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  1. Five books: The banjo is a four or five stringed instruments with a piece of, plastic ,or animal skin stretched over a circular frame. Simpler forms of the instrument
  2. And comic books. Spiral-bound books are bound by spirals made of metal or, plastic , Examples of spiral-bound books include: teachers' manuals and puzzle books (
  3. Appliance than a piece of electronic equipment. The lid popped off the beige, plastic ,case without the use of tools, allowing access to the computer's internals
  4. The start of the game, including clay, bakelite, celluloid,crystalline, ivory, plastic , steel and wood. The dominant material from 1627 until the early 20th century
  5. Been successfully used in recent decades for hothouse cultivation under clear, plastic ,of strawberries, raspberries,blueberries, and other fruits. Flora
  6. Categories, each related to its technique, or medium, such as decorative arts, plastic ,arts, performing arts, or literature. Unlike scientific fields, art is one of
  7. After the experiment is finished, the resulting gel can be stored in a, plastic ,bag in a refrigerator. There are limits to electrophoretic techniques. Since
  8. Matter was compiled, and the F-15 (material),an organic material that makes, plastic ,transistors possible, was invented. In 2002,physicist Jan Hendrik Scion, was
  9. When created. In modern manufacturing, the most common bead materials are wood, plastic , glass, metal,and stone. Natural materials Beads are still made from many
  10. Becomes something different from how it might be if it had been cast in gold or, plastic ,or chocolate, even if everything else about the artwork remains the same. Next
  11. For example, coffins in painted terracotta. *Art products; for example, plastic ,objects, carved in stone or ivory, cast or beaten in metals (gold, silver
  12. Is that of Ovation Guitar Company, which uses a rounded one-piece composite, plastic ,bowl for the back and sides of virtually all of its guitars (the top and neck
  13. Of the tower, the façade was simultaneously decorated with simple stone, plastic , Church of Saint Demetrius The Church of Saint Demetrius was built in 1830 with
  14. Can be work hardened by inducing defects in their crystal structure, caused by, plastic ,deformation, some alloys can also have their properties altered by heat
  15. But is cheap to acquire. Some have also begun using non-wood materials, such as, plastic ,or graphite. Carbon-fiber and phenolic composite materials have become
  16. Have varied over the years. In particular, the tiles have been made from wood, plastic , and cardboard in various editions of the game. In the current 2008 version
  17. Hefner was" detained backstage ", and a replacement who Disease paid to get, plastic ,surgery to look like Dave (in reality, his twin brother Earl Hefner),made a
  18. Of rain, which is now endangered),or other low-quality wood, with inferior, plastic ,ferrules. A quality cue can be expensive and may be made of exotic woods and
  19. Esters of ascorbic acid (i) ascorbic palmitate (ii) ascorbic stearate. In, plastic ,manufacturing, ascorbic acid can be used to assemble molecular chains more
  20. Reaction occurs in a purified monomer, it produces a polymer resin, such as a, plastic , a synthetic fiber, or an oil paint film. Antioxidants terminate these chain
  21. Connector. There is also a Zorro II bus expansion on the left side (behind a, plastic ,cover). Peripherals such as a hard drive can be added via the expansion slot
  22. Super NEW carts in size and shape, except that they are molded in brown, plastic , Their labels look much more modern and stylized, with only a minimal picture
  23. And blunt heads. Fletching is traditionally made from bird feathers. Also solid, plastic ,vanes and thin sheetlike spin vanes are used. They are attached near the rock (
  24. In the surrounding area are increasingly commonly festooned with tied bits of, plastic , crisp packets and the like rather than 'white pieces of silk '. Abergavenny (
  25. Trademark red and yellow lightbulb Newton logo in the form of an internally lit, plastic ,sign on the storefront facade. This store sold Newton hardware, accessories
  26. Marilla, a pasta manufacturer; and Ball, a manufacturer of canning jars and, plastic ,bottles. Arts and culture Velma Wallace Rawness Ames, Iowa was home to Gerard
  27. Tris (2,3-dibromopropyl)phosphate, which was used as a flame retardant in, plastic ,and textiles, such children's sleepwear, and furylfuramide which was used as
  28. Provide even better quality drinking water. Modern cisterns are usually large, plastic ,tanks. Gravity tanks on short towers are reliable, so pump repairs are less
  29. Appeared at first glance to be an Apple II Plus clone in a distinctive black, plastic ,case. However, these were in fact real Apple II Plus units manufactured by
  30. And a vertical frame has been common (see image). It is still often seen as a, plastic ,or wooden toy. The type of abacus shown here is often used to represent numbers
  31. Staining will be brighter even if the excitation light goes through glass or, plastic ,gel platforms. SBR Green I is another DSNA stain, produced by Nitrogen. It
  32. Fisher hired away Capp's top assistant, Moe Left. After Fisher underwent, plastic ,surgery, Capp included a racehorse in Li'l Abner named" Ham's Nose-Bob. " In
  33. Precipitation can carry away the heat, so the ground is shielded with skirts of, plastic ,insulation. The thermal mass of this system is sufficiently inexpensive and
  34. More years old. Vintage beads are available in materials that include Lucite, plastic , crystal, metal and glass. Miscellaneous ethnic beads Tibetan DZI beads and
  35. Is not such a critical requirement) and passes through transparent, plastic ,and glass. This means that the staining will be brighter even if the excitation
  36. And pouring it into molds to form the desired shape. This is also true of most, plastic ,beads. A smaller and more expensive subset of glass and lead crystal beads are
  37. Variations on each. Emerson-family carts come in two different lengths of black, plastic ,cases; the short style is similar to Atari 2600 carts in overall size. This
  38. First new game for the system whose game card has an authentic" curved lip ", plastic ,shell. The game also shipped with a full color card stock box, and 31 pages
  39. Production moved to Hong Kong, and the consoles manufactured there had thinner, plastic ,molding. In 1978,only 550,000 units from a production run of 800,000 were sold
  40. Mm (3.00 is unusual). Different materials are used for picks, including, plastic , nylon, and felt, all of which produce different tones. Felt picks are used to
  41. With the sharper cues. Rack A rack is the name given to a frame (usually wood, plastic ,or aluminum) used to organize billiard balls at the beginning of a game. This
  42. The majority of the recording tape was fused into a solid block of charred, plastic , " No usable segments of tape were found inside the recorder. Continuity of
  43. The consoles manufactured there had thick internal RF shielding, and thick, plastic ,molding around the sides and bottom. These added weight to the console, and
  44. Away for normal hand bridging. It consists of a stick with a grooved metal or, plastic ,head which the cue slides on. Many amateurs refuse to use the mechanical bridge
  45. Their collections of postage stamp. Such albums are often made using removable, plastic ,pages held inside in a ringed binder or other similar smolder. Hymnals are
  46. Blueberries, and other fruits grown under hothouse conditions under clear, plastic , often in sandy zones, on the coasts, in Almería and Huelva. Organic farming
  47. Being a flammable solid, it is packaged under argon in steel containers or, plastic ,bags. Davy, by analogy with calcium named" barium" after Bart, with the "
  48. Heavy metals, solvents,diesel exhaust, PCBs,phthalates and phenols used in, plastic ,products, pesticides,brominated flame retardants, alcohol,smoking, illicit
  49. And steel pipe); paper, lumber,and wood products; mining (mostly coal);, plastic ,products; cars and trucks; and apparel. Also, Alabama produces aerospace and
  50. For the educational market a version of the first model was produced with a new, plastic ,enclosure (the First Asters had an all-metal enclosure) that also had an

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