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  1. Justice system, grant patents and copy rights, provide public goods such as, infrastructure , provide national defense and regulate banking. It was the role of the
  2. Impact on GDP. Asia's resource problems are exacerbated by inadequate, infrastructure , At the end of 2008.37 % of China's rural population lacked connections to
  3. Architecture in Squeak had reached its limits in what the Orphic interface, infrastructure ,could do. Andreas RAAF was a researcher working in Kay's group, then at
  4. Around when it reaches Priština. The project was the biggest and most expensive, infrastructure ,project ever undertaken in Albania. The cost of the highway appears to have
  5. Of the most extensive natural gas systems in the world as part of its energy, infrastructure , with of energy related pipelines. Coal has been mined in Alberta since
  6. People. These population complexes hosted cultural and civic events and, infrastructure ,that supported a vast outlying region hundreds of miles away linked by
  7. Has been largely influenced by the development of new transportation, infrastructure , (see" trends" below). Alberta is now served by two major transcontinental
  8. China's Embank approved a $2 billion line of credit to Angola to rebuild, infrastructure , The economy grew 18 % in 2005 and growth was expected to reach 26 % in 2006
  9. 27-year civil war ended, the country has worked to repair and improve ravaged, infrastructure ,and weakened political and social institutions. High international oil prices
  10. Power and 15 Gigawatts of solar power by 2015. The plan also makes sizeable, infrastructure ,investment commitments, such as a US$114bn allocation for urban waste water and
  11. Operated by BMI Healthcare. Aberdeen City Council is responsible for city owned, infrastructure ,which is paid for by a mixture of council tax and income from HM Treasury.
  12. Resolution, patterns of consumption and exchange, material culture, technology, infrastructure , gender relations, ethnicity,childbearing and socialization, religion,myth
  13. this was named 'Antarctica 1 '. However, the scarcity and poor quality of road, infrastructure ,limits land transportation by conventional vehicles. Winds continuously blow
  14. And is comparable to many European main routes. Progress to complete the road, infrastructure ,is likely to take some decades, but substantial efforts are already being made
  15. In the 1990s,combined with a substantial improvement of the city's, infrastructure ,(including the Attire Odds freeway, the expansion of the Athens Metro, and
  16. Assyrian domination, and Assyrian influence can be seen in Achaemenid art, infrastructure ,and administration. Early Persian rulers saw themselves as successors to
  17. ADRIAN, computer graphics company Intergraph, design and manufacturer of IT, infrastructure ,Accent, and telecommunications provider Delta com. Cinema manufactures and
  18. Take advantage of its abundant supply of cheap labor and relatively developed, infrastructure , According to Citigroup 9 of 11 Global Growth Generators countries came from
  19. Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh, is the governing body which looks after the, infrastructure ,development in Cricket, Field hockey, Association Football, Olympic
  20. With no guarantees of delivery. All application-level protocols, including the, infrastructure ,protocols NBP, RTMP and ZIP, were built on top of DDP. Name Binding Protocol
  21. Technologies have to be used to reduce the ecological footprint. The, infrastructure ,of land, water and air transport needs to be safe and sustainable. Currently
  22. Construction of the Southern Expressway. New roads are not the only transport, infrastructure ,developed to cope with the urban growth. The Orbán Bu sway is an example of a
  23. At borough level, and only affairs pertaining to the whole city, such as major, infrastructure ,projects, are handled by the central city council. National government
  24. To the rest of the country due to the relatively limited transportation, infrastructure , Many rural residents come into these cities and purchase food and goods in
  25. Wen Jiabao visited Angola in June 2006,offering a US$9 billion loan for, infrastructure ,improvements in return for petroleum. The PRC has invested heavily in Angola
  26. And medicine shortages continue to be pressing problems in Algeria. Failing, infrastructure ,and the continued influx of people from rural to urban areas has overtaxed both
  27. Skills and knowledge needed to run the country and maintain its well-developed, infrastructure , The Angolan government created Mongol, a state-run oil company, in 1976. Two
  28. And natural gas are being used by the new government to improve the country's, infrastructure ,and especially improve industry and agricultural land. Popular protests – since
  29. One of the most fascinating and intriguing aspects of Ancestral Puebloan, infrastructure ,is at Chico Canyon and is the Chico Road, a system of roads radiating out from
  30. To implement ambitious development programs in building roads and other basic, infrastructure ,for the nation. In the last decade of the colonial period, Angola was a major
  31. a billion line of credit to Angola. The loan is being used to rebuild Angola's, infrastructure , and has also limited the influence of the International Monetary Fund in the
  32. Influence by building Afghanistan's main highways, airports and other vital, infrastructure , By the late 1960s,many Western travelers were using these as part of the
  33. Best advised for those without four-by-four vehicles. Whilst a reasonable road, infrastructure ,has existed within Angola, time and the war have taken their toll on the road
  34. And is comparable to many European main routes. Progress to complete the road, infrastructure ,is likely to take some decades, but substantial efforts are already being made
  35. It is the only state to have so far given up such a large share of its economic, infrastructure ,to Russia. For example, pro-Western Ukraine and Georgia (both of which owe
  36. The national economy and the maintenance of wartime reserves and the, infrastructure ,of the country for defense. In times of crisis the Army's main tasks relate to
  37. Of roads (from dirt roads and back roads to freeways and parkways) to road, infrastructure ,(parking lot, overpass,rest area),and from automotive terminology to public
  38. Best advised for those without four-by-four vehicles. Whilst a reasonable road, infrastructure ,has existed within Angola, time and the war have taken their toll on the road
  39. Other taxes (19.6 %),and grants from the federal government primarily for, infrastructure ,projects (9.8 %). Albertans are the lowest-taxed people in Canada, and
  40. Population approximately 4 million) mirror the collapse of administrative, infrastructure ,as well as many social institutions. The ongoing grave economic situation
  41. Flour mills and beer breweries and mining practices resulted in the creation of, infrastructure ,such as roads and railway lines, during a development period that lasted until
  42. Dock, the South Breakwater, and the extension to the North Pier. The expensive, infrastructure ,program had repercussions, and in 1817 the city was bankrupt. However, a
  43. Markets are now in force across the region. These focus on the provision of, infrastructure ,to supply basic services, the development of clean power, and the reduction of
  44. Its telecoms sector. Nonetheless, it still faces problems. These include poor, infrastructure ,and an immature telecom regulatory regime. The Ministry of Communications &
  45. D'Andorra (STA). The same company also manages the technical, infrastructure ,for national broadcasting of digital television and radio. By the end of 2010
  46. On transportation costs, seasonal usage peaks, nearby petroleum development, infrastructure ,and many other factors. Alaska accounts for one-fifth (20 percent) of
  47. The 20th century. It links north Pacific shipping through providing critical, infrastructure ,with tracks that run from Seward to Interior Alaska by way of South Central
  48. A large population. An arcology would need no connections to municipal or urban, infrastructure ,in order to operate. Arcologies were proposed to reduce human impacts on
  49. Foreign investment, especially in the development of energy and transportation, infrastructure , Albania was chosen as the top country in Lonely Planet's list of ten top
  50. Unity of the social, identified with the real. " The Annals School kept its, infrastructure , but lost its mentalities. The journal began in Strasbourg as

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