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  1. Away at the close of the 18th century. When the annexed ground-plan was taken, shortly ,before its destruction, nearly all the monastery,except the
  2. By Bach, which had been restored by the Lorraine organ-builder Frédéric Harper, shortly ,before the First World War. These recordings were made in the course of a
  3. With many other" bourgeois" students, Rand was purged from the university, shortly ,before graduating. However, after complaints from a group of visiting foreign
  4. Disowned him. Costumes Agrippa was murdered at his place of exile either, shortly ,before or after the death of Augustus. On 19 August AD 14,Augustus died while
  5. Were successful, as Dress' forces reached the Elbe River by 9 BC, yet he died, shortly ,after by falling off his horse. To ensure security of the Empire's eastern
  6. Entered Poirot’s employ in 1923 and didn’t leave his side until the 1970s, shortly , before Poirot’s death. A competent, matter-of-fact man with an extensive
  7. Be safe should she be killed in the Blitz. The novel was not published until, shortly ,after Christie's death in 1976,some thirty-six years after it was originally
  8. While riding in the backseat of a T-38 flight from California to Houston, shortly ,after learning of the re-designation of the flight to become a lunar orbital
  9. Differently, believing that Albion married Clothing when already a king in or, shortly ,before 561,the year of Chlothar's death. After the battle, according to a
  10. As governor. Additionally, two governors were elected to the U. S. Senate, shortly ,after the American Civil War, but were did not take office: Lewis E. Parsons
  11. Tchaikovsky was finally recognized in the Soviet Union in the fall of 1986, shortly , before his death, by a retrospective of his films in Moscow. After his death
  12. On love, but on power. She quickly eliminated her rival Lillian Paulina. In 49, shortly , after marrying Claudius, Agrippina charged Paulina with black magic. Paulina
  13. Sank into indolence and luxury. The Premonstratensians were brought to England, shortly ,after AD 1140,and were first settled at New house, in Lincolnshire, near the
  14. Confined himself to acting the part of" honest broker" at the Congress, and, shortly , afterwards he ostentatiously contracted an alliance with Austria for the
  15. The benefit of others; Poirot himself noted that he wanted to kill his victim, shortly ,before his own death so that he could avoid succumbing to the arrogance of the
  16. A man. In Ancient Rome, it was very common for girls to marry and have children, shortly ,after the onset of puberty. The first recorded age-of-consent law dates back
  17. On the Limes Germanic us in the time of Trajan's governorship of the province, shortly ,after it was formed, circa 98/99. At that time the entire frontier was being
  18. When the new king went to York and secured the support of the northern magnates, shortly ,after Harold's consecration. According to the medieval chronicler Geoffrey
  19. Riot in 1988 and provided an eyewitness account to The New York Times. It was, shortly ,after the Tompkins Square Park riots in New York that Ginsberg was involved in
  20. The young Alexios IV was strangled in prison, while his father Isaac died, shortly ,afterwards, his death variously attributed to fright, sorrow,or foul play.
  21. As a" philosopher of the absurd ". He showed less interest in the Absurd, shortly ,after publishing Le Myth de Sisyphe (The Myth of Sisyphus). To distinguish
  22. Regime. Abandoning plans to return to architecture (two proposed partners died, shortly ,before his release),he revised his Spandau writings into two autobiographical
  23. Kuwait and the state are annexed to Iraq. This would lead to the Gulf War, shortly ,afterward. *1991 – The Warsaw radio mast, at one time the tallest construction
  24. Alan Berg, written during the period of great persecution of the Jewish people, shortly ,before and during the period of Nazi activity in Europe. A notable exception is
  25. Slandered, whom he decided to take under his protection as a vassal in 1451, shortly , after the latter had scored his second victory against Mural II. In addition to
  26. Sequences while otherwise being in color. In 1966,in an interview conducted, shortly ,after finishing Andrei Ruble, Tarkovsky dismissed color film as a" commercial
  27. His son DOM Sancho, who was besieged in Antares by the Moors. Alfonso died, shortly ,after, on 6 December 1185. The Portuguese revere him as a hero, both on account
  28. Attempting to discipline and reform the clergy. He held a synod of his clergy, shortly ,before 1066. After the death of Edward the Confessor John of Worcester, a
  29. To be his successor, adopted with public fanfare in absentia by the old man, shortly ,before his death. By 100 Trajan was back in Rome as Emperor instead of merely
  30. Aardvark cucumber. An aardvark emerges from its burrow in the late afternoon or, shortly ,after sunset, and forages over a considerable home range encompassing 10 to 30
  31. Devices to capture water from the atmosphere. In a magazine interview published, shortly ,before his death, he reflected on the possibility of using solar panels to heat
  32. Cape Verde signed a friendship accord with Angola in December 1975, shortly , after Angola gained its independence. Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau served as
  33. Portrayed the sea in Militia as drawing back from him in prosthesis. Writing, shortly ,after Alexander's death, another participant, Onesicritus, went so far as to
  34. Right. A short distance further, below Bragg it receives first the Reuse, and, shortly , afterwards the Limit. It now turns due north, and soon becomes itself an
  35. Epitaph Recognition and tributes A biography published by the Royal Society, shortly ,after Turing's death (and while his wartime work was still subject to the
  36. Or would not" capture the brothers. The banishment of Ealdred's patron came, shortly ,after the death of Ælfric Button, the Archbishop of York. York and Worcester
  37. Years old during the second year of the 58th Olympiad (547-546 BC),and died, shortly ,afterwards. Establishing a timeline of his work is now impossible, since no
  38. Discovered the philosopher's stone and passed it to his pupil Thomas Aquinas, shortly ,before his death. Magnus does not confirm he discovered the stone in his
  39. Persian rule, sometimes known as the Thirty-First Dynasty, began in 343 BC, but, shortly , after,in 332 BC, the Persian ruler Manages handed Egypt over to Alexander the
  40. In combat with government troops. A cease-fire was reached by the two factions, shortly ,afterwards. UNIT Agave up its armed wing and assumed the role of major
  41. On February 8,1942,Minister of Armaments Fritz Todd died in a plane crash, shortly ,after taking off from Hitler's eastern headquarters at Brandenburg. Speer, who
  42. History with a POD, Sir Philip Sidney's surviving the Battle of Zutphen, and, shortly , thereafter saving the life of Christopher Marlowe. Many works of fantasy posit
  43. Multiplied toward the end of his reign. A later Babylonian text states Also, shortly ,after, These difficulties broke out again in the reign of his sons. Revolts
  44. S first" cold" antihydrogen. The TRAP project released similar results very, shortly ,thereafter. The antiprotons used in these experiments were cooled by
  45. Of Genoa. At the time, Alfonso was at odds with Callisto III, who died, shortly ,thereafter. His Spanish possessions were ruled for him by his brother John
  46. Of the chief engineer at the Twentieth Century Motor Company. Her husband quit, shortly ,after Salt did and joined the strike some years later. Her lead allows Deign to
  47. Since 1996. At the winners' ball they met each other for the second time, and, shortly , after started dating. Graph retired after they both reached the Wimbledon final
  48. Of Terceira in the Azores for seven years, returning to mainland Portugal, shortly ,before he died at Sinatra in 1683. His trial is the base for João Mário Grilo's
  49. To Jesus' birth. Blackburn and Holford-Strevens fix King Herod's death, shortly ,before Passover in 4 BC which is incompatible with a conception prior to 4 BC.
  50. Refused, in the following issue). Keith Pollard succeeded Ross Andre as artist, shortly ,afterward, and with Wolfman introduced the likable rogue the Black Cat (

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