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  1. Recently the Wii also has this latest development added on in a recent software, update , Civil defense, civil defense (see spelling differences) or civil protection
  2. Vertical blanking interval began, during which the game could process input and, update ,the positions and states of objects in the world. Any mistake in timing
  3. This advantage had the risk that an improperly executed or aborted BIOS, update ,could render the computer or device unusable. To avoid these situations, more
  4. Can under block content if the people responsible for the parties do not, update ,their systems. Default Setting: The default setting has the ability to block
  5. The fact that \text style (x_n - \bar x_n) = \franc (x_n - \bar x_),so both, update ,terms are equal to \text style \franc (x_n - \bar x_) (y_n - \bar y_). Even
  6. Forming in the fuel might have caused the crash. In early 2009,Boeing sent an, update ,to aircraft operators, identifying the problem as specific to the Rolls-Royce
  7. With some administrative requirement. This is often done in advance of the, update ,of reporting databases and/or the issuance of official documents. Notes The
  8. The C64's characteristic lively sound. It was also possible to continuously, update ,the master volume with sampled data to enable the playback of 4-bit digitized
  9. To visit the set. The exterior set was extended and update d in 1999. This, update ,added to the Rosamond Street and Victoria Street façades, and added a viaduct
  10. Commercials seen on the international broadcasts, the presenters give a brief, update ,on UK news for domestic audiences. Sport coverage In 1990,new broadcaster
  11. I Didn't See It Coming' and 'I'm Not Living In The Real World '. In a news, update ,to the official website on 11 August 2010,it was revealed that their eighth
  12. Orbit was to refine the lunar gravitational potential to within (LR altitude, update ,lock) needed for a landing. Earth-based observations, unmanned spacecraft, and
  13. Effectiveness in some scenarios. The RAF initially opted not to use mid-course, update ,for its Tornado F3 force, only to discover that without it, testing proved the
  14. BCD: add, browse,change, delete,another representation of Create, read, update , and delete * American, British,Chinese, and Dutch, the main powers opposing
  15. Not all armed services using the AMRAAM have elected to purchase the mid-course, update ,option, which limits AMRAAM's effectiveness in some scenarios. The RAF
  16. in the 1960s Britain, but reflected how life was in the 1950s. Granada hurried to, update ,the program, with the hope of introducing more issue-driven stories
  17. To build a B-tree to represent a large existing collection of data and then, update ,it's incrementally using standard B-tree operations. In this case, the most
  18. Often allow vertical synchronization as an option, because it delays the image, update ,until the vertical blanking interval. This produces a small penalty in latency
  19. In a numerically stable fashion. The following formulas can be used to, update ,the mean and (estimated) variance of the sequence, for an additional element
  20. When Derek Simpson, a Unite co-leader, was found to be using his BlackBerry to, update ,his Twitter account with progress of the confidential negotiations under the
  21. For its other late '90s and 2000s anthology series. Asteroids Hyper 64 is an, update ,to the 1979 arcade shooter Asteroids released for the Nintendo 64 on December
  22. And feature package files from repositories on the Internet. Setup can install, update , and remove programs and their source code packages. A full installation may
  23. 16-bit bus and 32-bit processor core. ) In April 1985,they released the first, update ,to the 8-bit computer line - the Atari 65XE,the Atari XE series. June 1985 saw
  24. Of one hour and 37 minutes due to a problem with the table maintenance block, update ,uplink. Three minutes and 31 seconds into the ascent, one of the center engine
  25. Rival’ message to the worldwide Baha’í community, which generally gives an, update ,on the progress made concerning the current plan, and provides further guidance
  26. Released alongside the existing 40 GB model and on January 15, 2008 a software, update ,was released, which allowed media to be purchased directly from the Apple TV.
  27. The first edition was completed in 1075/1076,but he continued to revise and, update ,it until his death in the 1080s. The first book gives a history from 788
  28. User group for each OF in their directory. The scripts are run periodically to, update ,the group to match the OU's account membership, but are unable to instantly
  29. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that the agency would ", update ,the labeling package insert for all marketed fluoroquinolones to include a
  30. Offer extra information, video or quizzes. In September 2005,BBC launched an, update ,to the interactivity available from the BBC's Radio channels on Free view.
  31. Affairs, and included a full paper review, a weather summary, and a news, update ,at 09:00,09:30 and 10:00. Sunday Morning Live and alternate programming now
  32. Focus on encirclement towards one based on speed. Under his command, a modern, update ,of the doctrinal system called Bewegungskrieg (" maneuver warfare" ) and its
  33. Articles of salvation. Neo-Calvinists intend their work to be understood as an, update ,of the Calvinist worldview in response to modern circumstances, which is an
  34. During the installation of computer programs it is sometimes necessary to, update ,the installer or package manager itself. The common pattern for this is to use
  35. Well as appearing on the BBC One weekend bulletins. Business An hourly business, update ,is included during the weekday schedule from the BBC Business Unit, usually
  36. Category III CPT code by the American Medical Association in the July 2009 CPT, update , Exercise Separate to the question of the benefits of exercise; it is unclear
  37. Is a collection of essays on the game, statistics for the new characters and an, update ,of the older ones in light of their appearance in the second series, and (
  38. Nm, codenamed Shanghai Socket F+ processors and registered DDR2 memory. Future, update ,include the Marcello platform supporting 45 nm, codenamed Istanbul, Socket G34
  39. Developers conference, the iPhone 3GS was announced, providing an incremental, update ,to the device including faster internal components, support for faster 3G
  40. Last half of 2008 to reflect feedback from instructors across the nation. The, update ,is in final review, and is scheduled for release during the first quarter of
  41. New strains may evolve that escape immunity induced by vaccines; for example an, update ,Influenza vaccine is needed each year. While theoretically promising
  42. Was invented by Lloyd Marriott and his team. The Inferno operating system,an, update ,of Plan 9,was created by Dennis Ritchie with others, using the new concurrent
  43. The third generation (8300 and 2300 series) of Operon processors will see an, update ,in virtualization technology, specifically the Rapid Virtualization Indexing (
  44. The group to match the OU's account membership, but are unable to instantly, update ,the security groups anytime the directory changes, as occurs in competing
  45. Bromelain in subclass Lillian =monocotyledons. The Angler system, in its, update ,of 1964,placed the order in class Monocotyledonous. The Brassieres are an
  46. EXE) which update s the installer and starts the real installation after the, update , Sometimes the bootstrapper also installs other prerequisites for the software
  47. To Lake Michigan, and was recently remodeled in a modernization intended to, update ,stadium amenities while preserving a historic Chicago structure. The team has a
  48. Was published during 1963,a major revision during 1967,and the most recent, update ,during 1986. Compared to earlier telegraph codes, the proposed Bell code and
  49. When a large scale incident happened when many Linux users were banned after an, update ,to Warden caused it to incorrectly detect Ceded as a cheat program. Blizzard
  50. Radio channels on Free view. Originally only Radio text was available. After the, update , users could access information about the program, schedules,news, sport and

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