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  1. Was a Gnutella-based peer-to-peer file sharing application, with a support, forum , The original operators of Free Peers, Inc. were Vincent Falcon and Louis Tatty.
  2. The revival of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) as a, forum ,for cultural exchange and expanding ties with Portugal (its former ruler) and
  3. S accounts, ensuring proper conduct of the party's finances, and to act as a, forum ,for the party's leadership to discuss vital issues and carve out the party's
  4. Edwards' articles are still used as a reference by members of the online, forum ," Curry Recipes Online ", where he has also informally published a few briefs
  5. Having been first convened by Archbishop Donald Organ in 1978 as a, forum ,for" leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation ". Ordained ministry Like
  6. Have been preserved through the embankments, substructures of the later Roman, forum , whose foundation piles dot the district. The housing blocks are separated by a
  7. Of Botanists and his loyal tutor, met with Alexios and Isaac and fled for the, forum ,of Constantine. She refused to go with them and demanded that they allow her to
  8. You know, the value of ceremony, the value of community, or even just having a, forum ,to get together and talk about ideas, about morals – that's a cool concept.
  9. Within and without the church. In recent years, the Internet has provided a new, forum ,for proponents and critics of Mormonism. The church's support in 2008 of
  10. Technology and business process services company * Clinton Global Initiative,a, forum ,created by former US President Bill Clinton to discuss global problems * Coast
  11. With representatives of governments, while others preferred a political, forum ,with parliamentarians. Both approaches were finally combined through the
  12. Participate in ROTC programs at other nearby colleges and universities. At a, forum ,at the university during the 2008 presidential election campaign, both John
  13. First held in 1867) is the oldest international consultation. It is a, forum ,for bishops of the Communion to reinforce unity and collegiality through
  14. S journals, magazines,and conference proceedings. Online services include a, forum ,called Ubiquity and Tech News digest. ACM requires the copyright of all
  15. More than jazz. But this is the beauty of the album; the ensembles provide a, forum ,for Zorn to expand his compositions. The album consistently impresses ". Track
  16. Entities," he said, speaking at the Compassion in World Farming annual, forum , For example, recent proposals for a voluntary code of conduct for the
  17. Off their" feminine forms" whilst doing so. Thus, archery came to act as a, forum ,for introductions, flirtation and romance. Mythology Deities and heroes in
  18. By serving as chairman for the 2000 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), forum , Stated plans for the future include upgrading the labor force, reducing
  19. And deliberation, having been first convened by Archbishop Donald Organ as a, forum ,for" leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation ". Since there is no
  20. Of those goods because the target audience is not only largely unaware of the, forum ,as vehicle for foreign messaging but also willing to receive the message while
  21. Public building (as in Greece, mainly a tribunal),usually located in the, forum ,of a Roman town. After the Roman Empire became officially Christian, see Edict
  22. Was a reference to Genie (" grid epsilon" =" GE" ) and the original, forum ,'s address on the system's bulletin boards (page 470,category 18,topic 22)
  23. FAO) leads international efforts to defeat hunger and provides a neutral, forum ,where nations meet as equals to negotiate agreements and debate food policy and
  24. Kinescope of Game 5 of the 1956 World Series. During the episode, he held a, forum ,with Don Larsen, who pitched MLB's only postseason perfect game during that
  25. Based on party representation. The council also serves as an important, forum ,for interparty negotiations on specific legislation and procedural issues. The
  26. 2004,the PRC proposed an entirely new East Asia Summit (EAS) framework as a, forum ,for regional security issues, pointedly excluding the United States. The EAS
  27. Of Islamic Cooperation (OIC),the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), forum , and the Commonwealth of Nations. Brunei hosted the APEC Economic Leaders '
  28. Together with legacy device support, the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (SMTP), forum , has published a recommendations paper, entitled " Bluetooth Local Connectivity
  29. Aim: add buddy? Screenname=notarealuser This type of link is commonly found on, forum ,profiles, to easily add contacts Vulnerabilities AIM is known for security
  30. NAM BLA in defense of free speech. " In the essay, he referred to NAM BLA" as a, forum ,for reform of those laws on youthful sexuality which members deem oppressive, a
  31. By serving as chairman for the 2000 APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation), forum , Growth in 1999 is estimated at 2.5 % due to higher oil prices in the second
  32. For Osama bin Laden. During his visit to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, forum ,in Manila in 1996,he was saved shortly before his car was due to drive over a
  33. This factor. In addition, such parties offer both exhibitionists and voyeurs a, forum ,to indulge their inclinations without social opprobrium. Sexual intercourse is
  34. Who do not have the privilege to attend the event live, they can watch the, forum ,via online videos on Columbia University's website. Past forum speakers
  35. Some of them resigned. International social forum s: See main articles: Social, forum , European Social Forum, Asian Social Forum, World Social Forum. The first World
  36. Space as BBSes did, and the term BBS is often used to refer to any online, forum ,or message board. Although Basing survives only as a niche hobby in most parts
  37. Role on AOL was that of Guide XNT (Guide Program),CB Naked (Crystal Ball, forum ,), VnV Naked (iVillage's Vices and Virtues Forum) and Cambrian (Jewish
  38. By French theater. With independence came a new style of theater inspired by, forum ,theater aimed at educating and entertaining Burkina Faso's rural people.
  39. Channel on the same station broadcasting on HD3. This will be used as an open, forum ,for White Sox management, players,and fans to comment on the team. The content
  40. The great statue of Athena, the work of Phidias, which stood in the principal, forum ,facing west. In February, the people rose again: Alexis IV was imprisoned and
  41. See below) play a prominent role in this process. Plenary sessions provide a, forum ,for members to engage in public debate on legislative issues before them, but
  42. To be addressed to Radius himself, contains a tirade against Goths. A new, forum ,was built in the name of Radius, on the seventh hill of Constantinople, the
  43. Can watch the forum via online videos on Columbia University's website. Past, forum ,speakers include former President of the United States Bill Clinton, the Prime
  44. Modules on a 5-star scale *http://cpan forum .com CAN: :Forum is a discussion, forum ,where threads are classified by CAN distribution *http://annocpan.org Angolan
  45. Had reviewed over 660 a cappella albums since 1994,and its popular discussion, forum ,had over 900 users and 19,000 articles. A cappella exists in Japan, with groups
  46. Aphrodite into a coach house for the Praetorian Prefect; Radius built a new, forum ,named after himself on the Mere, near the walls of Constantine. The importance
  47. Edict of Milan. As the church moved from the shadows of privacy into the public, forum ,it acquired land for churches, burials and clergy. In 391,Theodosius I decreed
  48. Redeem the public obligations (debts) incurred during the war, or to become a, forum ,for productive cooperation among the states to encourage commerce and economic
  49. Held in Morocco. After its accession to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, forum ,(APEC) in 1989,Brunei hosted the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in November
  50. S coat of arms on the inside. Cardinals have in canon law a" privilege of, forum ," (i.e., exemption from being judged by ecclesiastical tribunals of ordinary

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