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  1. Would likely reason, by logic of absolute advantage, that there would be no, incentive ,for trade between the two countries. This model was expanded to many-country
  2. Need not care about losses as much as companies, which decreases their, incentive ,not to discriminate. For example, around 1900 the Afro-Americans started to
  3. Criticized as 'an institution adrift' by the Giuliani administration. As an, incentive ,to students, University Scholars receive a free tuition, a laptop, a " cultural
  4. Alternative content including cinematic series. Alternative content An added, incentive ,for exhibitors is the ability to show alternative content such as live special
  5. Appearance of Batman, via public auction. Misprints, promotional comic-dealer, incentive ,printings, and similar issues with extremely low distribution also generally
  6. Rivals to Sparta for the control of Greece, provided them with an additional, incentive ,to break up this growing power in the north. Mynas thus concluded a treaty
  7. With economic democracy even if it had overcome its information and, incentive ,liabilities. And the truth is that it survived as long as it did only because
  8. Boilers and turbines for large electricity plants. Therefore, they have little, incentive ,to reduce electricity use of air conditioners. For large buildings, ground
  9. Charge of two commandeered sloops and approach the town from the sea. Extra, incentive ,for Teach's capture was given by the offer of a reward from the Assembly of
  10. Creation, but rather something else – something that gives the imagination an, incentive ,to spread its flight over a whole host of kindred representations that provoke
  11. Of strict discipline. For example, he agreed with using punishment as an, incentive ,for children to learn. He believed all people tend toward evil, and students
  12. Causal properties" would have ever evolved in the first place. Nature has no, incentive ,to create them. Formal arguments Earle has produced a more formal version of
  13. Emerald is a rare and valuable gemstone and, as such, it has provided the, incentive ,for developing synthetic emeralds. Both hydrothermal and flux-growth synthetics
  14. As at any other. That being so, no element of water on the surface has any, incentive ,to move position, because all positions are equivalent in energy. That is
  15. Arms and cannons in case war with France erupted. They offered a 5,000 dollar, incentive ,with an additional 5,000 dollars once that money was exhausted for the person
  16. Marcus Julius Brutus and Gains Cassius Longings. Rewards for their arrest gave, incentive ,for Romans to capture those proscribed, while the assets and properties of
  17. Accounts and billing. Distribution networks were improved and increased, and an, incentive ,program was developed for sales staff. In 1967,L'Autoclave Bombardier Limited
  18. Reconversion of England ". Regnant in Excels is gave English Catholics a strong, incentive ,to look to Mary Stuart as the true sovereign of England. Mary may not have been
  19. Number of tricks if it is to obtain a score. Broadly speaking, there is an, incentive ,to bid accurately to the optimum contract and then to play to make the
  20. Groups soon caught up. From the late nineties band members saw the lucrative, incentive ,of songwriting through track royalties and members in bands such as Backstreet
  21. And economic independence coupled with weak federal control, reducing the, incentive ,to secede. The two major global ideologies, monarchism and democracy, led to
  22. Which meant that as the transmitter network became more comprehensive,the, incentive ,to subscribe to cable was reduced, and they began to lose customers. In 1982,a
  23. Rodriguez and cover b with art by Clive Barker and the third is a" retailer, incentive ,signed edition cover" with art by Clive Barker. Bibliography Novels * (1989)
  24. For all buyers, and Canadian cars cheaper, until there is no longer an, incentive ,to buy cars in the US and sell them in Canada. More generally, international
  25. Cross ownership of shares is a high capital gains tax rate. A company has less, incentive ,to sell cross owned shares if taxes are high because of the immediate reduction
  26. Cannot be collected or used by others. First, individuals may have no or little, incentive ,to share their information with central or even local planners. Second, the
  27. Amount, which funds cardholders' interest-free credit periods as well as, incentive ,schemes such as points, airmiles or cashback. Debit cards do not usually have
  28. e.g. Tanner 1981:165) that male phallic display could have been the initial, incentive , Thermoregulatory model The thermoregulatory model explaining the origin of
  29. Consequence, the strains of the pathogen that succeeded in India had a greater, incentive ,in the longevity of the host. They have become less virulent than the strains
  30. The specter of having such laws suddenly brought down upon a business provides, incentive ,to stay in the good graces of political officials. Troublesome rivals who have
  31. To benefit society as a whole by keeping prices low, while still building in an, incentive ,for a wide variety of goods and services. Nevertheless, he was wary of
  32. Action may overcome" the problem that small recoveries do not provide the, incentive ,for any individual to bring a solo action prosecuting his or her rights. "
  33. Pilots to operate both aircraft after a short conversion course, and adding, incentive ,for airlines to purchase both types. Production and testing To produce the 767
  34. The Washington Post was sent with a gift of a first edition Barnaby book as an, incentive ,for Watterson's cooperation. He passed this, along with a message, too
  35. Enlargement. The perceived benefits of becoming a member of the EU act as an, incentive ,for both political and economic reform in states wishing to fulfil the EU's
  36. And unfilled wants of people, and the promise of profits gives entrepreneurs, incentive ,to use their knowledge and resources to satisfy those wants. Thus the
  37. Subsidies from the parliament and guaranteed seats on Committees, creating an, incentive ,for the formation of groups. However, some controversy occurred with the
  38. Stable even if T scores equally, on the assumption that there is no long-term, incentive ,for players to adopt T instead of S. This fact represents the point of
  39. During investigations e.g. the threat of harsh legal penalties. The usual, incentive ,to cooperate is some form of plea bargain i.e. an offer to drop or reduce
  40. Funds to purchase disaster response tool kits. These kits are offered as an, incentive ,to join a CERT, and must be returned to the sponsoring agency when members
  41. Emerald is a rare and valuable gemstone and, as such, it has provided the, incentive ,for developing synthetic emeralds. Both hydrothermal and flux-growth synthetics
  42. Worked for a flat fee and signed away all rights, giving talent a financial, incentive ,tied to the success of their work. In addition, emulating the era's new
  43. Of DCI equipment are not yet affordable. Greater protection for content A last, incentive ,for copyright holders for digital distribution is the possibility of greater
  44. Tentacles and with the amount of money he received from them, thus the original, incentive ,for the discovery of the back payments. It was found out that Alternative
  45. And privatization of state owned businesses. The Plan de Todos main, incentive ,was to encourage popular participation among the Bolivian people. The law
  46. That did not meet environmental standards paid symbolic fines and had no, incentive ,to institute real environmental protection measures. In 1991 Bulgarian
  47. Previous matches against other teams advancing alongside them, giving them an, incentive ,to perform well in the group stages. Within each group, the teams play each
  48. Fraud. However, it can be argued that when a person barters there is less, incentive ,to deliberately mislead. Neither party is paid; each party receives something
  49. Highway connections since the 1990s,but European Union membership is a strong, incentive ,for completion. The National Strategy for Integrated Infrastructure Development
  50. His foes. Since visibility and firepower now favored the Germans, there was no, incentive ,for Beatty to risk further battlecruiser losses when his own gunnery could not

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