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  1. Of Andorra, to Toulouse and on to Paris by the French high-speed trains. This, line ,is operated by the SNCF. Latour-de-Carol has a scenic meter gauge train line to
  2. Station is L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorra east of Andorra which is on the -gauge, line ,from Latour-de-Carol, ( ) southeast of Andorra, to Toulouse and on to Paris by
  3. Millennium BCE in the early Indus community of Merger where it was used to, line ,the baskets in which they gathered crops. In the ancient Middle East, the
  4. At the intersection of the bottom-most horizontal line and the single vertical, line , Below these line s is a wide space with a horizontal crack dividing it. Below
  5. RFC 2822 refers to control characters that do not include carriage return, line ,feed or white space as non-whitespace control characters. Except for the
  6. The Continental Divide at the Rocky Mountains, and from that point follows the, line ,of peaks marking the Continental Divide in a generally southeasterly direction
  7. The Christensen Compromise would have extended the Missouri Compromise, line ,of 1820,dividing the territories into slave and free, contrary to the
  8. Rand's is a tortured immortality, one in which she's as likely to be a punch, line ,as a protagonist ..." and that" jibes at Rand as cold and inhuman, run
  9. Center of the tablet is a set of 5 parallel line s equally divided by a vertical, line , capped with a semicircle at the intersection of the bottom-most horizontal
  10. Formation of skin glands, thickening of the skin and loss of the lateral, line ,system The disappearance of the tail is somewhat later (occurs at higher
  11. Influence of Took as compared to the Greg. The Thumbing River is the dividing, line ,between the two dialects. In the areas inhabited by the Greek minority, a
  12. Particles with charge as a solution of gravitational field equations, in, line , with the program out line d in the paper" Do Gravitational Fields play an
  13. Various races and competitions, such as calf roping and bull riding. In, line ,with the western tradition of rodeo are the cultural artisans that reside and
  14. Capped with a semicircle at the intersection of the bottom-most horizontal, line ,and the single vertical line . Below these line s is a wide space with a
  15. Carats per year by 2007. In 2004 China's Embank approved a $2 billion, line ,of credit to Angola to rebuild infrastructure. The economy grew 18 % in 2005
  16. Files. Various IBM operating systems used both characters to mark the end of a, line , perhaps for compatibility with Teletype machines. This de facto standard was
  17. Over the American colonists. The Royal Navy had over 100 ships of the, line ,and many frigates and smaller craft, although this fleet was old and in poor
  18. Brave and good are the brave descended" ( Odes, iv,4,29) and Shakespeare's, line ,from Cymbe line ," Cowards father cowards, and base things sire base" ( IV,2)
  19. Is primarily the scientific study of the morphology of the adult human body. In, line ,with modern teaching methods. A thorough working knowledge of anatomy is
  20. Moving the carriage. However, requiring two characters to mark the end of a, line ,introduced unnecessary complexity and questions as to how to interpret each
  21. Gauge train line to Villefranche-de-Conflent, as well as the SNCF's -gauge, line ,connecting to Perpignan, and the RENFE's -gauge line to Barcelona. Media and
  22. Linefeed ". The first returns the printing carriage to the beginning of the, line ,and the second advances to the next line without moving the carriage. However
  23. Is 35 % and roughly the same percentage of its citizens live below the poverty, line , About 42 percent of the population live on less than $1 a day, according to a
  24. Stripes on a coat of yellowish fur, and a long, distinct mane down the middle, line ,of the neck and back, which is raised during a confrontation to make the
  25. As the SNCF's -gauge line connecting to Perpignan, and the RENFE's -gauge, line ,to Barcelona. Media and telecommunications In Andorra, mobile and fixed
  26. Income as low as $4,600,which is barely one-quarter of the federal poverty, line , Property taxes are the lowest in the United States. The current state
  27. Lincoln was a steadfast Whig and professed to friends in 1861 to be," an old, line ,Whig, a disciple of Henry Clay ". The party, including Lincoln, favored
  28. Is another group of eleven parallel line s, again divided into two sections by a, line ,perpendicular to them, but with the semicircle at the top of the intersection;
  29. New line problem on various operating systems. Teletype machines required that a, line ,of text be terminated with both" Carriage Return" and" Linefeed ". The first
  30. 4,000 inhabitants. Romanies (in Finland),which lies slightly south of the, line , has a population of approximately 58,000,and is the largest settlement in the
  31. Alone. To simplify matters, plain text files on Unix and Amiga systems use, line ,feeds alone to separate line s. Similarly, older Macintosh systems, among others
  32. GDP growth with 11.1 percent. In 2004,China's Embank approved a $2 billion, line ,of credit to Angola. The loan is being used to rebuild Angola's infrastructure
  33. Of these line s are marked with a cross where they intersect with the vertical, line , Roman abacus The normal method of calculation in ancient Rome, as in Greece
  34. By participating in almost all votes and making speeches that echoed the party, line , Lincoln, in collaboration with abolitionist Congressman Joshua R. Giddings
  35. Beds) on roads. Every year many Afghan police officers are killed in the, line ,of duty. The Afghan Border Police are responsible for protecting the nation's
  36. Carriage to the beginning of the line and the second advances to the next, line ,without moving the carriage. However, requiring two characters to mark the end
  37. Columbia and Yukon Territory),crossing the border at White Pass Summit. This, line ,is now mainly used by tourists, often arriving by cruise line r at Steinway. It
  38. Made other changes, including other new characters (the brace and vertical, line ,characters),renaming some control characters (SOME became start of header (
  39. Seemed to be everywhere, personally leading and rallying troops up and down the, line , At about 2:30 p. m., while leading one of those charges, he was wounded
  40. Are filled in with paints in assigned colors or tones on the side opposite the, line ,drawings. The completed character cell are photographed one-by-one onto motion
  41. Peace process; provided, we create a favorable environment on this side of the, line , At the moment, the people are leaving support for the government because of
  42. An electronic tactile device which is placed below the computer keyboard. A, line ,of cells which correspond to Braille text move up and down to represent a line
  43. As those stored on magnetic tape. For example, character 10 represents the ", line ,feed" function (which causes a printer to advance its paper),and character
  44. Line of cells which correspond to Braille text move up and down to represent a, line ,of text on the computer screen. * Electronic Notetaker. A portable computer
  45. Him to remain on the farm. The pigs do this to keep any doubting animals in, line ,with the hope of a happy afterlife, keeping their minds on Sugar candy Mountain
  46. A DC Comics story arc featuring Atlas * Atlas/Seaboard Comics, ( 1970s) a, line ,of comics published by Seaboard Periodicals * Atlas (Teen Titans),a
  47. And to protect commercial shipping. The American colonists had no ships of the, line , and relied extensively on privateering to harass British shipping. The
  48. Plans were, to which the general replied," I propose to fight it out on this, line ,if it takes all summer. " The Confederacy lacked reinforcements, so Lee's army
  49. Of exceptional talents, Francisco was dubbed the" climax" of the d'Antonia, line , an already prestigious family of skilled industrialists. He attended Patrick
  50. Early and was known for swinging deep angles like a powerful backhand up the, line , His strength was in dictating play from the back of the court. While he was

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