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  1. Things, advised on how to rationalize killings of civilians and recommended to, hire ,professional killers for specific selective tasks. The United States
  2. S" Safety Sax ". He rarely performed in those days, and eventually had to, hire ,other RCA producers like Bob Ferguson and Elton Jarvis to alleviate his
  3. Warner Bros. was impressed with the dailies, prompting them to immediately, hire ,Joel Schumacher to return as director for a sequel. However, writer Akiva
  4. 47 locomotives. This company works closely with DB Checker. *RT Rail, a small, hire ,company with a stock of Class 08 shunting locomotives. *West Coast Railway
  5. Lacked the funds needed to maintain standing forces, so they tended to, hire ,mercenaries to serve in their armies during wartime. Such mercenaries typically
  6. Term ending 70 years after the death of the author. If the work was a work for, hire ,(e.g., those created by a corporation) then copyright persists for 120 years
  7. Of" Cook Puss" they began to incorporate rap into their set. They decided to, hire ,a DJ for their live shows, and ended up getting an NYU student named Rick Rubin
  8. And process engineering. Clinical Engineering departments will sometimes, hire ,not just biomedical engineers, but also industrial/systems engineers to help
  9. Scheduled bus transport, scheduled coach transport, school transport, private, hire , tourism; promotional buses may be used for political campaigns and others are
  10. Of the 21-member AA Board of Trustees. Above the group level, AA may, hire ,outside professionals for services that require specialized expertise or
  11. Pools. It is not possible to rent a car on the island; however, visitors can, hire ,scooters for use as private transport, or use public transport. Arts and
  12. Venues and require mobile rest and recreation facilities. Some couples, hire ,preserved buses for their wedding transport instead of the traditional car.
  13. Operating and driving buses and coaches, many bus and coach uses a private, hire ,of vehicles from charter bus companies, either for a day or two, or a longer
  14. When Pop Warner was hire d to coach Temple for the 1933 season, he chose to, hire ,his own assistants, and Bell was let go. During his coaching tenure at Penn and
  15. From the first film. I remember Jon Peters was very skeptical at first to, hire ,me. " Elfman's work schedule was 12 hours a day,7 days a week. " When
  16. And prestige of the Academy Awards, studios spend millions of dollars and, hire ,publicists specifically to promote their films during what is typically called
  17. To cater for group fares. Companies, private groups and social clubs may, hire ,buses or coaches as a cost-effective method of transporting a group to an event
  18. Connections to Aged and Grenada do Volga). Boats: bolivares in RIA for, hire ,to tourists, for fishing purposes and recreational ones like regattas.
  19. With Anton Furst's designs in The Company of Wolves, and previously failed to, hire ,First as production designer for Beetlejuice. First continued," we imagined
  20. Charter bus operators may be completely independent businesses, or charter, hire ,may be a subsidiary business of a public transport operator who might maintain
  21. To Britain, especially in the second half of the 20th century; these include, hire ,(" to employ" ), quit (" to stop," which spawned quitter in the U. S.),I
  22. B. Mayer spared no expense in spite of the remote location, going so far as to, hire ,the chef from the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood to prepare meals. When Eskimo
  23. Activity such as a summer camp. Entertainment or event companies may also, hire ,temporary shuttles buses for transport at events such as festivals or
  24. Creation of twelve new cardinals granted Alexander enough money for Cesare to, hire ,the condottieri, Vitellozzo Vitally, Gian Paolo Billion, Giulio and Paolo
  25. President and was given authority over the team's football operations. This, hire ,was made after Browns owner Randy Lerner announced that he wished to bring in a
  26. Harry Needle Railroad Company Ltd, an industrial and main line locomotive, hire ,and overhaul company. Operates Class 08 shunting locomotives, and Class 20
  27. Advertising liveries. The practice often extends into the exclusive private, hire ,and use of a bus to promote a brand or product, appearing at large public
  28. In urban areas was to assign the task to precinct leaders, who in turn would, hire ,and send out" census takers ", equipped with pencils, a sheaf of forms, and
  29. Act of deliberately killing someone, especially a public figure, usually for, hire ,or for political reasons. " Assassinations may be prompted by religious
  30. Became a hit in the Netherlands and Belgium. It was then that Marian decided to, hire ,performers to 'front' the group for TV performances. The Katja Wolfe booking
  31. The Caribbean, the Bahama Island chain, and South Florida. They often, hire ,traffickers from Mexico or the Dominican Republic to transport the drug. The
  32. Gold, : Sic a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation. Some money was used to, hire ,spies, such as Daniel Defoe; his first reports were of vivid descriptions of
  33. We cannot prove it. " * Weil's Law of university hiring:" First rate people, hire ,other first-rate people. Second rate people hire third rate people. Third rate
  34. Hiring:" First rate people hire other first-rate people. Second rate people, hire ,third rate people. Third rate people hire fifth rate people. " The Achaeans (
  35. first-rate people. Second rate people hire third rate people. Third rate people, hire ,fifth rate people. " The Achaeans (Greek:, Akhaioí) is one of the collective
  36. That he got his boss Duke Slayton to persuade North American management to, hire ,Went away from McDonnell, and Shirr personally lobbied North American's
  37. In the medieval motif and patriotic theme. The mayor of Calais was tempted to, hire ,Rodin on the spot upon visiting his studio, and soon the memorial was approved
  38. When Catch-22 began preliminary production, Paramount made a decision to, hire ,the Gallant Aviation organization to obtain any available B-25s. Gallant
  39. Conferences. Party buses are used by companies similarly to limousine, hire , for luxury private transport to social events or as a touring experience.
  40. Latin before he learned Swedish. When Linnaeus was seven, Nils decided to, hire ,a tutor for him. The parents picked Johan Te lander, a son of a local yeoman.
  41. Is a contractor who finished the San Sebastián Line. Deign Haggard plans to, hire ,him to lay the new Rear den Metal track for the Rio North Line, but before she
  42. The popularity of the stars can rise and fall rapidly. Directors compete to, hire ,the most popular stars of the day, who are believed to guarantee the success of
  43. Or my men won't work as hard, so I have come to a conclusion that I must, hire ,surgeons to fix the convicts. " Stabilizing the colony By 1790 the situation
  44. All that. With financial support from Sanders and Hubbard, Bell was able to, hire ,Thomas Watson as his assistant and the two of them experimented with acoustic
  45. Or to the three Roscoe (Rolling Stock Operating Companies) which lease or, hire ,stock to passenger and freight train operators. Leasing is relatively
  46. On a share basis in some areas. These, however,are outnumbered by private, hire ,taxis. Bus and rail public transport in Northern Ireland is operated by
  47. Express East Anglia. Spot- hire companies * Middlemen Railways, a locomotive, hire ,& lease company with a stock of locomotives similar to Class 08 & NS 0-6-0 600
  48. Of insurance regulators in 2007 and the government's increasing pressure to, hire ,only locals (" belonged" ) in the insurance industry. Official reports from
  49. Systems and fan bases that could generate revenues enabling teams to, hire ,the best players in the country. A number of other leagues, including the
  50. In debt. In the Chinese publishing industry before the 1980s,publishers had to, hire ,a team of workers, selecting a few thousand type pieces from an enormous

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