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  1. Cardinal em (last name),..." ( Meaning:" I announce to you a great, joy ,; we have a Pope: The Most Eminent and Most Reverend Lord, Lord (first name)
  2. Of Datives commode and finals (double Dative): tibia Laetitia" to you for, joy ," *Datives possessives (possessive dative) which means possession, e. g.
  3. Is its light. " Rev 21:22-23 The city will also be a place of great peace and, joy , for" God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more
  4. To him as Governor of the island. Now rescued, he was almost incoherent in his, joy , The agile Selkirk, catching two or three goats a day, helped restore the
  5. Welcomed B. A. D's return with a glowing review declaring,'they remain a, joy ,'. News Of The World awarded their Manchester Academy show a 5-star review and
  6. The Keys to Happiness),which distinguishes among pleasure, happiness and, joy , He shows how one may avoid contributing to his own" anti-happiness" (
  7. Cause; this is called 病因辩证 (," disease-cause pattern discrimination" ). ) -, joy , anger, brooding,sorrow, fear,fright and grief. # non-external-non-internal
  8. Squares. City authorities tried to find an ordinance forbidding it, to the, joy ,of the crowd, they were unsuccessful. - Harold Seymour" ; 1865-1868
  9. Draw water for me; for thus it is written in the Bible (Isaiah 12:3),'With, joy ,shall ye draw water. '" To this R. Abbey replied," Had the Bible said 'for
  10. The lands and the duchess, and to also find her a suitable husband. Was added, joy ,over the death of one of his most powerful vassals – and the availability of
  11. Return to God. " Adam fell that men might be, and men are, that they might have, joy , " Teachings about political theology The book delves into political theology
  12. Right after the goal occurred, it left the television commentator" sobbing in, joy ,", and apologizing for his outburst. 1990 World Cup Maradona captained
  13. Crowded the roadsides to watch the passing army. They were 'all frantic with, joy , some weeping, some blessing, and some dancing in the exuberance of their
  14. Precious communication Hermaphroditus sets out on his homeward journey. " The, joy ,caused by his return, and the effect of this wonderful letter when first read
  15. B0,B1,B2,... which provide a uniform formula for all sums of powers. The, joy ,Bernoulli experienced when he hit upon the pattern needed to compute quickly
  16. Starry" ) for the northern dog and Chart (from the Greek χαρά, meaning ", joy ,") for the southern dog, as Canes Venation, the Hunting Dogs, in his star
  17. Was a land once ruled by a righteous wheel-turning king that resounded with, joy ,: The Buddha then asked all the attendant Bhikkhus to clarify any doubts or
  18. As his colleague had at Families –" It is impossible for me to express the, joy ,it has given me;" wrote Marlborough," for I not only esteem, but I really love
  19. Center on Webster Street, dedicated to teaching about the art, science,and, joy ,of pinball. Www. Pacificpinball. Org Alameda has been home to many movie sets.
  20. Are tied to the society in which they live, and they rob themselves of any, joy ,of their own. He advocated a life of contentment with as little grief as
  21. Freedom from conventions and prejudice, should demand the denial of life and, joy , I insisted that our Cause could not expect me to become a nun and that the
  22. League in 1889,and promptly won the league championship. Their fans ', joy ,came to an abrupt end when the league temporarily disbanded in mid-1890 and
  23. Like anybody else. It may scarcely be allowed to leap—when it were its, joy ,to follow the line of the rainbow, and to break sunbeams with the clouds.
  24. And seeing the benefit for all sentient beings, one achieves great, joy , hence the name. In this Bhūmi the Bodhisattva practice all perfections (
  25. Not only plan but also believe. " *" Irony is the gaiety of reflection and the, joy ,of wisdom. " *" Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once
  26. Filled with perfect love, and desires to share these qualities because of the, joy ,they bring to each individual soul. In optics, particularly as it relates to
  27. Shall ye draw water. '" To this R. Abbey replied," Had the Bible said 'for, joy ,' lesson, it would mean as thou safest, but since it says 'with joy '
  28. Meanwhile, not far away, Frid sleeps in Petra's lap. The maid thinks of the, joy ,and freedom that she longs for before becoming trapped in marriage (" The
  29. Filmmaking to one based on the rhythm of machines, seeking to“ bring creative, joy ,to all mechanical labor” and to“ bring men closer to machines. ” The
  30. Americans as the" paradigmatic Negro spiritual" because it expresses the, joy ,felt at being delivered from slavery and worldly miseries. Anthony Halibut
  31. Of classic cartoons and cartoon characters whose animated lives have brought, joy ,to our real ones for more than half a century. " At that year's awards show
  32. Monk? ":" His name is Amanda, great king. ":" What a joy he is! What a true, joy , ..." Amanda was the first cousin of the Buddha by their fathers, and was
  33. Before the slow part when the soloists sing for one last time the song of, joy , In the ending climax, the chorus softens quietly on the word" Götterfunken ".
  34. S depraved heart from the power of sin and to further the Christian's, joy , Five points of Calvinism Calvinist theology is sometimes identified with the
  35. On occasion, as he held that feasts and celebrations were necessary for, joy ,and relaxation. He considers education to be the noblest of pursuits, but
  36. A mystical (but atheistic) asceticism. Consequently, expressions of sadness, joy , love and dramatic situations are only very limited particular instances. (
  37. The glee with which De Palma manipulates images and characters for the simple, joy ,of being good at it. It's not just that he sometimes works in the style of
  38. Icelandic sagas. These legends intensified an inner longing he later called ", joy ,". He also grew to love nature; its beauty reminded him of the stories of the
  39. What is the name of this monk? ":" His name is Amanda, great king. ":" What a, joy ,he is! What a true joy ! ..." Amanda was the first cousin of the Buddha by
  40. With honey, molasses or chocolate to make a treat called Algeria, meaning ", joy ," in Spanish. Diego Duran described the festivities for Huitzilopochtli, a blue
  41. The love shared between a husband and a wife is the source of all peace and, joy , When a husband and wife work together to become angels in heaven, their
  42. Some Christian groups feel that Easter is something to be regarded with great, joy ,: not marking the day itself, but remembering and rejoicing in the event it
  43. Himself barely escaped with his life. The king is described as having wept with, joy ,at their report. In February 1513,while Mates was in Portugal, Albuquerque
  44. Depth of the feelings of exile and deprivation is clear from the overwhelming, joy ,with which long parted lovers and family members greet each other. For some
  45. From Croatian public and its on-schedule completion was marked with enormous, joy ,and pride all through the country. Tourism is of major importance for the
  46. In the bible, for the benefit of the church, without a heart filled with, joy ,…? " Joseph Smith also identified the term evangelist with the office of
  47. And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;: But there is no, joy ,in Melville — mighty Casey has struck out. Melville A rivalry of sorts has
  48. Said 'for joy ' lesson, it would mean as thou safest, but since it says 'with, joy ,' season, it means that we shall make bottles of thy hide and fill them with
  49. And recommends its use for" occasions of worship when we need to confess with, joy ,that we are saved by God's grace alone; as a hymn of response to forgiveness
  50. Capacity for en joy ing bliss, is an epic of alternating rest and struggle, joy ,and sorrow, love and hate, until,in the perfected man, God balances the pairs

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