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  1. Laws, providing that access to contraceptives would result in about 25 million, fewer ,abortions annually, including almost 15 million fewer unsafe abortions. The
  2. Security from murder, rape and extortion. Mullah Omar started his movement with, fewer ,than 50 armed madrasah students in his hometown of Kandahar. The Islamic State
  3. And that working software can be implemented in far less time and with far, fewer ,programmers than using other technology. APL lets an individual solve harder
  4. Primarily in dogs and sometimes horses, although newer medications with, fewer ,side effects are generally used instead. Both dogs and horses are susceptible
  5. Different groups. One source includes 97 different genera. Others include far, fewer , In older classification systems, amoeboids have been divided into several
  6. The population currently has a relatively high proportion of under 20s and, fewer ,over-65s compared with the Scottish average, reflecting employment-driven
  7. The challenge of producing more food for the world's growing population with, fewer ,water resources. Scientists are also realizing that water resources need to be
  8. In these trials' acupuncture was associated with slightly better outcomes and, fewer ,adverse effects than prophylactic drug treatment. There is conflicting evidence
  9. Until the Fort Sumter crisis forced them to choose sides. Border states had, fewer ,plantations still and never seceded. Name "/IN"> mcpherson10"/>
  10. Except for 1964. No state has voted for a Democratic presidential candidate, fewer ,times. Alaska supported Democratic nominee Lyndon B. Johnson in the landslide
  11. The line regardless of how many fields this line has, or whether it has more or, fewer ,fields than surrounding lines. $ is actually a unary operator with the highest
  12. To vote. " Labor" will not allow the benefits of change to be concentrated in, fewer ,and fewer hands, or located only in privileged communities. The benefits must
  13. Which would allow for maintaining or increasing yields while requiring, fewer ,fossil-fuel-derived inputs than conventional crops. The possibility of success
  14. Thomas Paine, who was with the army on the retreat. The army had dwindled to, fewer ,than 5,000 men fit for duty, and would be reduced to 1,400 after enlistments
  15. Contained more than 60 banana-shaped teeth; larger tyrannosaurids possessed, fewer ,teeth. Unlike most theropods, Albertosaurus and other tyrannosaurids were
  16. And 20th centuries. Since the advent of Ireland's" Celtic Tiger" economy, fewer ,Chill people were forced to look for work abroad. Agriculture plays a small
  17. With some authorities accepting up to ten species, while others accept six or, fewer , Species include: *Acanthus Alissa (Tree of Heaven) – northern and
  18. Thus, double-sideband AM (DSB-AM) is spectrally inefficient, meaning that, fewer ,radio stations can be accommodated in a given broadcast band. The various
  19. From the noted book reviewer John Chamberlain,Rand's nonfiction received far, fewer ,reviews than her novels had. The tenor of the criticism for her first
  20. For the numerous yeomen farmers and mountaineers against the wealthier, but, fewer , planter elite families that had held political control in the state and
  21. Own on the Danube River; while the liberality of Pope Julius II, who issued no, fewer ,than 29 bulls in favor of Poland and granted Alexander Peter's Pence and other
  22. Series (from lanthanum to lutetium inclusive) must have 15 members—no, fewer ,and no more—which was far from obvious from the chemistry at that time. The
  23. For each of the equations, which would result in a system of equations with one, fewer ,variable. Then the whole process would be repeated to eliminate another
  24. Value of each monetary unit is eroded, loses purchasing power and thus buys, fewer ,goods and services. Given that all major economies currently have a central
  25. 100 speakers of the language remain, while other research places the number at, fewer ,than 15 speakers – the language has been regarded as“ endangered ”. As a
  26. In about 25 million fewer abortions annually, including almost 15 million, fewer ,unsafe abortions. The incidence of induced abortion varies regionally. Some
  27. Between AD 520 and 700 is amazing. Before the Council of Constance, AD 1415,no, fewer ,than 15,070 abbeys had been established of this order alone. The buildings of a
  28. This strategy coincides with the optimal strategy if there are three or, fewer ,candidates or if the pivot probability for a tie between the expected winner
  29. Labor" will not allow the benefits of change to be concentrated in fewer and, fewer ,hands, or located only in privileged communities. The benefits must be shared
  30. Paradox:" Let n be the smallest positive integer that cannot be defined in, fewer ,than twenty English words. " It is also possible to show the computability of
  31. Were still being produced at nearly as high a level as during peacetime. No, fewer ,than five" Supreme Authorities" had jurisdiction over armament production—one
  32. Of jurisdictions at somewhere between 20 and 40,mostly in North America, but, fewer , than a dozen of the churches popularly called Continuing churches can be traced
  33. There was an extended period of English dominance. The tours generally had, fewer ,Tests in the 1880s and 1890s than people have grown accustomed to in more
  34. Sanitary engineering, and maintaining or increasing yields while requiring, fewer ,fossil fuel derived inputs than conventional crops. Such developments would be
  35. Merged into original. Consonants In some dialects, there may be more or, fewer ,phonemes than those listed in the chart above. For example, non-Arabic is used
  36. Of Sirius in 358 and the double Council of Rimini and Seleucid in 359,and no, fewer ,than fourteen further creed formulas between 340 and 360,leading the pagan
  37. Opportunity to see and meet Ainu people. Language Today, it is estimated that, fewer ,than 100 speakers of the language remain, while other research places the
  38. Subsequent re-issues. Rand's first bestseller, The Fountainhead, received far, fewer ,reviews than We the Living, and reviewers' opinions were mixed. There was a
  39. Less, thanks to various administrative reforms which have led to there being, fewer ,of the classic civil servants, the Beater. As a result, Standard German is
  40. Be used to make assembly language programs appear to be far shorter, requiring, fewer , lines of source code, as with higher level languages. They can also be used to
  41. At 13 instructions. However," Inelegant" is faster (it arrives at HALT in, fewer ,steps). Algorithm analysis indicates why this is the case:" Elegant" does
  42. And polymers. Although it has a similar name, aluminium chlorohydrate has, fewer ,and very different applications,e.g. as a hardening agent and an
  43. Been suggested that the spelling reflects an easier to pronounce word with one, fewer ,syllable, or that the spelling on the flier was a mistake. Hall's domination
  44. Offers many insights other theories disagree. It argues that agriculture offers, fewer ,possibilities to a division of labor, raising its prices compared with
  45. About a decade of scientific research. Domesticating aquatic species involve, fewer ,risks to humans than land animals, which took a large toll in human lives. Most
  46. Increases in width toward the south. Unlike the Bosporus, the Dardanelles has, fewer ,settlements along its shores. The most important valleys are the Local Valley
  47. Script, an ahead, had only twelve letters at one point, and may have had even, fewer ,later on. Today the Rotors alphabet has only twelve letters. (The Hawaiian
  48. Limestone deposits, and for specialized manufactured products with, fewer ,voids or greater bitumen content than the" asphalt concrete" used to pave
  49. That night Dick Caveat mentioned the mission on his show, saying how 3 million, fewer ,viewers watched the launch compare to the last mission, and even more comparing
  50. South slave states of Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas,and Tennessee had, fewer ,plantations and rejected secession until the Fort Sumter crisis forced them to

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