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  1. Many local observations remain fundamental in any kind of anthropology, whether, cultural , biological, linguistic or archaeological. Biological anthropologists are
  2. The interwar years, French interest in anthropology often dovetailed with wider, cultural ,movements such as surrealism and primitivism, which drew on ethnography for
  3. States, contemporary anthropology is typically divided into four subfields:, cultural ,anthropology also known as socio cultural anthropology, archaeology,linguistic
  4. Manure, compost and mined minerals. Crop nutrient use may also be managed using, cultural ,techniques such as crop rotation or a fallow period. Manure is used either by
  5. To understand the way that individual personalities were shaped by the wider, cultural ,and social forces in which they grew up. Though such works as Coming of Age in
  6. Periods and geographic regions. Human time on Earth is divided up into relevant, cultural ,traditions based on material, such as the Paleolithic and the Neolithic, of
  7. Further branches: biological or physical anthropology, social anthropology or, cultural ,anthropology, archaeology and anthropological linguistics. The study of kinship
  8. Time, anthropologists urge, as part of their quest for scientific objectivity, cultural ,relativism, which has an influence on all the subfields of anthropology. This
  9. Or excavation of layers of ancient sites. Archaeologists subdivide time into, cultural ,periods based on long-lasting artifacts: the Paleolithic, the Neolithic, the
  10. And ruled over it for about 50 years. As a consequence, both countries share, cultural ,aspects: language (Portuguese) and main religion (Roman Catholic
  11. While his analysis of the function and reproduction of fashion and, cultural ,capital in European societies places him as solidly in sociology. Other
  12. Diversity, Asia – a toponym dating back to classical antiquity –" is more a, cultural ,concept" incorporating diverse regions and peoples than a homogeneous physical
  13. In their earlier stages: Chinese alchemy, centered in China and its zone of, cultural ,influence; Indian alchemy, centered around the Indian subcontinent; and Western
  14. West. From the neolithic age Asia Minor was the route of the forward-Asiatic, cultural ,stream which moved from the Near East to the west and spread the agriculture to
  15. Stating that there are three ways that different groups can have similar, cultural ,forms or technologies:" independent invention, inheritance from ancestors in a
  16. Or Arcadian colonists found the city of Troy. However, this story may reflect a, cultural ,influence which had the reverse direction: Hittite cuneiform texts mention a
  17. Intellectual connections between that discipline and other facets of Western, cultural ,history, such as the evolution of science and philosophy, the sociology and
  18. Morgan argued that human societies could be classified into categories of, cultural ,evolution on a scale of progression that ranged from savagery, to barbarism, too
  19. Interested in fieldwork, nor were they interested in examining how the, cultural ,elements and institutions fit together. Toward the turn of the 20th century, a
  20. Of mankind ". Taylor in particular laid the groundwork for theories of, cultural ,diffusionism, stating that there are three ways that different groups can have
  21. Symbolization, art,systems of writing, and other physical remnants of human, cultural ,activity. Linguistic anthropology (also called anthropological linguistics)
  22. A number of anthropologists became dissatisfied with this categorization of, cultural ,elements; historical reconstructions also came to seem increasingly speculative
  23. Linguistics. The study of kinship and social organization is a central focus of, cultural ,anthropology, as kinship is a human universal. Cultural anthropology also
  24. Chemical (pesticides),biological (biocontrol),mechanical (tillage),and, cultural ,practices are used. Cultural practices include crop rotation, culling,cover
  25. The Alaska Native Heritage Center celebrates the rich heritage of Alaska's 11, cultural , groups. Their purpose is to enhance self-esteem among Native people and to
  26. Mapping cultures is central to both sciences. By making comparisons across, cultural ,traditions (time-based) and cultural regions (space-based),anthropologists
  27. Sciences. By making comparisons across cultural traditions (time-based) and, cultural ,regions (space-based),anthropologists have developed various kinds of
  28. Thus, military expeditions employ anthropologists to discern strategic, cultural ,footholds; marketing professionals employ anthropology to determine propitious
  29. A humorously diminutive way as the Pond, describing both the geographical and, cultural ,divide between North America and Europe, in particular between the
  30. By the natives). The ongoing process of definition Geographical Asia is a, cultural ,artifact, an imprecise concept causing endemic contention about what it means.
  31. Emphasis on cross- cultural comparison and a receptiveness to certain kinds of, cultural ,relativism. In the successor states of continental Europe, on the other hand
  32. About the nature and production of knowledge came to occupy a central place in, cultural ,and social anthropology. In contrast, archaeology and biological anthropology
  33. Allowed them to keep their European identity in geography as well as other, cultural ,heritage. Tatishchev announced that he had proposed the idea to on
  34. Population and a housing crisis. The new generation struggled to relate to the, cultural ,obsession with the war years and two conflicting protest movements developed:
  35. American socio cultural anthropology being simply anthropology. The social and, cultural ,subfield has been heavily influenced by structuralist and post-modern theories
  36. As the Paleolithic and the Neolithic, of particular use in archaeology. Further, cultural ,subdivisions according to tool types, such as Olduvai or Austrian or
  37. Victorian idea of progress rather than the idea of non-directional, multilineal, cultural ,development proposed by later anthropologists. Taylor also theorized about the
  38. Of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) as a forum for, cultural ,exchange and expanding ties with Portugal (its former ruler) and Brazil (
  39. Museum studies, human geography, sociology,social relations, ethnic studies, cultural ,studies, and social work. Anthropology has been used in Britain to provide an
  40. Baking, Chokwe, and other peoples - maintain to varying degrees their own, cultural ,traits, traditions and languages, but in the cities, where slightly more than
  41. Continents in the seven-continent system. It does not exactly correspond to the, cultural ,borders of its various types of constituents. In addition to its general
  42. Impact, it " contributed to the erosion of Christianity, the growth of, cultural ,relativism, an awareness of the survival of the primitive in modern life, and
  43. And George Dalton challenged standard neoclassical economics to take account of, cultural ,and social factors, and employed Marxian analysis into anthropological study.
  44. To be a brief period of fieldwork in the old model, collecting lists of, cultural ,items, when the outbreak of the First World War stranded him in New Guinea. As
  45. Became more reflexive, explicitly addressing the author's methodology, cultural , gender and racial positioning, and their influence on his or her ethnographic
  46. Ties with Portugal (its former ruler) and Brazil (which shares many, cultural ,affinities with Angola) in particular. Sub-Saharan Africa Cape Verde Cape
  47. Have become of increasing priority due to the geographical proximity and, cultural ,similarities. Angola has an embassy in Mexico City, and Mexico has an embassy
  48. Given them a way to form online communities and work remotely. Sociological and, cultural ,aspects of autism have developed: some in the community seek a cure, while
  49. Vulgarity. He is one of Lillian Rearden's friends and a member of the, cultural ,elite. *Clifton Local is a friend of Jim Haggard who takes the position of
  50. On the other hand, Russia also participated to some degree in the nationalist (, cultural ,and political) movements of Central and Eastern Europe. After the Revolution

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