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  1. Of pathos. " The critic Radio NATO considers the recurring character of the ", master ," to be a type of surrogate father, whose role it is to witness the young
  2. Used varied depending on geographical location. They often carried the title of, master ,builder, or http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Special:Search/surveyor surveyor
  3. Professional experience (graduate work or studies) and an advanced degree (, master ,'s degree 1 year or a doctoral degree 3 years) *Applicant's height must be 5
  4. Writer Harriet Martineau, for example, wrote dubiously that," the, master ,presupposes his little pupils possessed of all truth; and that his business is
  5. Later 332 BC, where he was regarded as a liberator. He was pronounced the new ", master ,of the Universe" and son of the deity of Amen at the Oracle of Siva Oasis in
  6. And approve of it. In his very first film, Sanshiro Sugar, after the Judo, master ,Yang becomes the title character’s teacher and spiritual guide," the narrative
  7. Trivium and his student Urban wrote one on the quadrivium. Charlemagne was a, master ,at gathering the best men of every land in his court. He himself became far
  8. In 1245, he went to Paris, received his doctorate and taught for some time as a, master ,of theology with great success. During this time Thomas Aquinas began to study
  9. Even in private comments on Mein Kampf, Crowley said that his own preferred ", master ,class" was above all distinctions of race. Views on women Biographer Lawrence
  10. At Appomattox and the war was effectively over. 1864 re-election Lincoln was a, master ,politician, bringing together—and holding together—all the main factions of the
  11. Under the rock wanting to shade himself like us, so I asked," Who is your, master ,O' slave? " He answered," Slave of the Fulani, someone of the Quraish. " He
  12. Unsuccessful, Alexander finally defeated Demetrius Voter in 150 BC. Being now, master ,of the empire, he is said to have abandoned himself to a life of debauchery.
  13. Term low interest loans from national banking institutions. The first state to, master ,this process was the Dutch Republic. This transformation in the armies of
  14. The teachings of his master Thales. He succeeded Thales and became the second, master ,of that school where he counted Ximenes and arguably, Pythagoras amongst his
  15. As" Georgios ". James I's courtiers discovered in" James Stuart" " a just, master ,", and converted" Charles James Stuart" into" Claims Arthur's seat" ( even
  16. And has a very undistinguished look. He knows politics, however,and is a, master ,of public relations and back-room deals. Rand's notes indicate that she
  17. Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1808) *1757 – Alessandro Roll, Italian violin, master ,and composer (d. 1841) *1766 – Madame de Staël, French author (d. 1817)
  18. In an embroidered extension of the myth, the hounds were so upset with their, master ,'s death, that Chiron made a statue so lifelike that the hounds thought it was
  19. Is originally depicted as a household relationship in which the slave dupes his, master , The introduction of a rival, who is not a member of the household, leads to an
  20. The young Ampere, however,soon resumed his Latin lessons, to enable him to, master ,the works of Euler and Bernoulli. In later life Ampere claimed that he knew as
  21. Belonging to the French New Wave championed the films of the older Japanese, master , Kenji Mizoguchi, at the expense of Kurosawa’s work. New Wave critic-filmmaker
  22. Continuous Fractions ". His pedagogical work began after the defense of his, master ,thesis in autumn 1880. As a privatdozent he lectured on differential and
  23. 13 + M,7,meaning 13 register buttons on the treble side plus a special ", master ," which activates ALL ranks like the" tutti" on an organ, and 7 register
  24. The conduct of the war by Joseph Stalin, whom he called Khoisan" (" the, master ,"),and" Balboa ", ( Yiddish rendering of Hebrew Baal heydays for" master
  25. Teachings, but doubted that what he heard from disciple Pindar reflected the, master ,'s true position. Some claim that on a later visit he met Gurdjieff—who firmly
  26. 1925 – Joe Bowman, American sharpshooter, Hollywood consultant, bootmaker &, master ,showman (d. 2009) * 1928 – Jean-François Pail lard, French conductor *1929 –
  27. His brother to Greenville, Tennessee,where he found work as a tailor. His, master ,used legal procedures to force him to return but failed, and Johnson was on his
  28. Of whom was the wealthy Lithuanian magnate Michael Link, who justified his, master ,'s confidence by his great victory over the Tatars at Keck (5 August 1506)
  29. The unique single figure of Aaron to have been painted by a European old, master ,artist, circa 15th–18th centuries (A. Piglet," Barockthemen" Vol. 1;
  30. Turkey. He belonged to the Silesia school and learned the teachings of his, master ,Thales. He succeeded Thales and became the second master of that school where
  31. Piece of advice Yamamoto gave Kurosawa was that a good director needed to, master ,screenwriting. Kurosawa soon realized that the potential earnings from his
  32. The introduction of high wages for Ford workers. Henry Ford was the first to, master ,the assembly line and was able to improve other aspects of industry by doing so
  33. Only periods. For example, sequences like ‹ er › were replaced with, as in for, master ,and for exacerbate. While this may seem trivial, it was symptomatic of an
  34. Relationship between an older and a younger man, who serve each other as, master ,and disciple, respectively. This theme was clearly an expression of the
  35. To allow exchange of the cattle for the lyre. Hence, Apollo then became a, master ,of the lyre. Apollo in the Orestes In Aeschylus' Orestes trilogy
  36. Della Pietà In September 1703,Vivaldi became maestro DI violin (, master ,of violin) at an orphanage called the PIO Rosedale Della Pietà (Devout
  37. And The Hidden Fortress for praise. Bernardo Bertolucci considered the Japanese, master ,'s influence to be seminal:" Kurosawa's movies and La Dolce Vita of Fellini
  38. Needful as lungs, heart,or kidneys. The conscious mind is the servant, not the, master , of these and other organs; these organs have an agenda which the conscious
  39. They both tried to catch the same cab),a Tibetan Buddhist meditation, master ,of the Kay and Cinema sects, who became his friend and life-long teacher.
  40. The Bell family moved to London, Bell returned to Weston House as an assistant, master ,and, in his spare hours, continued experiments on sound using a minimum of
  41. Will be done unresolved. Critical reception Agatha Christie was revered as a, master ,of suspense, plotting,and characterization by most of her contemporaries.
  42. The illusion of a young English medical apprentice, to learn from the great, master ,of his time. Avicenna also the novel or the path of Isfahan Since Gilbert told
  43. Wing of the Rijksmuseum is currently open to the public, with a selection of, master ,pieces on display. The full museum will re-open in 2012 or 2013. Van Gogh lived
  44. Of Athens and it is possible that it did so because, in Aristophanes, it had a, master ,craftsman who lived long enough to help usher it into a new age. Indeed
  45. Master" ), and " Balboa ", ( Yiddish rendering of Hebrew Baal heydays for ", master ,of the house" ). He was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda under Article 58
  46. Born in Wales. After a brief period of unemployment, he was hired as a, master ,at the Collegiate School in Leicester to teach drawing, mapmaking, and
  47. Upon contemporary topics, and occasional divergences from the opinions of the, master , His principal theological works are a commentary in three volumes on the Books
  48. Has become spectral and is generated from beyond the grave with the, master ,maintaining a ghostly presence. Its end is death, not the renewal of commitment
  49. Black Sea. Achilles from Luce island was venerated as Pentarchies the lord and, master ,of the Poetic Sea, the protector of sailors and navigation. Sailors went out of
  50. S great lords, destroyed the nobles and kings of 16 towns and made himself the, master ,of all territory between the eastern and the western seas. Some historians

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