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  1. To the Sally–Anne test for reasoning about others' motivations, and the, mirror ,neuron system theory of autism described in Pathophysiology maps well to the
  2. One of the most exquisite paintings in this cave, a Princess is looking in her, mirror , after she has done her Srinagar. One of her female attendants holds a tray of
  3. Work to the War chapters of the Book of Alma. The two main sections also, mirror ,the first two antagonist characters, Nehor (religious agenda) and Alice (
  4. A central touchstone, serving both as a microcosm and a distorting carnival, mirror ,of broader American society. " The strip's popularity grew from an original
  5. Something comes in multiple forms which are each other's three-dimensional, mirror ,image, these forms may be called enantiomers. (This nomenclature is also
  6. Run put France in the forefront of European art. Versailles found its stately, mirror ,in the powerful idea of classicism – a painting style, enduring in later
  7. A low profile, like Societies Anonymous and secret societies. * A polished black, mirror ,is used for crying, and is thought to help see into the paranormal world
  8. And referred to God as" the infinite ". John Adams noted that Franklin was a, mirror ,in which people saw their own religion:" The Catholics thought him almost a
  9. And that of the left subtree is 0,a right rotation must be performed on P. The, mirror ,of this case is also necessary. The retracing can stop if the balance factor
  10. In which the royal couple was hidden in a secret panic room hidden behind the, mirror ,in a common bedroom. The room contained an entrance to a secret passage leading
  11. Of Technology carried out an experiment with 127 one-foot (30 cm) square, mirror ,tiles, focused on a wooden ship at a range of around 100 feet (30 m). Flames
  12. S Olathe). *epigrammatic synergies: These are symmetrical scenes that, mirror ,each other in meter and number of lines. They form part of the first para basis
  13. In a poignant mood Caves eighteen and nineteen Cave 18: Princess looking in, mirror ,: The Santa masters have shown human lives in all its varied colors. One of the
  14. Of the Chorus in character. **antistrophe or anode: These are songs that, mirror ,the strophe/ode in meter, length and function. **antepirrhema. This is another
  15. Caesar's difficulty in keeping his troops supplied Pompey decided to simply, mirror ,Caesar's forces and let hunger do the fighting for him. Caesar began to
  16. 100 meters. Longer settings are intended for area suppression. These settings, mirror ,the Mosin-Nagant and SKS rifles which the AK-47 replaced. This eased transition
  17. GPS data etc. Other accessories include lights, reflectors,security locks, mirror , water bottles and cages, and bell. Bicycle helmets may help reduce injury in
  18. On each of the two carbons will be chiral because there will no longer be any, mirror ,planes. Where A has a greater priority than B according to the
  19. Frames, carved and gilded. Are favorite schemes for English Palladium, mirror ,frames of the late 1720s through the 1740s,by such designers as William Kent.
  20. So Mandelbrot's early plots in terms of the earlier parameter μ are left–right, mirror ,images of more recent plots in terms of the parameter c. ) In 1982,Mandelbrot
  21. Possess strong anti-cancer properties. Another study found nonalcoholic beer to, mirror ,the cardiovascular benefits associated with moderate consumption of alcoholic
  22. Disproved the universally held opinion that the Moon reflects sunlight like a, mirror ,and correctly concluded that it" emits light from those portions of its
  23. Base engine, and its base package was quite spartan (even the passenger-side, mirror ,was an option. ) In 1987,Audi put forward a new and very elegant Audi 90
  24. At which one Russian pre-dreadnought was lost. The Adriatic was in a sense the, mirror ,of the North Sea: the Austro-Hungarian dreadnought fleet remained bottled up by
  25. Form, making it an important component of silver-colored paints. Aluminum, mirror ,finish has the highest reflectance of any metal in the 200–400 nm (UV) and
  26. 2010; and Rhye's and Fall of Civilization, an 'Earth simulator' designed to, mirror ,a history as closely as possible but incorporating unpredictable elements to
  27. The country and specifically Luanda (population approximately 4 million), mirror , the collapse of administrative infrastructure as well as many socials
  28. In optics is to solve the problem," Given a light source and a spherical, mirror , find the point on the mirror where the light will be reflected to the eye of
  29. To a magnetic minimum. Such a minimum can be created by a combination of, mirror ,and multipole fields. Antihydrogen can be trapped in such a magnetic minimum (
  30. Hand a blackjack. Hole card games are sometimes played on tables with a small, mirror ,or electronic sensor which are used to peek securely at the hole card. In
  31. Sections for its mirror s. Because JWST will face a temperature of 33 K,the, mirror ,is made of beryllium, capable of handling freezing better than glass.
  32. Polyhedra. Classification There are 13 Archimedes solids (15 if the, mirror ,images of two enantiomers, see below, are counted separately). Here the
  33. And stylus in which each dot is created from the back of the page, writing in, mirror ,image, by hand, or it may be produced on a Braille typewriter or Perkins
  34. Into a mirror . The small reflections of Ash climb out from the shattered, mirror ,and torment him. One of the reflections dives Ash's throat and uses his
  35. Denied to Steven Spielberg to film scenes for Schindler's List (1993). A ", mirror ," camp was constructed outside the infamous archway for the scene where the
  36. A third twofold axis of rotation passes through the C C C bonds, and there is a, mirror ,plane passing through both CH2 planes. Thus, this class of molecules belong to
  37. To frame a painted or bas-relief portrait, or protect an expensive and precious, mirror ,during the High Renaissance; Italian precedents were imitated in France, then
  38. Based on the Archimedes' Mirror) did successfully use a much smaller curved, mirror ,to burn a wooden model, though not made of the same quality of materials as in
  39. As decoration and for coins. In antiquity, polished brass was often used as a, mirror , Lead content To enhance the machinability of brass, lead is often added in
  40. Problem," Given a light source and a spherical mirror , find the point on the, mirror ,where the light will be reflected to the eye of an observer. " This leads to an
  41. A country. The variation in individual" accents" of MSA speakers tends to, mirror ,corresponding variations in the colloquial speech of the speakers in question
  42. Or bipyramid is a polyhedron formed by joining an national pyramid and its, mirror ,image base-to-base. The referenced non in the name of the bipyramids is not
  43. System **Spherical aberration, which occurs when light rays strike a lens or, mirror ,near its edge **Chromatic aberration, caused by differences in refractive index
  44. Through the woods. Fleeing, Ash ducks into a windmill where he crashes into a, mirror , The small reflections of Ash climb out from the shattered mirror and torment
  45. Abraham originated from literary circles of the 6th and 5th centuries BCE as a, mirror ,of the situation facing the Jewish community under the Babylonian and early
  46. Wounds and to light sacred fires in temples. Plutarch refers to a burning, mirror ,made of joined triangular metal mirror s installed at the temple of the Vestal
  47. For designing the elaborate vaulting of Hagia Sophia. He compiled a survey of, mirror ,configurations in his work on remarkable mechanical devices which was known to
  48. Each side band is equal in bandwidth to that of the modulating signal and is a, mirror ,image of the other. Amplitude modulation that results in two side bands and a
  49. Exist in either of two optical isomers, called L or D amino acids, which are, mirror ,images of each other (see also Chirality). While L-amino acids represent all
  50. Tend to slowly stalk their opponents. Left-handed or southpaw fighters use a, mirror ,image of the orthodox stance, which can create problems for orthodox fighters

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