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  1. Of which was recorded at the famous Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida with the, assistance , among others, of recording engineer Tom Down. The album topped the charts
  2. Principle, through seizure by the state or put in private hands with the, assistance ,of the state. Rothbard says, It is not enough to call simply for defense of "
  3. Armenian officers are trained in Greece every year, and military aid/material, assistance ,has been provided to Armenia. In 2003,the two countries signed a military
  4. Economy South Australia's largest employment sector is health care and social, assistance , surpassing manufacturing in SA as the largest employer since 2006–07. The
  5. Aragon, the husband of Isabella I of Castile. He went to France to obtain the, assistance ,of Louis XI, but finding himself deceived by the French monarch, he returned to
  6. Was preparing to attack the Schmalkaldic League, he took pains to win Albert's, assistance , Sharing in the attack on the Electorate of Saxony, Albert was taken prisoner
  7. Surfing project in the Andaman's, starting from Phuket in Thailand with the, assistance ,of Southeast Asia Linerboards (SEAL),a UK owned dive charter company. With a
  8. Han slope Park, where he further developed his knowledge of electronics with the, assistance ,of engineer Donald Bayley. Together they undertook the design and construction
  9. On the Whirling Rocks (), but he himself escaped upon a rock through the, assistance ,of Poseidon and would have been saved in spite of Athena, but he said that he
  10. Last decade has been largely dependent on external factors (e.g. remittances, assistance ,from international financial and donor organization). Furthermore, the study
  11. Year, the child Danilo was again expelled from Hatch, but Andrew denied to give, assistance ,to him because the child prince's opponent, Prince Volodymyr III Igorevych had
  12. Products to aid people with disabilities who are able to walk or stand with, assistance ,(canes, crutches,walkers, gait trainers). * Advanced technology walking
  13. Is washing her clothes that Athena arrives personally to provide more tangible, assistance , She appears in Nausicaa's dreams to ensure that the princess rescues Odysseus
  14. Defense of Armenia has repeatedly stated that it would expect direct military, assistance ,from the CST in case war with Azerbaijan resumes, as recently as December 2009
  15. The Institute of World Literature of Russia's Academy of Sciences in 1999 with, assistance ,from the Russian Government. An analysis of the novel has unambiguously proved
  16. Latter had scored his second victory against Mural II. In addition to financial, assistance , he supplied the Albanian leader with troops, military equipment, and sanctuary
  17. Person, who translated his poem" Hymn To Pan" into Portuguese. With the, assistance ,of Person Crowley faked his own death at a notorious rock formation on the
  18. Pain. After a crash of thunder and light, the baby arrives without anyone's, assistance , Death After the death of Amphitryon, Alcmene married Rhadamanthys, son of Zeus
  19. In need of the proceeds from the publication of The Malay Archipelago. Despite, assistance ,from his friends, he was never able to secure a permanent salaried position
  20. The Treaty of Harangue, although the Spanish government had been providing, assistance ,to the revolutionaries since the very beginning of the war. So too had the
  21. Menelaus succeeded Tenders in Sparta, while Agamemnon, with his brother's, assistance , drove out Aegis thus and Theses to recover his father's kingdom. He extended
  22. Massachusetts) Band. The commission was funded by the Town of Concord and, assistance ,was given by the Eastern National Park and Monument Association in cooperation
  23. Had been expelled from his country by his subjects, fled to Hungary seeking for, assistance ,in 1188,King Bela III had him arrested and occupied his principality and he
  24. Two countries signed a far-reaching friendship treaty, which calls for mutual, assistance ,in the event of a military threat to either party and allows Russian border
  25. Increase the size of its peace-keeping detachment and counts on Greek, assistance ,to the effort. In June 2008,Armenia sent 72 peacekeepers to Kosovo for a total
  26. Then going to war against overwhelming odds, escaped to Ravenna with Longings ', assistance , taking with him his wife, his troops, the royal treasure and Alboin's
  27. To the country. Since 2002,India has pledged up to $2 billion in economic, assistance ,to Afghanistan and has participated in multiple socio-economic reconstruction
  28. Andrew used the money to recruit followers among the barons and also sought the, assistance ,of Leopold V, Duke of Austria. In December 1197,Andrew's troops defeated King
  29. He is the only principal character on either side who does not receive personal, assistance ,from any of the gods who take part in the battles. Trojan War In the Iliad
  30. Decade, which is due to the infusion of multi-billion dollars in international, assistance ,and investments as well as remittances from expats. According to the World Bank
  31. Antaeus succeeded early in the war, the rebels unbelievably asked for Seleucid, assistance , Judea insurgents joined forces with Demetrius III to fight against Antaeus.
  32. Were not corrected on direct review. Typical claims might include ineffective, assistance ,of counsel and actual innocence based on new evidence. These proceedings are
  33. Indies before helping to secure American independence. While French financial, assistance ,to the American war effort was already of critical importance, French military
  34. Daily lives. One was conducted in 2010 by the Asia Foundation (with technical, assistance ,by the Afghan Center for Socio-economic and Opinion Research) and the other
  35. Fees he claimed that she owed him. Agassi's autobiography, Open (written with, assistance ,from J. R. Derringer),was published in November 2009. In it Agassi admitted
  36. Of the Great Lakes formed the North American Anglican Conference for mutual, assistance ,between Evangelical Anglican churches. A suffragan bishop was consecrated for
  37. With more than 30 countries. Turkey In December 2009,an agreement on military, assistance ,was signed by Turkey and Azerbaijan. The agreement envisions Ankara’s supplying
  38. Hand, encountered hostility when he once again asked the Emperor for military, assistance , as the Byzantines had been angered by the Genius' failure to cede Sirius to
  39. Such agonies you have caused me ". Achilles then got his vengeance. With the, assistance ,of the god Hermes,Hector's father, Priam,went to Achilles' tent to plead
  40. In the trial. Another issue suitable for appeal in criminal cases is effective, assistance ,of counsel. If a defendant has been convicted and can prove that his lawyer did
  41. Saddled with debt and the collapse of their interests. Shaw obtained financial, assistance ,from John Simpsons, the selling agent for the enterprise to continue operations
  42. Of Antigens II; upon which he took refuge amongst the Acarnanians. By their, assistance ,and that of his own subjects, who entertained a great attachment for him, he
  43. Was to starve the Bush into submission, but this allowed the king time to send, assistance ,with his mobile field army or garrisons from neighboring Burns. In such cases
  44. With the Egyptian co-ruler Ptolemy Lathers. In reality Antaeus sought the, assistance ,of Lathers’ mother, Cleopatra III, against her son. When Lathers learned of
  45. The throne and reigned from 1933 to 1973. Until 1946 Zahid Shah ruled with the, assistance ,of his uncle, who held the post of Prime Minister and continued the policies of
  46. Rights, prevention of marine pollution, search and rescue, ceremonial duties, assistance ,to government programs, provision of relief during natural disasters
  47. V=3oqUd8utr14 video) Producer and product Warhol had, assistance ,in producing his paintings. This is also true of his film-making and commercial
  48. Him. Nevertheless, in the same year, he made a campaign in Hatch and gave, assistance ,to Prince Roman Igorevych to acquire the throne. In 1208,taking advantage of
  49. To government programs, provision of relief during natural disasters, assistance ,in the maintenance of essential services and support of the police in
  50. By the Armenian government (per WTO requirements). In 2010,the volume of US, assistance ,to Armenia remained near 2009 levels; however, longer-term decline continued.

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