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  1. With that of the shock. Thunder without lightning is the result of the, wind ,being too weak to emit any flame, but strong enough to produce a sound. A flash
  2. At Better Books, which was described by Jeff Nut tall as" the first healing, wind ,on a very parched collective mind ". Soon after the bookshop reading, plans
  3. Century writings in Latin, where the word litmus could describe various, wind ,instruments, such as the horn, the rumors, or the cornet. Swiss naturalist
  4. Join in. Angles and focal lengths change, details of leaves scattering in the, wind ,are intercut, but nothing makes the scene go any faster. " Some controversy
  5. Which can severely limit a vessel's swing range and also align it to steady, wind , current or wave conditions. One method of accomplishing this moor is to set a
  6. A rigid frame. A kite is tethered to the ground and relies on the speed of the, wind ,over its wings, which may be flexible or rigid, fixed,or rotary. With powered
  7. Was Artemis' equal in hunting. Misfortunes, including a plague and a lack of, wind , prevented the army from sailing. Finally, the prophet Catches announced that
  8. 500 BC. Much aerodynamic research was done with kites before test aircraft, wind ,tunnels, and computer modelling programs became available. The first
  9. Is a son of the giant Forgot and brother of Logic (" fire" ) and Kari (", wind ,"). Ægir's wife is Ran the sea goddess. She is by Ægir mother of nine billows
  10. Approximately a half-scope away from the first on a line perpendicular to the, wind , After this second anchor is set, the scope on the first is taken up until the
  11. Speech; for example, he referred to himself using the royal we, and called the, wind ," that which blows" and the bicycle he rode everywhere" that which rolls ".
  12. All areas of the Ancient Pueblo homeland suffered from periods of drought, and, wind , and water erosion. Summer rains could be undependable and often arrived as
  13. And Network Twenty UK of" objectionable practices" and petitioned to, wind ,up the companies. The case against Amway was dismissed in 2008 on the condition
  14. That maintains tension in the tether or kite line; they rely on virtual or real, wind ,blowing over and under them to generate lift and drag. Pythons are balloon-kite
  15. Has been compared to the inversion of an open umbrella in to a strong, wind , Because of this low barrier, amines such as NHRR' cannot be resolved
  16. Also a powerful symbol:" The persistent metaphor of Kurosawa’s work is that of, wind , the wind s of change, of fortune and adversity. "" The visually flamboyant
  17. Gliders are sailplanes, hang gliders and para gliders. Balloons drift with the, wind , though normally the pilot can control the altitude, either by heating the air
  18. And other areas within the state. A small part of supply also comes from, wind ,turbines at Slicks Hill, and a trial of more turbines on city buildings is
  19. The air or by releasing ballast, giving some directional control (since the, wind ,direction changes with altitude). A wing-shaped hybrid balloon can glide
  20. Vessel to the bed of a body of water to prevent the vessel from drifting due to, wind ,or current. Anchors can either be temporary or permanent. A permanent anchor is
  21. The Earth's atmosphere when an air mass descends, for example, in a catalytic, wind ,or John wind flowing downhill. When a parcel of air descends, the pressure on
  22. Boyle would note the place in which the experiment was carried out,the, wind ,characteristics, the position of the Sun and Moon, and the barometer reading
  23. Fashion. Then, taking in on the first cable as the boat is motored into the, wind ,and letting slack while drifting back, a second anchor is set approximately a
  24. Exploration, Tasman had intended to proceed in a northerly direction but as the, wind ,was unfavorable he steered east. On 13 December they sighted land on the
  25. Alpine. The countries bordering the Sahara are much exposed to a very dry, wind , full of fine particles of sand, blowing from the desert towards the sea. Known
  26. As the sirocco, it is called on the Guinea coast the harmattan. This, wind ,is not invariably hot; its great dryness causes so much evaporation that cold
  27. And set up equipment that took measurements of the Moon's basicity, solar, wind , flux and magnetic field, and relayed the measurements to Earth. The instruments
  28. Against heat and cold, digging ditches and hills for protection against the, wind , and greenhouses with internal light and heat for protection against the cold
  29. Atmosphere when an air mass descends, for example, in a catalytic wind or John, wind ,flowing downhill. When a parcel of air descends, the pressure on the parcel
  30. Boat to swing. The location to drop the anchor should be approached from down, wind ,or down current, whichever is stronger. As the chosen spot is approached, the
  31. Articulated design, they have the reputation of not breaking out with tide or, wind ,changes, instead slowly turning in the bottom to align with the force. Claw
  32. Farm developers intended to facilitate the construction of 100 Gigawatts of, wind ,power and 15 Gigawatts of solar power by 2015. The plan also makes sizeable
  33. Cylinder engines. The A2 was extremely aerodynamic and was designed around a, wind ,tunnel. The Audi A2 was criticized for its high price and was never really a
  34. A useful analogy is an umbrella turning itself inside out in a strong, wind , The energy barrier to this inversion is 24.7 kJ/MOL, and the resonance
  35. Diesel fuel for heating, transportation,electric power and light. Though, wind ,and hydroelectric power are abundant and underdeveloped, proposals for
  36. Measures include a preferential solar-feed-in tariff and a 50 % VAT refund for, wind ,farm developers intended to facilitate the construction of 100 Gigawatts of
  37. To sailing warships which used them to out-maneuver opponents when the, wind ,had dropped but might be used by any vessel in confined, shoal water to place
  38. Standardization, centralization,concentration, and synchronization, and you, wind ,up with a style of organization we call bureaucracy. ” * Third Wave is the
  39. Figure of Triton on the summit, with a rod in his hand, turned round by the, wind , pointed to the quarter from which it blew. From this model is derived the
  40. May be dropped from the lee bow. This is deployed when the vessel is head to, wind ,and has lost headway. As the vessel gathers Steinway the strain on the cable
  41. Downriver people" or the Sioux word" Analyze" meaning" people of the south, wind ,". The pronunciation of Arkansas was made official by an act of the state
  42. Country from its numerous rivers. Large swaths of the Alaskan coastline offer, wind ,and geothermal energy potential as well. Alaska's economy depends heavily on
  43. In Shanghai, ending the First United Front. *1934 – The strongest surface, wind ,gust in the world at 231 mph, is measured on the summit of Mount Washington
  44. Airflow over the wings, a kite is tethered to the ground and relies on the, wind ,blowing over its wings to provide lift. Kites were the first kind of aircraft
  45. Middle of two anchors, which is acceptable in strong reversing currents but a, wind ,perpendicular to the current may break out the anchors as they are not aligned
  46. The spores of fresh-water Algae are dispersed mainly by running water and, wind , as well as by living carriers. The bodies of water into which they are
  47. Is a great tendency of the rode to foul the anchor as the vessel swings due to, wind ,or current shifts. When this happens, the anchor may be pulled out of the
  48. Of Japan: The Mongolian fleet of Kublai Khan is destroyed by a" divine, wind ," for the second time in the Battle of Koan. *1248 – The foundation stone of
  49. Collapses at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis during a hurricane-force, wind ,gust ahead of an approaching severe thunderstorm, killing 7 and injuring 45.
  50. Her to leave and let her face her fate on her own. There, Zephyrus,the west, wind , gently floated her downwards. She entered a cave on the appointed mountain

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