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  1. Stacks, both often called algebraic stacks. Sometimes other algebraic sites, replace ,the category of affine schemes. For example, Nikolai Duroc has introduced
  2. Several more general problems. The result was a new user interface, proposed to, replace ,the Squeak Orphic user interface in the future. Tweak added mechanisms of
  3. International were the precursors of the anarcho-syndicalists, seeking to ", replace ,the privilege and authority of the State" with the" free and spontaneous
  4. Prince Louis of France for his lands in England, chosen by the barons to, replace ,King John. But John having died, the Pope and the English aristocracy changed
  5. But then commanded that Achilles' battle prize Crisis be brought to, replace ,Chrysalis. Angry at the dishonor (and as he says later, because he loved
  6. Mission ordered by the king: after fulfilling the first mission he should, replace ,the first Viceroy of India, Francisco de Almeida, whose term ended two years
  7. Replaced the stolen sign with a replica, which was originally made to, replace ,the original sign while it was being restored some years earlier. Name "
  8. Category with an appropriate variant of a Grothendieck topology. One can also, replace ,pres heaves of sets by pres heaves of simplicity sets (or of infinity groupies
  9. But the patient has problems with the selection of nouns. They will either, replace ,the desired word with another that sounds or looks like the original one, or
  10. Environment and a need for food is not inevitable, and that pesticides simply, replace ,good agronomic practices such as crop rotation. Agriculture can both mitigate
  11. Supply the appropriate vowel. It is a term suggested by Peter T. Daniels to, replace ,the common terms consonantly or consonant alphabet or syllabify to refer to
  12. Then in 2003,representing a value of nearly 9,000 million replace ,this figure with" 9 billion" due to the different meanings of" a billion" (
  13. The web. In July, Adobe released Sound booth. This product was not intended to, replace ,the existing Adobe Audition but merely to provide an environment for
  14. By Meg Lees several months before the arrival of Cheryl Kernel, elected to, replace ,the retiring deputy leader Michael Jacklin. The ambitious Kernel immediately
  15. Such as by electrolysis) or if other sources of hydrogen are not available to, replace ,the Haber Process, in amounts sufficient to supply transportation and
  16. Inner product To define angles in an abstract real inner product space, we, replace , the Euclidean dot product (·) by the inner product \angle\dot, \dot\range
  17. Itself from the Soviet Union was to adopt a modified-Latin alphabet to, replace ,Cyrillic. Other than that the Azerbaijani system has undergone little
  18. On. Late Egyptian develops prefix definite and indefinite articles, which, replace , the older inflectional suffixes. There is a change from the older
  19. Cambria's. After the flood, Carnegie built Johnstown a new library to, replace ,the one built by Cambria's chief legal counsel Cyrus Elder, which was
  20. Energy exporter, although it does not have sufficient generating capacity to, replace ,Metaphor, which is under international pressure to close. The electricity
  21. Destroy tumors, and to correct eye defects. It has also used experimentally to, replace ,nitrogen in the breathing or decompression mix, to speed the elimination of
  22. AAC can be used to aid both spoken and written language, and can supplement or, replace ,speech and writing as necessary. AAC can be a permanent addition to a person's
  23. Would merge safe corporations) at the end of their turn. You may continue to, replace ,unplayable tiles (including new unplayable tiles that you draw) until you
  24. One atom is usually much smaller than the other, and so cannot successfully, replace ,an atom in the crystals of the base metal. The smaller atoms become trapped in
  25. And quite crucially when keyboard or mouse prove unusable, AT can also, replace ,the keyboard and mouse with alternative devices such as the LOMAK keyboard
  26. And then replace ments put into the empty space. As video terminals began to, replace ,printing ones, the value of the" rub out" character was lost. DEC systems, for
  27. Function (which yields a one-dimensional array, or vector, from 1 to N) can, replace ,for-loop iteration. More recent implementations of APL generally include
  28. New Amiga clones were announced, both using FPGA based hardware synthesis to, replace ,the Amiga OCS custom chipset. The first, the Minimum, is a personal project of
  29. Of both capital and labor. Lawson believed that the government should, replace ,banks as the provider of loans to business and workers. His rallies and
  30. Interim with Adjutant-General Lorenzo Thomas. Johnson had originally wanted to, replace ,Stanton with General Ulysses S. Grant, but Grant refused to accept the position
  31. In Fabulist until 1526 when he and his army invaded Delhi in India to, replace ,the Afghan Lodi dynasty with the Mughal Empire. From the 16th century to the
  32. Of trade. *Ben Nearly is a railroad contractor whom Deign Haggard hires to, replace ,the track on the Rio North Line with Rear den Metal. Nearly is incompetent, but
  33. Opposition Leader and Mark Latham to the 2004 election. Beasley was recalled to, replace ,Latham in 2005 and Latham split from his party with the publication of a 2005
  34. Assigned before his 1509 arrest, and appointing rich merchant Nina Chat to, replace ,the previous Kandahar, representative of the Kefir people and adviser. Besides
  35. Greater than ambient in order to drive out the nitrogen-containing air and, replace ,it with pure oxygen. After liftoff, the pressure would have been reduced to the
  36. Limited their use. Eventually, as 8-,16-, and 32-bit computers began to, replace ,18- and 36-bit computers as the norm, it became common to use an 8-bit byte to
  37. To prevent Queen Draga's brother being named heir, but in reality to, replace ,Alexander Obrenović with Peter Karađorđević, a conspiracy was organized by a
  38. Dionysus Exiguous to enumerate the years in his Easter table. His system was to, replace ,the Diocletian era that had been used in an old Easter table because he did not
  39. Cannot represent overprinted text. However, something similar has emerged to, replace ,it: shaded or colored ASCII art, using ANSI video terminal markup or color
  40. The apostles, along with other followers of Jesus, meet and elect Matthias to, replace ,Judas as a member of The Twelve. On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descends on them
  41. Of sexual magic, often using words like" blood "," death" and" kill" to, replace ," semen "," ecstasy" and" ejaculation" in the yet puritanical sexual
  42. Quality of life in the short term. In rare cases, surgery may be required to, replace ,joints, but there is no cure for the illness. Lupus This is a common collagen
  43. Replacing permanently unplayable tiles - Per 1999 rules, players can, replace ,permanently unplayable tile (tiles that would merge safe corporations) at the
  44. In 1439,the Portuguese Cortes (assembly of the kingdom) decided to, replace ,the queen with Infant Peter, Duke of Cobra, the young king's the oldest uncle.
  45. Third Kind; translating elliptic integral form MAPLE to Mathematical, one should, replace ,the second argument to its square, see; dealing with complex values, this may
  46. Could not have been reptilian, as its tidal volume would not have been able to, replace ,its dead-space volume. Likewise, the mammalian system would only provide a
  47. He was first elected on October 7,2003,in a special recall election to, replace ,then-Governor Gray Davis. Schwarzenegger was sworn in on November 17, 2003, too
  48. By the revolution: Historians have given many reasons for the perceived need to, replace ,the articles in 1787. Jill son and Wilson (1994) point to the financial
  49. Present in the body at about 4.6 ppm. *Cesium has no biological role, but can, replace ,potassium to some extent in the body due to having similar chemical properties.
  50. The immediate post-World War II period. The goal of the American Occupation to, replace ,Japanese feudalism with individualism coincided with the director’s artistic

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