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  1. When interpreting a written work, because of the complications inherent with a, writer ,'s title of" author. " They warn of the dangers interpretations could suffer
  2. 1975,Tchaikovsky also worked on the screenplay Hoffmanniana, about the German, writer ,and poet E. T. A. Hoffmann. In December 1976,he directed Hamlet, his only
  3. Football player and coach *Phil Austin (born 1941),American comedian and, writer ,*Sarah Austin (journalist) American Internet personality *Sarah Austin (
  4. Bestow their highest award. Writing an obituary of van Vogt a fellow Canadian, writer ,of science fiction remarked: It is generally held that the“ damnable FWA
  5. Of Albanian Middle Ages, were published in Albanian. The most famous Albanian, writer ,is probably Ismail Radar. Education Before the rise of Communist regime
  6. Death. Important figures in the New York underground art/cinema world, such as, writer ,John Giorno and film-maker Jack Smith, also appear in Warhol films of the 1960s
  7. The husband and raping his wife. In a metafictional touch, the husband is a, writer ,working on a manuscript called" A Clockwork Orange," and Alex contemptuously
  8. Student and colleague of Pavlov). He also influenced the Belgian surrealist, writer ,of comics Jan Buckley in the seventh part of the comics' series Jaunts:
  9. Prizes The polymath Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali Indian poet, dramatist,and, writer ,from Santiniketan, now in West Bengal, India,became in 1913 the first Asian
  10. Huxley was born in Gaming, Surrey,UK, in 1894. He was the third son of the, writer ,and schoolmaster Leonard Huxley and his first wife, Julia Arnold, who founded
  11. Born 1980),American singer-song writer *Kate Austin (1864-1902),American, writer , feminist and anarchist *Kent Austin (born 1963),American football player
  12. The New York Times that Rand greatly appreciated. The reviewer called Rand" a, writer ,of great power" who wrote" brilliantly, beautifully and bitterly," and
  13. High-quality airplanes, and joins the strike. *Bertram Scudder is an editorial, writer ,for the magazine The Future. He typically bashes business and businessmen, but
  14. Needs. Aldous Leonard Huxley (26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963) was an English, writer ,and one of the most prominent members of the famous Huxley family. Best known
  15. At the end of 1978,he also wrote the screenplay Ardor together with the, writer ,Aleksandr Mishearing. The last film Tchaikovsky completed in the Soviet Union was
  16. The phonemes and letters would correspond perfectly in two directions: a, writer ,could predict the spelling of a word given its pronunciation, and a speaker
  17. It is the editor who has“ the power to impose the dominant definition of the, writer ,and therefore to delimit the population of those entitled to take part in the
  18. There is some disagreement amongst chemists regarding its structure). One, writer ,states that although a" considerable amount of work has been done on the
  19. Into the novel. During this period Huxley earned some Hollywood income as a, writer , In March 1938,his friend Anita Loos, a novelist and screen writer , put him in
  20. Adapted from an unpublished novel by Kurosawa in the style of a favorite, writer ,of his, Georges Simenon, it was the director's first collaboration with
  21. First half of the story. Because the gang wore masks during the assault,the, writer ,does not immediately recognize Alex. The writer , whose name is revealed as F.
  22. With the Wind (film),and Marshall Naan, who became an actor, director, writer , and producer. Over his long and successful career spanning over 50 years, he
  23. 1875-1944),Austrian businessman * Peter Gutenberg (1859-1919),Austrian, writer ,and poet The Messaged was the first series of personal digital assistant
  24. Was the first of three Kurosawa films to be adapted from the work of the, writer ,Short Yamamoto (the others would be Red Beard and Dodeskaden). It is
  25. Teddy bear Winnie-the-Pooh and for various children's poems. Milne was a noted, writer , primarily as a playwright, before the huge success of Pooh overshadowed all
  26. Only nonfiction book, The God of the Machine. Rand's first major success as a, writer ,came with The Fountainhead in 1943,a romantic and philosophical novel that she
  27. Masks during the assault, the writer does not immediately recognize Alex. The, writer , whose name is revealed as F. Alexander, shelters Alex and questions him about
  28. Man" instead of" woman. " Rand also developed a friendship with libertarian, writer ,Isabel Paterson. Rand questioned the well-informed Paterson about American
  29. By position-takings is not one of harmony and neutrality. In particular for the, writer , their authorship in their work makes their work part of their identity, and
  30. Shock, was The Idiot, an adaptation of the novel by the director's favorite, writer , Fyodor Dostoevsky. The filmmaker relocated the story from Russia to Hokkaido
  31. His and his co- writer s '. ) He became estranged from his longtime collaborator, writer ,Yugo Fukushima, and never worked with him again. The project had inadvertently
  32. The Latin translation of the Upanishads which had been translated by French, writer ,Aquatic du Person from the Persian translation of Prince Data Shiloh entitled
  33. April 4,1932 – December 29, 1986) was a Soviet and Russian filmmaker, writer , film editor, film theorist, theatre and opera director, widely regarded as one
  34. Juss. ) ". Likewise, Form VIII" he bought "," he buys ". Examples:" book ",", writer ,"," desk "," desks "," library" ( but" library" in short pronunciation)
  35. People) their right to bear a single child per family. In Tanzania, a popular, writer , columnist and satirist M. M. Mwanakijiji has attempted to emulate Swift in his
  36. The population of those entitled to take part in the struggle to define the, writer ,”. As“ cultural investors,” publishers rely on the editor position to
  37. Of campaign literature dwarfed the combined opposition; a Chicago Tribune, writer ,produced a pamphlet that detailed Lincoln's life, and sold one million copies.
  38. Can be easily grasped, thereby fulfilling a need of human consciousness. As a, writer , the art form Rand focused on most closely was literature, where she considered
  39. S major museums, the Vondelpark, a 19th century park named after the Dutch, writer ,Joost van den Model, and http://www.deplantageamsterdam.nl/ the Plant age
  40. Doctrine) (1618) and Ritual Romanus (1621) by Peter Audi, the first, writer ,of original Albanian prose and poetry, an apology for George Cast riot (1636)
  41. In a review of Transfinite: The Essentially A. E. van Vogt, science fiction, writer ,Paul Di Filippo said: In The John W. Campbell Letters, Campbell says," The
  42. Educated Egyptian is suggested by a New Kingdom fictional letter in which the, writer ,proposes a scholarly competition between himself and another scribe regarding
  43. During World War II, Milne was one of the most prominent critics of English, writer ,P. G. Wodehouse, who was captured at his country home in France by the Nazis
  44. Ellison (who began reading van Vogt as a teenager) wrote," Van was the first, writer ,to shine light on the restricted ways in which I had been taught to view the
  45. She is described as having" dark, disheveled hair and large eyes ", and is a, writer , Salt says she" wouldn't be published outside. She believes that when one
  46. Machines like R2-D2. The abbreviation" Andy ", coined as a pejorative by, writer ,Philip K. Dick in his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, has seen some
  47. And other national literatures of Europe and the Americas. He is also the, writer ,of the national anthems of Bangladesh and India. Tagore is said to have named
  48. Is twinned with: Notable people from Ankara * Human Bar Altering, artist, writer , educator and curator * Even Ocker, Puppeteer (Jim Henson's Muppets)
  49. Of the Space Beagle (1950). In 1941,van Vogt decided to become a full-time, writer , quitting his job at the Canadian Department of National Defense. Extremely
  50. Before his death. For the screenplay, Kurosawa brought in Hashimoto as well as, writer ,Video Gun, who would go on to co-write 12 Kurosawa films. Despite the work's

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