science, described In
  2. I will ever write. It is not an autobiography in the literal, but only in the, intellectual ,sense. The plot is invented, the background is not ..." Initial sales were
  3. Reasonable position, but views permanent agnosticism as" fence-sitting, intellectual ,cowardice. " Argon is a chemical element represented by the symbol Ar. Argon
  4. Awakened in his pupil very little love of abstract studies or prolonged, intellectual ,exertion, but he did influence the character of Alexander's reign by
  5. Been dismantled, and it had undergone a transformation from the political to the, intellectual ,center of Greece. Aristophanes was part of this transformation and he shared in
  6. Contract. Anarcho-capitalist Stephan Kinsella opposes both patent and copyright, intellectual ,property. Anarcho-capitalist theorist Roderick Long gives the following example
  7. Gave all types of help to that end. Ashoka also helped to develop vicars (, intellectual ,hubs) such as Neyland and Taxila. Ashoka helped to construct Sancho and
  8. O'Brien, Irish humorist (b. 1911) *1967 – Dang Van NGC, Vietnamese doctor and, intellectual ,(b. 1910) *1968 – LEV Davidic Landau, Russian physicist, Nobel Prize
  9. Of copyrighted material. After a fixed amount of time, the copyright expires on, intellectual ,work, and it enters the public domain, where it can be used without limit.
  10. As the evolution of science and philosophy, the sociology and psychology of the, intellectual ,communities, kabbalism, spiritualism,Rosicrucianism, and other mystic
  11. And social consciousness up to the present day in East Asian countries. The, intellectual ,society of this era was characterized by itinerant scholars, who were often
  12. Thomas Aquinas to Anatole France, clearly seems to me to be hostile to any, intellectual ,or moral advancement. I loathe it, for it is made up of mediocrity, hate,and
  13. Early to the north, and there gradually became white, had to develop all their, intellectual ,powers and invent and perfect all the arts in their struggle with need, want
  14. In the audience thought him awkward and even ugly—Lincoln demonstrated an, intellectual ,leadership that brought him into the front ranks of the party and into
  15. Aristotle's philosophical endeavors encompassed virtually all facets of, intellectual ,inquiry. In the larger sense of the word, Aristotle makes philosophy
  16. Of the social structural possibilities. In Britain, anthropology had a great, intellectual ,impact, it " contributed to the erosion of Christianity, the growth of cultural
  17. Often using quantification and paying special attention to geography and to the, intellectual ,world view of common people, or " mentality" ( mentality). Little attention
  18. His reward in old age. Eating was not only a physical pleasure, it was also an, intellectual ,research. " Poirot is extremely punctual and carries a turnip pocket watch
  19. Was considered, in some academic circles, a leader of modern thought and an, intellectual ,of the highest rank, and highly regarded as one of the most prominent explorers
  20. In its own right. A great diversity of diagnoses, including cerebral palsy, intellectual ,impairment, autism,and many others, cover varying degrees of communication
  21. With a grant or contributor agreement. In this way, the ASF gains the necessary, intellectual ,property rights for the development and distribution of all its projects. Board
  22. De re aedificatoria, De status, De picture),focusing the importance of, intellectual ,skills of the artist rather than the manual skills (even if in other forms of
  23. Of Greece. Aristophanes was part of this transformation, and he shared in the, intellectual ,fashions of the period — the structure of his plays evolves from Old Comedy
  24. The relationships of living things as a Scala natural" Aristotle believed that, intellectual ,purposes, i. e., final causes, guided all natural processes. Such a
  25. The young and believing in strange gods '. His death gave Europe its first ever, intellectual ,hero and martyr, but guaranteed the democracy an eternity of bad press at the
  26. Of the alchemists is analyzed, historians are becoming more aware of the, intellectual ,connections between that discipline and other facets of Western cultural
  27. Skills therapy, and occupational therapy. And is well-established for improving, intellectual ,performance of young children. The appropriateness of including children with
  28. Post-war years. Anarchism continued to be influential in important literary and, intellectual ,personalities of the time such as Albert Camus, Herbert Read, Paul Goodman
  29. Best that empire had ever seen. In the period of his life as heir apparent the, intellectual ,atmosphere of Saint Petersburg was unfavorable to any kind of change: freedom
  30. Viscount Haldane in London, where he met several renowned scientific, intellectual ,and political figures, and delivered a lecture at King's College. In 1922,he
  31. Found safety in Amsterdam. The influx of Flemish printers and the city's, intellectual ,tolerance made Amsterdam a center for the European free press. The 17th century
  32. Puritanical constraints, and gravitates around his continuous effort to achieve, intellectual ,honesty. His self-exploratory texts reflect his search of how to be fully
  33. And incapable of kindness, but totally bereft of autonomy, whether physical, intellectual , or emotional ... Women at their best may only imitate the truths men discover.
  34. Author" over any" literary, dramatic,musical, artistic,or certain other, intellectual ,works" give rights to this person, the owner of the copyright, exclusive right
  35. And schools that flourished from 770 to 221 BC, an era of great cultural and, intellectual ,expansion in China. Even though this period - known in its earlier part as the
  36. Strengths and weaknesses, and developmental patterns for specific types of, intellectual ,disabilities. AAC can be used to aid both spoken and written language, and can
  37. In Athens. (Di pylon Hours). His slender face and the deep eyes express an, intellectual ,eternity. These freestanding statues were usually marble, but also the form
  38. FBI students and Branden himself, have described the culture of FBI as one of, intellectual ,conformity and excessive reverence for Rand, with some describing FBI or the
  39. Account: Huxley's agnosticism is believed to be a natural consequence of the, intellectual ,and philosophical conditions of the 1860s,when clerical intolerance was trying
  40. Camp, and exile also provide crucial material for understanding Solzhenitsyn's, intellectual ,and spiritual odyssey during this period. These" early" works, largely
  41. Penn Gillette: illusionist of the team Penn & Teller. * Stephan Kinsella:, intellectual ,property lawyer and libertarian legal theorist. * Peter Lesson: BB&T Professor
  42. II and Leo X. The works of Petrarch first displayed the new interest in the, intellectual ,values of the Classical world in the early 14th century and the romance of this
  43. That develop new types of seed using genetic engineering. Since companies have, intellectual ,ownership of their seeds, they have the power to dictate terms and conditions
  44. Back science considerably. Bertrand Russell notes that" almost every serious, intellectual ,advance has had to begin with an attack on some Aristotelian doctrine ".
  45. Against capital punishment in collaboration with Arthur Koestler, the writer, intellectual ,and founder of the League Against Capital Punishment. When the Algerian War
  46. His own worst defender. " Johnson acted in accordance with his nature. He had, intellectual ,force, but it worked in a groove. Obstinate rather than firm it undoubtedly
  47. The Ayn Rand mystique" and for" contributing to that dreadful atmosphere of, intellectual ,repressiveness that pervades the Objectives movement. " A heavy smoker, Rand
  48. Reviews, with John Peter of The Sunday Times of London calling it" only an, intellectual ,Rocky Horror Show," and John Gross of The Sunday Telegraph calling it" a
  49. Production or distribution of their work. Any person or entity wishing to use, intellectual ,property held under copyright must receive permission from the copyright holder
  50. Were expelled from the ALP and formed the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) whose, intellectual ,leader was B. A. Santa maria. The DLP was heavily influenced by Catholic social

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