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  1. Or the French. Livestock and game Commonly hunted and eaten game included deer, bear , buffalo and wild turkey. The larger muscles of the animals were roasted and
  2. Past the state enjoyed a variety of mammals such as Plains Bison, Eastern elk, bear , and deer, only the White-tailed deer remains abundant. Still fairly common are
  3. That some dialogue from Middle East media and commentators about Jews, bear ,a striking resemblance to Nazi propaganda. According to Josef Off of Newsweek
  4. Turtle, Fin and Humpback Whales, Bald Eagle, and Wood Stork. American black, bear , racking horse, Yellow-shafted Flicker, wild turkey, Atlantic tarpon
  5. Challenge: the court was enough to validate it. Once again it is important to, bear ,in mind the lack of 'neutral' state intervention. To give a schematic scenario
  6. Trespassing on such hunting grounds or joint hunting territory. The Ainu hunted, bear , Ego deer (a subspecies of Sikh deer),rabbit, fox,raccoon dog and other
  7. Named" Edward ", was renamed" Winnie-the-Pooh" after a Canadian black, bear ,named Winnie (after Winnipeg),which was used as a military mascot in World
  8. Mistreatment of Ireland, noting that" For this kind of commodity will not, bear ,exportation, and flesh being of too tender a consistence, to admit a long
  9. Overpopulation by having poor people sell (to rich people) their right to, bear ,a single child per family. In Tanzania, a popular writer, columnist and
  10. Of the Gods). The Ainu believe the bear is very special because they think the, bear ,is the mountain Camus way of delivering the gift of bear hide and meat to the
  11. The original Pooh books, using his own son's teddy, Growler (" a magnificent, bear ,"),as the model. Christopher Robin Milne's own toys are now under glass in
  12. And various characters inspired by his son's stuffed animals, most notably the, bear ,named Winnie-the-Pooh. Christopher Robin Milne's stuffed bear , originally
  13. Age 12 he was whiter than ivory, had hair lighter than gold, and could lift 10, bear , skins at once. He explored far and wide. His son, Odin,led a migration to the
  14. January 1956) was an English author, best known for his books about the teddy, bear ,Winnie-the-Pooh and for various children's poems. Milne was a noted writer
  15. In their sevenfold courses through the either wherein you're blazing steeds ever, bear ,you above the third firmament of heaven; hear me, helper of men, giver of
  16. Of Wisdom, and the scourge of Power. " Hebraic names These Abrasax-stones often, bear ,Hebraic names of God: IAO, Sabaoth, Adonai, Eloai. The name ΙΑΩ, to which
  17. Deirdre" Mac Alpine approached Crowley on the day of the verdict and offered to, bear ,him a child, whom he named Plaster Ataturk. She sought no mystical or
  18. Menokoru ", a " PU" ( storehouse) for food, a " hepper set" ( cage for young, bear ,), and drying-racks for fish and wild plants. An altar" Nissan" faced the
  19. Held such ceremonies there as" locate," a ceremony to send the spirit of a, bear ,to the gods. Life of Ainu The Ainu people had various types of marriage. A
  20. By ascending to kazoo mo sir (Land of the Gods). The Ainu believe the, bear ,is very special because they think the bear is the mountain Camus way of
  21. Much of the colonial foods. Many homes had a sack made of deerskin filled with, bear ,oil for cooking, while solidified bear fat resembled shortening. Rendered pork
  22. Marriage to Kelly would be the first time the provisions of the act would, bear ,directly on Canada – Phillips would be barred from acceding to the Canadian
  23. Believe everything or we must deny everything, and who, Paneloux asks, could, bear , to do the latter? We must yield to the divine will, he says; we cannot pick and
  24. They hunted in groups with dogs. Before the Ainu went hunting, for animals like, bear ,in particular, they prayed to the god of fire and the house guardian god to
  25. Kathy (CLAH/Nimrod). The palaces, temples and other buildings raised by him, bear ,witness to a considerable development of wealth, science,architecture and art.
  26. He immediately feared the consequences. It had been prophesied that Métis would, bear ,children more powerful than the sire, even Zeus himself. In order to forestall
  27. Effect of newspaper horoscopes and New Age philosophies. While astrology may, bear ,a superficial resemblance to science, it is a pseudoscience because it makes
  28. To Demetrius. There are extant silver and copper coins of this king. The former, bear ,a youthful head covered with the skin of an elephant's head. The reverse
  29. Until Prometheus, the fore-thinker, warned Zeus of a prophecy that Thesis would, bear ,a son greater than his father. For this reason, the two gods withdrew their
  30. Who saw the younger heir as the lesser evil and hoped to manipulate him, or to, bear ,with him during their efforts to get rid of Antonius. In September, the
  31. Including some of those who claim love for the Palestinians, yet in fact only, bear ,hatred to Jews. This has resulted in Palestinian cries for justice, equality
  32. The fowl being emblematic of foresight and vigilance. His two hands, bear ,the badges of Sophia and Dynamic, the shield of Wisdom, and the scourge of
  33. Juno (2007) a 16-year-old initially goes to have an abortion but decides to, bear ,the child and allow a wealthy couple to adopt it. Other films Dirty Dancing (
  34. And culture. It is the branch of anthropology that brings linguistic methods to, bear ,on anthropological problems, linking the analysis of linguistic forms and
  35. Logical framework, rather than the passage of time in a physical way - it would, bear ,a spiritual, rather than physical, meaning,which is no less literal. One
  36. Most notably the bear named Winnie-the-Pooh. Christopher Robin Milne's stuffed, bear , originally named" Edward ", was renamed" Winnie-the-Pooh" after a Canadian
  37. The teens of Artemis Baronial or Brauroneion, the goddess represented as a, bear ,and worshiped in the demo of Brandon. The archaic canon of the goddess and a
  38. They think the bear is the mountain Camus way of delivering the gift of, bear ,hide and meat to the humans. Some Ainu in the north are members of the Russian
  39. Default value is a single space character Although these fields (EX) may, bear ,resemblance to variables (the $ symbol indicates variables in Perl),they
  40. Bears or bear s that had just left hibernation dens. When they hunted, bear ,in summer, they used a spring trap loaded with an arrow, called an" Aleppo ".
  41. Had a sack made of deerskin filled with bear oil for cooking, while solidified, bear ,fat resembled shortening. Rendered pork fat made the most popular cooking
  42. That they were changing their position to support" the individual’s right to, bear ,arms subject to constitutionally permissible regulations. " The ACLU has
  43. To be true and faithful to the king and his heirs, and truth and faith to, bear ,of life and limb and Terrence honor, and not to know or hear of any ill or
  44. Personal line in his consideration, and brought the mind of Ammonium' to, bear ,on the investigation in hand. Two of Ammonius's
  45. Mimosa flowers, those of Acacia have more than 10 stamens. The plants often, bear ,spines, especially those species growing in arid regions. These sometimes
  46. The women prized highly. Their traditional cuisine consists of the flesh of, bear , fox, wolf,badger, ox or horse, as well as fish, fowl,millet, vegetables
  47. Involvement with the Ōmoto-kyō religion. Ueshiba's early students' documents, bear ,the term aiki-jūjutsu. Ueshiba's senior students have different approaches to
  48. Large catch, and safe hunting to the god of mountains. The Ainu usually hunted, bear ,during the time of the spring thaw. At that time bear s were weak because they
  49. That time –" I do sincerely promise and swear that I will be faithful and, bear ,true allegiance to His Majesty ..." In Islam The word used in the Arabic
  50. There was a regular postal service. Clay seals that took the place of stamps, bear ,the names of Sargon and his son. A cadastral survey seems also to have been

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