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  1. The mound for the Diamondbacks, and Travis Lee being the first player to hit, score , homer and drive in a run. In their first five seasons of existence, the
  2. Any given fair conflict between two characters, the character with the higher, score ,in the relevant attribute will eventually win. The keywords here are fair and
  3. Score that was entirely classical. Unhappy with the decision to abandon that, score , he heavily criticized the band's experimental mix of hip hop, liturgical and
  4. Games such as Space Duel and Tempest. Gameplay The objective of Asteroids is to, score ,as many points as possible by destroying asteroids and flying saucers. The
  5. Of 68 played. To illustrate Karpov's dominance over his peers as champion, his, score , was +11 −2 20 versus Spas sky, +5 12 versus Robert Huber, +6 −1 16 versus UHF
  6. Of chemicals and its supply chain communications. Apple also continues to, score ,poorly in the Greenpeace's guide for the minimal information it provides about
  7. Fifth Test at The Oval, the highlight was Len Hutton's then world record, score ,of 364 as England made 903-7 declared. Brahman and Jack Singleton injured
  8. C Major in two movements, ( the middle movement is missing from the autograph, score , or perhaps, it was an improvised organ solo) (also 1773); two concertante
  9. In 1933 and did not have a significant production until the 1960s. Weill's, score ,uses a number of styles, including rag-time, jazz and formal counterpoint
  10. His final innings for Australia in the Fifth Test at The Oval, needing to, score ,only four runs to end with a career batting average of exactly 100. However
  11. World champion, Bobby Fischer. Candidate Karol defeated LEV Polugaevsky by the, score ,of +3 =5 in the first Candidates' match, earning the right to face former
  12. Karol in Mean, Italy. This match, however,was won handily by Karol,the, score ,being (11–7,+6 −2 =10) in what is remembered as the" Massacre in Merino ".
  13. The Cave of Troponins" ) in 1785,the first opera bought published in full, score ,by Art aria. Shortly after this success Joseph II had Mozart and Salary each
  14. BCD guideline, a heuristic for detecting melanomas * BCD² score ,a, score ,for determining the risk of stroke after TIA In science * BCD matrix analysis
  15. Of Clockwork Orange at the intimate theater of Bad Goldberg featured a musical, score ,by the German punk rock band Die Token Chosen which, combined with orchestral
  16. Registering their 10,000th win, the Florida Marlins defeated the Braves by a, score ,of 1-3,handing the team the 10,000th loss in franchise history. The Braves
  17. 1977 until 20 December 2007,when they finally lost to Everton of England by a, score ,of 3–2. In the summer of 2006,the club moved to a new 17,000 capacity stadia
  18. Had been all but completed; in reality, Gluck had failed to notate any of the, score ,for the new opera and gave the entire project over to his young friend. Luck
  19. A narrow first innings lead of 22. Jack Hobbs and Herbert Ratcliffe took the, score ,to 49–0 at the end of the second day, a lead of 27. Heavy rain fell overnight
  20. S score was finished by Hayasaka's student, Masaru NATO, who would go on to, score ,all of Kurosawa's next eight films. Record of a Living Being opened in
  21. Dedicated to directing consumers toward the greenest companies, gave Apple a, score ,of 52 points out of a possible 100,which puts Apple in their top category "
  22. Fire. The Vertex had a built-in similar game called" Mine storm ". Highest, score ,On November 13, 1982,15-year-old Scott Saran of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, set
  23. Electronic makers in October 2010 with a score of 4.9/10 (securing the same, score ,as in the previous version of the guide, however slipping 4 places down the
  24. Of Gershwin's original score , before he made numerous edits resulting in the, score ,as we hear it today. In 1951,MGM released the musical An American in Paris
  25. Was expected to provide a significant boost to an offense that has struggled to, score ,runs for most of the season. Dunn seemed quite positive about being traded to a
  26. Amber),upwards without limit. Scores above 0 are" ranked ", with the highest, score ,being ranked 1st,the next-highest 2nd,and so on. The character with 1st rank
  27. Unique use of language and style, whilst marrying it with a rich contemporary, score , bringing fresh resonance to this modern classic. It was performed at Theatre
  28. Alongside the director of the production, Ron Daniels, and envisioned a musical, score ,that was entirely classical. Unhappy with the decision to abandon that score
  29. The game's popularity or the skill of its players. The maximum possible, score ,in this game is 99,990 points, after which it" rolls over" back to zero.
  30. But wound up losing, thus surrendering the title to his opponent. The final, score ,was 11–13 (+3 −5 =16),in favor of Kasparov. Rivalry with Kasparov Karol
  31. Be a highly complex piece of music due to the quick playing of the Violin. The, score ,was written within a couple of weeks by Goodwin who was approached by George
  32. In resuscitation * BCD guideline, a heuristic for detecting melanomas * BCD², score , a score for determining the risk of stroke after TIA In science * BCD matrix
  33. Former prime minister of the Bahamas * 1945 – Basil Polydorus, American film, score ,composer (d. 2006) * 1950 – Arthur Bremen, American criminal, who shot George
  34. His novel, was disappointed. According to The Evening Standard, he called the, score , written by Bono and The Edge of the rock group U2," neo-wallpaper. " Burgess
  35. Matches, including a stretch of 11 matches in which the opposing teams did not, score ,a single goal. Three weeks before the end of the season, despite their second
  36. Draws not counting),but that the champion would retain the crown if the, score ,was tied 9–9. FIDE, the International Chess Federation, refused to allow this
  37. Perceptions Index for Armenia from 3.0 in 2007 to 2.9 out of 10 (a lower, score ,means more perceived corruption); Armenia slipped from 99th place in 2007 to
  38. Apple ranked 9th out of 18 leading electronic makers in October 2010 with a, score ,of 4.9/10 (securing the same score as in the previous version of the guide
  39. Frequently move faster and are more difficult to hit. Smaller asteroids also, score ,higher points. Periodically, a flying saucer appears on one side of the screen
  40. Alaska passed away (of tuberculosis) at the age of only 41. The film's, score ,was finished by Hayasaka's student, Masaru NATO, who would go on to score all
  41. Ran DES Caches" http://www.lyoba.ch/culture/desalpe/ranz.htm#PARTITION (, score ,http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/swissinfo.html? Sid 7020216&cKey 1183635931000&ty
  42. Reported The Edge as saying that Burgess' original conception was" a, score ,written by a novelist rather than a songwriter. " Calling it" meaningless
  43. Singing, Kelley created a character for Groan in this finale. The background, score ,for the show was composed by Danny Lux. DVD releases Due to music licensing
  44. Its spread. Australian/New Zealand Weed Risk Assessment gives it a" high risk, score ,of 15" rating, and it is considered one of the world's 100 most invasive
  45. Songwriter and record producer *1939 – François de Roubaix, French film, score ,composer (d. 1975) * 1939 – Paul Craig Roberts, American economist *1941 –
  46. Some early versions of the game, it was also possible to hide the ship in the, score ,area indefinitely without being hit by asteroids. Technical description The
  47. Seattle Symphony also recorded a version in the 1980s of Gershwin's original, score , before he made numerous edits resulting in the score as we hear it today. In
  48. Centauri has the distinction of receiving gaming magazine PC Gamers highest, score ,(98 %),Legacy After the release of the expansion, multimedia producer
  49. Of 41,336,440 points on the arcade game Asteroids. He beat the 40,101,910 point, score ,set by Leo Daniels of Carolina Beach on February 6,1982. To congratulate
  50. Open the match, but Kirchner staged a comeback late in the match, as,after the, score ,was +5 −2 20 in Karpov's favor, he won three of the next four games to draw

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