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  1. Bigfoot Field Research Organization or" AFRO ". The AFRO also provides a free, database ,to individuals and other organizations. Their internet website includes reports
  2. Telescope to those numerical readings. Rather, the object is chosen from the, database ,and arrow markers appear in the display which indicate the direction to move
  3. Competition with Microsoft was fierce. Microsoft launched the competing, database ,Microsoft Access and bought the base clone FoxPro in 1992,undercutting
  4. Whose instances appear in the BLOCKS, ENTITIES,and OBJECTS sections of the, database , Generally does not provide sufficient information to allow interoperability
  5. Secretary Robin Cook wrote that the word al-Qaeda should be translated as" the, database ,", and originally referred to the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen
  6. Resident (TSR) program. In 1985 Bowland acquired Analytica and its Reflex, database ,product. The engineering team of Analytica, managed by Brad Silver berg and
  7. By western security agencies ", and that" al-Qaida, literally " the, database ,", was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were
  8. Are also gathered in an online Evaluation Information System offering a, database ,of lessons, recommendations,and ADB Management responses to these. Details of
  9. With Citation Technologies, AAMI, ASTM,and DIN, created a single, centralized, database , for medical device standards on September 9,2009. *In early 2009,ANSI
  10. The base had appeared in their aircraft navigation systems' latest Represent, database ,revision with the ICAO airport identifier code of DATA and listed as" Homey
  11. Forest. However, in order to minimize replication traffic and to keep the GC's, database ,small, only selected attributes of each object are replicated. This is called
  12. That are not domain controllers are called Member Servers. The Active Directory, database ,is organized in partitions, each holding specific object types and following a
  13. Others, using the new concurrent Limbo programming language. A high performance, database ,engine (Dali) was developed which became Fatality in its product form. ATT
  14. Bugzilla projects allowing the public to file bugs—such as the Bugzilla bug, database ,for Bugzilla itself—assign all bugs to a gatekeeper, whose job it is to assign
  15. See entries containing both the remote and local attributes, while the remote, database ,remains completely untouched. Active Directory can be automated by PowerShell.
  16. Knowledge and reasoning * CBC, an attempt to assemble an ontology and, database ,of everyday knowledge, enabling human-like reasoning. * Risk, a language by
  17. According to the observed mutation rates, certain J2 haplotypes found on FT DNA, database ,projects share a common ancestor who lived 3100+/-200 years BP, as Kopecks
  18. To developers is its lightweight implementation and speed, so calls into the, database ,are minimized whenever possible, data fetching is kept as light as possible
  19. Computer network of The New York Times, adding his name to the internal, database ,of expert sources, and using the paper's LexisNexis account to conduct
  20. Additional attributes stored in a local database . Clients pointed at the local, database ,see entries containing both the remote and local attributes, while the remote
  21. Objects (but only 1 billion security principals) in each domain controller's, database , Microsoft has created NTDS database s with more than 2 billion objects. (NT4
  22. Grouped into domains. The objects for a single domain are stored in a single, database ,(which can be replicated). Domains are identified by their DNS name structure
  23. A human novice. For the bear off phase, backgammon software usually relies on a, database ,containing precomputed equities for all possible bear off positions. History The
  24. Introduction Bioinformatics was applied in the creation and maintenance of a, database ,to store biological information at the beginning of the" genomic revolution "
  25. Of the WordPerfect word processor, Quattro Pro spreadsheet and Paradox, database ,) was introduced at the 1993 Codex computer show. Bowland Office never made
  26. BASE),a consistency model *OpenOffice. Org Base, OpenOffice. org's, database ,module, also known as airbase In mathematics: *Base (geometry),a side of a
  27. And individuals. The advent of the Internet and sophisticated relational, database ,software programs has made it easier to conduct these activities and has
  28. Density Note: This text is entirely based on the municipal statistical, database ,provided by the city council. Barcelona is one of the most densely populated
  29. Found, all of which cause some form of ALS (http://alsod.iop.kcl.ac.uk ALSO, database ,). In North America, the most commonly occurring mutation is known as A4V and
  30. Others); turnkey programs (Mail-Pro, Sales-Pro 6,Video-Pro, and others);, database ,programs (Local Prime, Data Manager, Data Manager Professional, DBMan V, Base
  31. For replicating the default Domain partition. Database The Active Directory, database , the directory store, in Windows 2000 Server uses the JET Blue-based Extensible
  32. And versions of the operating system. The Metalloid Project is one such, database ,of suitable opcodes, though only those found in the Windows operating system
  33. Such as nucleotide and amino acid sequences. Development of this type of, database ,involved not only design issues but the development of complex interfaces
  34. And maintainer of its site at http://www.metamath.org metamath. Org, an online, database ,of automatically verified proofs. * J Brother Moore, co-author of the
  35. Of World Series Rings from prior years from the 1900s to present. **An inductee, database ,touch-screen computer with statistics for every inductee. *Sacred Ground is the
  36. A suitable mail transfer agent, or any SMTP server Currently supported, database ,systems are MySQL, PostgreSQL,and Oracle. Bugzilla is usually installed on
  37. Under the CP/M operating system, including the base II, database ,and the WordStar word processor. There was also a third-party 6809 cards that
  38. Sophisticated; it attempted to learn the user's natural handwriting, using a, database ,of known words to make guesses as to what the user was writing, and could
  39. Suggesting the" B" may have originated from Boeing or from Bayer's name. The, database ,problem Time to search a sorted file Usually, sorting and searching algorithms
  40. On the Internet. The program or server carries out an exhaustive search of a, database ,of words, to produce a list containing every possible combination of words or
  41. Entries in any remote LDAP server with additional attributes stored in a local, database , Clients pointed at the local database see entries containing both the remote
  42. Derive from the fact that end users do not have to deal with software and, database ,maintenance overheads. Basic bioinformatics services are classified by the EBI
  43. An unprecedented degree of accuracy. A new“ Tycho catalog” drew together a, database ,of 1,058,332 to within 20-30 mas (milliseconds). Additional catalogs
  44. And The American Museum of Natural History, available as the online reference, database ,Amphibian Species of the World. The numbers of species cited above follow Frost
  45. In Medline-recognized journals since 1966 in the National Library of Medicine, database , See also Leaned 1991,and Linde 1997. Complementary therapies are often used
  46. The company on its core software development tools and the Interbase, database ,engine and shifting toward client-server scenarios in corporate applications.
  47. About the evolution and biochemical capacity of this parasite. A NIH-funded, database , http://ApiDB.org Acid. Org, provides public access to currently available
  48. Eyepiece. The user therefore does not have to go back and forth from some other, database ,(such as a book or laptop) to match the desired object's listed coordinates
  49. 1987 Bowland purchased Ansa-Software, including their Paradox (version 2.0), database , management tool. Richard Schwartz, CEO of Anna, became Borland's CTO and Ben
  50. Map technology providing zoom and scroll over map imagery coupled with a point, database ,of intelligence data such as order of battle, airfields,roadways, and bridges.

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