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  1. Draping monastery. However, the 14th Dalai Lama asserts that Alan Khan did not, intend ,to bestow a title as such and that he intend ed only to translate the name "
  2. Of mutants. (However, X-Men Legacy #220 - 224 reveals that Xavier did not, intend ,for the Danger Room to become sentient: it was an accident, and Xavier sought a
  3. Currency of his previous relationship with Maria Wodzińska, which she did not, intend ,to interfere with should it still exist. By the summer of 1838,Chopin's and
  4. Communion cups. United Methodists practice open communion, inviting " all who, intend ,a Christian life, together with their children" to receive Communion.
  5. Florence. To further his political career, he became a pharmacist. He did not, intend ,to actually practice as one, but a law issued in 1295 required that nobles who
  6. Statement to W. H. Holden, the man he appointed governor of North Carolina:" I, intend ,to confiscate the lands of these rich men whom I have excluded from pardon by
  7. Is not usually committed for robbery or theft. Most aircraft hijackers, intend ,to use the passengers as hostages, either for monetary ransom or for some
  8. In what he called" first philosophy" or metaphysics, Aristotle did, intend ,a theological correspondence between the prime mover and deity (presumably
  9. Lunar, Nuristan, Laghman, Samangan, Kunduz,Thor and Banyan. Massed did not, intend ,for the United Front to become the ruling government of Afghanistan. His vision
  10. His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not, intend , too. This argument, which Lewis did not invent but developed and popularized, is
  11. After the host wins in the previous year, and confirms to the EBU that they, intend ,to—and have the capacity to—host the event. A host city is chosen—usually the
  12. And eliminate threats to the United States. He also claimed the Taliban ", intend ,to establish a disciplined, moral society ". He said he believed complete
  13. Not ", a form of" to be "; this and many other examples show that he did not, intend ,to abandon" to be" as such. In fact, he said explicitly that there were no
  14. Miners were temporary migrants from Britain and the United States, who did not, intend ,to settle permanently in Australia. He wrote::" Nowadays it is common to see
  15. Announced that he and American industrialist and philanthropist Marvin Davis, intend ,to develop" a network of independent stations as a fourth marketing force" to
  16. Text seen by casual readers, in which the author did not specifically, intend ,to use an unusually long word. According to Heckler, the longest words likely to
  17. Forwarded a note to Estonia, in which Russia informed that it did not, intend ,to become a party to the border treaties between Estonia and Russia and did not
  18. Of the cold sleep boxes. They also capture a boy named Jeri London, whom they, intend ,to exploit in order to develop advanced technology (such as the cannon).
  19. That both ICBMs and Slums are obviously" strategic ". Both countries did not, intend ,to stop the development of counter-tactical ABMs. The topic became disputable
  20. To end the incursions, the Government of Eritrea concluded that the NIF did not, intend ,to change its policy and broke relations. Subsequently, the Government of
  21. The need to resort to dice, cards,or other randomizing devices. A player may, intend , for example, to create a character who is a strong mighty warrior, but being "
  22. El Salvador in the years to come. ARENA governments have followed policies that, intend ,to develop other exporting industries in the country as textiles and sea
  23. U. S. authorities denounced their act, assuring the French that they did not, intend ,to assert American sovereignty over Clipper ton. Mexico reasserted its claim
  24. It does not touch directly on the articles of salvation. Neo-Calvinists, intend ,their work to be understood as an update of the Calvinist worldview in response
  25. Or Communism or Republicanism? If so, I never was, I am not now, nor do I ever, intend ,to be a democrat. But if a democrat means opposition to a tyrannical press, a
  26. From gaining ground towards goal or to stop them from carrying out what they, intend , The word is used in some contact variations of football to describe the act of
  27. The European political party that embodies liberalism has never been greater. I, intend ,to spend a large amount of my time helping ELDER meet the huge challenges it is
  28. Turing test simply extends this" polite convention" to machines. He doesn't, intend ,to solve the problem of other minds (for machines or people) and he doesn't
  29. That," our enemies are about to take possession of the Government, that they, intend ,to rule us according to the caprices of their fanatical theories, and according
  30. Mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who, intend ,to pursue careers in these fields. The Scholarship is widely considered the
  31. This is tedious, but necessary for games that are played seriously. Players who, intend ,to play a card game at a high level generally ensure before beginning that all
  32. Proposed future lunar landing missions, such as the Google Lunar X Prize, intend ,to record close-up images of the Apollo Lunar Modules and other artificial
  33. Although" dementia" is part of the name of the disease, Kraepelin did not, intend ,it to be similar to senile dementia and rarely used this term to refer to the
  34. A concert pianist, taught piano for extra money. Brubeck originally did not, intend ,to become a musician (his two older brothers, Henry and Howard, were already
  35. Not allow recognition of Israel, and consequently Lebanese television did not, intend ,to transmit the Israeli entry. The EBU informed them that such an act would
  36. In a Catholic Church provided their decision is of their own accord and they, intend ,to remain together for life, to be faithful to each other, and to have children
  37. Numbers but as a shorthand for the limit computed above. Leibniz, however,did, intend ,it to represent the quotient of two infinitesimally small numbers, dy being the
  38. Were executed in oil directly onto the plaster walls of his house. Goya did not, intend ,for the paintings to be exhibited, did not write of them, and likely never
  39. Was announced that the museum and a group of volunteer Air France technicians, intend ,to restore FITTED, so it can taxi under its own power. On 29 May 2010,it was
  40. It was not validated until 1807. Whitney and his partner Miller did not, intend ,to sell the gins. Rather, like the proprietors of grist and sawmills, they
  41. S site tricks the victim's browser into taking actions the user didn't, intend ,at a target site (like transferring money at a bank). It works because, if
  42. Damage to individuals. Those who apply the labels of" crime" or" criminal ", intend ,to assert the hegemony of a dominant population, or to reflect a consensus of
  43. As hell) as well as a Heaven (An Eden),but the religion does not, intend ,it as a focus. Judaism views the worship of Jesus as inherently polytheistic
  44. Shoot down hijacked commercial aircraft if it can be assumed that the hijackers, intend ,to use the aircraft in a 9/11-style attack, despite killing innocent passengers
  45. Claimed he had made the investments under a long-term plan, and did not, intend ,to sell them until they appreciated in value. Two of the hotels sold in 1970
  46. A Bachelor's degree (Level 6 in the MQF) and students within the system who, intend ,to further their studies to that level will usually seek entry into Advanced
  47. Of the string, it overwrites the value of B: Although the programmer did not, intend ,to change B at all,B's value has now been replaced by a number formed from
  48. More time I could have written a better book, in every sense of the word... I, intend ,to finish the next volume before I begin to print, for it is not pleasant to
  49. Phrases the Christians subsequently appropriated? Or, did the poem’s author, intend ,to see Beowulf as a Christian Ur-hero, symbolically refulgent with Christian
  50. He stated he had no intent to invade Southern states, nor did he, intend ,to end slavery where it existed, but that he would use force to maintain

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