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  1. The political arena should be one in which leaders and citizens make arguments, listen , and change their minds. *Radical democracy is based on the idea that there are
  2. To prophesy. He answers that the rulers are harming God's people, and want to, listen ,only to those who advocate the virtues of wine. * Zion's future hope (4:1–5)
  3. Not as good as me, so I do what I want to do," Did later said. " I refuse to, listen ,to Live Evil, because there are too many problems. If you look at the credits
  4. 41&tpl /ENG/Aurore. Tpl. HTML from" Pinocchio. Le adventure DI un batting ", listen ,to chart.1 - 2 - 12 audio mp3 for free A point in the Euclidean plane is a
  5. Concert, an additional 16,000 people gathered outside the fenced-off area to, listen ,to the concert. In Adelaide, the group performed one concert at West Lakes
  6. Name is based on the surname of the founder August Porch, his surname meaning, listen ,in German—which, when translated into Latin, becomes Audi. Within Volkswagen
  7. Been invited onto the campus. Columbia's students, though,turned out en masse to, listen ,to the speech on the South Lawn. An estimated 2,500 undergraduates and
  8. Was released on September 30, 2008. Says DiFranco about the album:“ When I, listen ,to my new record, I hear a very relaxed me, which I think has been absent in a
  9. You to know that God's salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will, listen , " (). See also New Covenant (theology). Holy Spirit As in the Gospel of
  10. Chooses which slave to address, whereas a slave is (in theory) supposed to, listen ,in each receive slot, being a master is a lighter burden than being a slave.
  11. Toll-free ANA numbers. Regardless, if one were to call one of these numbers, listen ,for the number confirmation and hang up, they would in effect be using this
  12. He dragged one leg. Even then, he stubbornly did what he wanted and refused to, listen ,to doctors, indeed he detested them, because they wanted to persuade him to
  13. Blue Cliff's telling of the story, there is no claim that Emperor Wu did not, listen ,to Bodhidharma after the Emperor was unable to grasp the meaning. Instead
  14. Ears are pointed down and back to avoid damage to the inner ear and potentially, listen ,for any changes behind them while focused forward. Attacks usually comprise
  15. Idolatry. Aaron preached with powerful zeal to his people, but they refused to, listen ,to him. It is here that the Our'panic narrative of the incident sharply
  16. LP, saying he" does not want Abraham, does not need Abraham and will not, listen ,to Abraham ". In the video game, the main antagonist is called Abraham.
  17. To one of the films — Beethoven's Ninth Symphony — renders Alex unable to, listen ,to his beloved classical music. The effectiveness of the technique is
  18. She was thoroughly well buried. In spite of this, the nobles did not cease to, listen ,to songs in secret. This strictness was enforced in the principal cities. This
  19. But these can usually be interpreted as a modal use of would: If you would, listen ,to me once in a while, you might learn something. ) In cases in which the
  20. An example would be," X is idiotically ignorant of politics, so why should we, listen ,to him now? " To analyze an algorithm is to determine the amount of resources (
  21. Constitutional or legal principle. The appellate court cannot refuse to, listen ,to the appeal. An appeal by leave or permission requires the appellant to
  22. To ask his people to stop fighting. Moctezuma told him that they would not, listen ,to him and suggested Cortés free Cuitláhuac so that he could convince them to
  23. Provides the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students alike to, listen ,to some of the most prominent world leaders in government, religion,industry
  24. Has become hopeless. God will not hold back judgment because Israel refuses to, listen ,to the prophets and even goes so far as to try to silence them (2:12,3:8
  25. LA would read the display from memory in the usual fashion, the SAA5050 would, listen ,to the data it was reading and produce a mode 7 interpretation of the same
  26. Wares. In the Children's Village, children can participate in arts and crafts, listen ,to storytellers, play games with clowns, or watch a play. The festival has
  27. Biographer Toby Creswell, at one point the band was ushered into an office to, listen ,to the US master only to find it drenched in tape hiss and other ambient noise
  28. Beastie Boys emailed out the cryptic message" This Sat,10:35 am EST – Just, listen , listen , listen to the beatbox ". A day later, they live-streamed their album
  29. Emailed out the cryptic message" This Sat,10:35 am EST – Just listen , listen , listen , to the beatbox ". A day later, they live-streamed their album online via
  30. With lights out at midnight. Students are forbidden to go to movie theaters or, listen ,to contemporary popular music. Male students are required to have conservative
  31. Regular readership is low at just under 15 % of the population. Bangladeshis, listen ,to a variety of local and national radio programs like Bangladesh Bear. Four
  32. Me. " His mother was another significant musical influence, encouraging him to, listen ,to a variety of genres, including Irish folk music and Māori music. She would
  33. Introduced preset forms to silt. From then on, the emperor refused to, listen ,to whatever Bodhidharma had to say. Although Bodhidharma came from India to
  34. Of the search for extraterrestrial life. He urged the scientific community to, listen ,with radio telescopes for signals from intelligent extraterrestrial life-forms.
  35. Have ears and perhaps even these benches on the boulevard here may be able to, listen ,and tell tales. So let's make out that I heard nothing. " On the night of May
  36. Two albums. " Guy Blackman of The Age wrote that while few would care to, listen ,to an entire Spears album," the thing about Spears, though,is that her
  37. To access additional information, find out where they were in the museum, listen ,to audio, see animations, control robots and other media, and to bookmark
  38. The same tempo. Later a mixer was built for him by Alex Roster which let him, listen ,to any channel in the headphones independently of what was playing on the
  39. Cult informed his childhood and his music. While there, he was not allowed to, listen ,to music from outside the group, but was allowed to watch movies from which he
  40. One song to another, using two or more playback devices; *Headphones, used to, listen ,to one recording while the other recording is being played to the audience, or
  41. Questions while he himself is being filmed, with pauses as they act as if to, listen ,to the answers. These shots can be used as cutaways. Cutaways to the
  42. In the vision, he searched for and found Ballard, who commanded" Islands, listen ,to me, pay attention, remotest peoples ", which Ansgar interpreted as God’s
  43. Game 7 of the 1960 World Series, choosing to go to Paris with Kathryn and, listen ,to the game on the radio. But Crosby had the NBC telecast of the game recorded
  44. Scheme, nor is it a Romantic forest of sound; rather, the music is very easy to, listen , too. This music setting matches with the idea of making music accessible to the
  45. Spend a lot of time with demolition gangs on slum clearance sites; and, listen ,to the whole of Britten's War Requiem nearly every day. Recognition and legacy
  46. Boys emailed out the cryptic message" This Sat,10:35 am EST – Just listen , listen , listen to the beatbox ". A day later, they live-streamed their album online
  47. Harm at their gigs. Adams also let it be known that while writing he would, listen ,to music, and this would occasionally influence his work. On one occasion the
  48. The OK 900 was the ultimate tool of cell phone hackers because it could, listen ,in to AMPS phone calls right out of the box with no hardware modifications.
  49. Santo Domingo on 29 June but was denied port, and the new governor refused to, listen ,to his storm prediction. Instead, while Columbus's ships sheltered at the
  50. Five miles south of Mecca. ` Abdullah in Abi Bar, the son of Abu Bakr, would, listen , to the plans and talks of the Quraish, and at night he would carry the news to

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